Right Person, Wrong Life

A poem.

Right Person, Wrong Life

A poem.

Right Person, Wrong Time

I was searching for you, and you were looking for me.

So sensual, so loving, so generous and so kind.

I’ve was waiting for you, you left me

Your previous impatience impacts my life now

You’re with her instead of me

How can I be happy for her when it’s me you should be with

You’re the right person, you’re just in the wrong life

Forget you ever met me

I’m sure as hell trying to do the same

Your priorities aren’t my priorities

Your wants aren’t my wants

And you can’t fully address all my needs.

You’re distracted, you’re occupied, and your view has been obstructed.

You don’t have the time I want and I can’t give you the time you need

I wished things could have worked out differently for us

I’ll be on my way now, trying to erase your awesomeness from my memory

You’re a good person, no, you’re a great person

Yes, you’re the right person

It’s just all wrong

It’s the wrong life, the wrong time, and the wrong circumstances

So let’s not waste your time or my feelings

Both are too precious, neither can be replaced once spent

Maybe in another lifetime you can be all mines

With no loose ends, and no frayed strings

God, I sure hope so

It could have been a good time, hell a mighty fine time,

But it’s just not the right time for you and I

You’re the right person, you arrived in my life at a bad time,

The wrong time, right person, wrong life

2019 Marley K. All rights reserved.