Smoke Is Coming To A City Near You

White America is incapable of giving justice to Black folks, so Black folks will be getting it for themselves.

Smoke Is Coming To A City Near You

White America is incapable of giving justice to Black folks, so Black folks will be getting it for themselves.

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Derek Chavin’s trial began this week, and it’s always shaping up to the like any other trial where White men killed Black ones. One tiny teardrop of hope is that the prosecutor of the case Mike Freeman was replaced by the State Attorney general at the request of several state Representatives and because a judge ruled previously his office’s sloppy work on the case. For a White man to say that about the White county prosecutor says something, maybe.

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The jury selection is going terrible. So far there are three White men, one Hispanic man, and one Black man selected to be on the jury. A few claim to have some connection to law enforcement such as having friends or relatives as police. None of the non-Black people have been screened for implicit biases. There is also one biracial woman selected, though we don’t know her racial makeup. Chavin’s wife is Asian. When White men are on trial, juries are always selected to humanize them. I’m sure she’s one the defense believes will vote favorably for Chauvin, just gotta keep it real.

The thing to keep in mind is whiteness. When Whiteness is on trial, the White players in the criminal justice system will find all sorts of inconspicuous ways to justify the actions and behavior of Whiteness, and when all else fails, the racist criminal justice system wants White-loving jurors that will look the other way, allowing Whiteness to go free to kill another day.

For many White people unable to process their own biases and the inherent racism in everything in America, they’ll see Chauvin as a relative, a good man, an upstanding public servant who has the right to kill Black people with impunity. White people and lovers of White Supremacy have no problem blaming Black people for us getting killed at the hands of White police. You can tell by the way jury selection is going that the verdict for Chauvin is sealed. The dominant group, White men, will ensure they get the outcome they desire. They’ll bully the few Black and Brown spots if any into submission. Don’t expect justice to be served.

Don’t you fuckin dare expect justice.

Not in this shithole country. I’m out of chances to give it. There is no reason for African-Americans to give it any more chances. When you give White America the ball, they fumble it.

Every time.

If the trends nationally have proven anything to us, it’s that there is literally nothing White police officers can do to get themselves put away in jail, even with proof, the way Black men have been put away in jail without any. We live in a lawless nation. We’ve always lived in a lawless nation, but for the first time in this nation’s history for whatever reason, people can see it clearly.

People can see it clearly because it’s so egregious. With all the anti-Black pro-everyone else thee days, expect justice to fail us again.

Let me give you my predictions. You heard them here first:

  1. The jury will be predominantly White and predominantly male.
  2. There will be something funny/weird with charges (i.e charges that don’t fit the crime).
  3. The jury will vote not to convict.
  4. Chauvin will walk.
  5. The city burns.
  6. America will soon follow.
  7. Militias will start retaliating.
  8. Biden will chastise protestors and not racists or the police.
  9. Wash, rinse, repeat.

America is a nation incapable of being fair and just. My faith in America is beneath hell. In the same way we Black and Brown folks know White people, we know the criminal justice system they maintain a tight grip over.

Ain’t no justice in America for Black people. It’s just us, against them. Them being White people in all spaces blocking progress, particularly White men.

Black people have always known this. White people are just finding this out. We’ll have to walk this familiar road one more time, dehumanizing another Black man in our collective pursuit for racial justice. Justice for George Floyd would mean justice for all of us fighting racism and extrajudicial police killings, and America can’t have us uppity Blacks celebrating Whiteness getting its just deserts. We’ll never have progress if racist White people continue taking up space and positions everywhere in society preventing change and thwarting justice.

Not only do they take up space, they forget they are in spaces to take up and destroy in the first place. It’s not our place to teach White people how they harm us. There are plenty of studies, plenty of history books, and newspaper archives with the shenanigans of Whiteness. Nothing new is happening here. The only thing that’s new is that White people are waking up. We don’t know if this grand rising is the same old grand rising White folks have every two or four years, or if this is the one where White people will stay engaged or stay woke.

My money is in the latter. Just look at what they are focusing on. What White people care about is what they talk about and as you can see, they are all over the place. Justice won’t be served because there are more bad White people than good ones, and the good ones are too afraid of the bad ones or simply not in a position to force the bad ones out. The bad ones win. The bad ones always win, and there is an endless supply of bad ones. As long as White people continue making bad people who grow up to be bad people, we’ll never change the state of race relations.

No one can afford to ignore how systems work in this country anymore, especially not White people. If you’re not engaged in politics, you’re hurting us. Everything is political. Everything is.

Politics is the vehicle that elects officials, who create the bills, rules, and laws, that harm us. Prosecutors are elected. Police chiefs are hired by mayors. Mayors are elected. Sheriffs are elected. Most judges are elected. Attorney Generals are elected. Board of Elections Officials are elected positions. City and council Everything about our lives is political.

Understanding what is happening locally is where it’s at. If you only care about national politics, you’re the reason Black people are being killed callously in the streets with no justice being done. You’re the reason undocumented immigrants are being exploited by employers. You’re the reason racists are able to get into positions of authority, abuse their powers and neglect the people. America can’t afford another election of stupid ass White people in power. Black people don’t have time for it. I’m not working to save this country and we can’t even get justice, we can’t vote, and we can’t move about freely like White people.

If America can’t protect the people and lawmakers can’t obey the laws, we don’t have a civilized society. We have a rogue state. All men should be for themselves, and folks need to protect their interests. White people made the nation-state this way. They’ll need to examine how to undo this. I’m not sure if it will happen before the next Red Summer, or even in the next lifetime. It’s above me is all I know.

Police can’t continue killing Black people because they fear us or believe it’s their jobs to be the judge, jury, and prosecutor and getting away with it.

One Black or Brown person killed by a scary-ass White person is one too many.

One Black or Brown person killed by a police officer due to implicit biases is one too many.

One Black or Brown person dying at the hands of any police officer because they have the power and privilege to do so.

This will not be a watershed moment for America. It’s going to be a come to Jesus moment for America. Racism is at the root of all our social and financial ills. You can’t fix anything in this country without addressing racism.

If you’re White, you may be afraid. You should be. Your silence and apathy for years and decades got us here. Your fears stem from your own personal well-being and safety, not necessarily ours. That’s a problem. Your fear will cause you to keep your skin out of the game. Your fear will keep you safe.

Your safety is a problem. Your comfort is a problem. Your deflection is a problem. Take responsibility and act. The problems we have with our criminal justice system are local problems. Federal law enforcement tries to be halfway decent in the public. They are secret squirrels with their operations to destroy Black lives.

The problematic White people in power within the criminal justice system are local. They are your Rotary Club brother, your friend from your White nonprofit board, your racist pastor, your law enforcement loving family members, or your spouses and sons. Look at your networks and families.

Trust me, I’m sure you White folks can find your connection to systemic racism if you look hard enough. Silence is consent.

Marley K. 2021

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