Smooth Criminals

A poem A poem about evil women.

Smooth Criminals
All women aren’t good women. Some move like smooth criminals. Once the mask is off, you cannot unsee her.
Smooth Criminals
Look human, but are inhumane
She looks like me
But does not love like me
Because she has no heart
She steals joy because
She is morally bankrupt
Rotten to her core
Smooth Criminals
Will steal your heart,
Your money,
Your kindness,
Your joy,
Your mind,
Your thoughts,
Your soul,
Your body,
Your time,
Your health,
As I watch helplessly
She stole
All she could
All I allowed
All I treasured
All I loved
I wasn’t ready
For this smooth criminal
This woman
A smooth criminal
Saunters away
Wreaking havoc
Yet another day
She kills
She destroys
Takes life
Blocks progress
Leaves death
Steals sleep
Takes joy
Betrays trust
Steals peace
Crushes souls
Blackens hearts
Makes life difficult
She harms
Knows not how to heal
Takes good
Turns it to evil
Breaks spirits
Breaks strides
She’s a smooth criminal
Who looks like me
But cannot
Love like me
She is
Morally bankrupt
She is
Beautiful, yet corrupt
She is
Conspicuously evil
She is
Rotten to her core

Written in response to my experience with racist Hotel Hannah’s on my business trip this week.

©2019 Marley K. All rights reserved. May not be republished or copied without written permission.