Soon We’ll All Know Just How Racist America Is

But we still won’t know the truth because White people lie about racism, deny racism even exists, and they refuse to accept responsibility…

Soon We’ll All Know Just How Racist America Is

But we still won’t know the truth because White people lie about racism, deny racism even exists, and they refuse to accept responsibility for the damage caused by the monster they created.

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Most White people lie about and deny racism.

Those are the two things most White people do better than anyone else in America. Because they are the descendants of the racist architects who built this system, they have benefited from it since before they were born and they benefit from racism every day until the die, sometimes beyond the graves, even if they don’t directly engage in it.

I don’t believe any of the polls, because I know it’s human nature to lie, especially when you’re doing something that is wrong morally. Sometimes because you’re just a sociopath.

If you can’t be proud of what you’re doing, then it must be wrong. And if you can’t be proud of what you’re doing, especially if it’s a danger to others, then perhaps you shouldn’t be asked your opinion in the first place. But White people. White people have so much faith in themselves. White pollsters love asking White people their opinions. They do because in America the politicians and pollsters believe only the thoughts and opinions of White people matter. It’s quite tragic. It’s so tragic that we’re here in this godforsaken place because of White people.

White denial and White lies got us here.

White people can’t even fully grapple with the fact that racism was on the ballot in 2016, and racism is definitely on the ballot in 2020. If you’re White and you think this election is about abortion, healthcare, women’s rights, police reform, or immigration, you’re a tornado fool and there is no help for you or this union. Let it burn. Let it fall. God rest it in peace. When people are so blind and so stupid, they don’t deserve a civil society.

This election is about racism. If you voted for anything other than that, you’re a problem. You’re going to learn real quick in the coming weeks what this election was about. You’ll see your racist White neighbors happy with glee as they reelected their White people’s President for four more years because enough sneaky White folks voted for racism. You may see your friends or your community change drastically depending on where you live. Bill Barr, your White Attorney General is riding across the nation prepping law enforcement agencies how to deal with our asses when the shit hits the fan. White people are preparing for a White uncivilized society, and you think your vote you cast is going to make it all go away.

Chile, boo. Y’all are getting ready to learn in a few days.

Even if Biden wins, a large segment of White America is going to cut the fuck up because the racist White Supremacist President of the White Un-United States of America already gave them permission to, no matter the results, because White domestic terrorism matters!

The lies you’ve told about racism and how racist a society you have White people are about to come back to haunt you all. You’ve allowed your own kind to destroy you from within because you guys were too busy worried about your feelings; too afraid to do anything when White people were hurting the other people; too busy lying about truths that can be verified on Google, or too busy denying the racist truth about yourselves.

White people have come for everyone else, and now they are coming for White people to collapse the playhouse that White people built. It’s quite sad. It didn’t have to be this way.

I wish they could see themselves the way the rest of us see them. We know that the lie. They will stand in our faces flat-footed and lie about slavery. They’ll lie about not understanding racism. They’ll lie about not really understanding what racism truly is.

White People Lie About Being Racist, A Lot

The number one reason we won’t know actually how racist America is, is because White people have many escape routes which allows them to avoid admitting the truth. They have political party affiliations they claim to be loyal to, dump racist philosophies they rattle off from television talking points that they know drive inequality, but they don’t care about that, because inequality of the point of all White Supremacist associations. Political or otherwise.

White people can change their party affiliations when they get scared, because the government allows them to hop back and forth like a duck trying not to get hit by cars on the highway. Avoiding responsibility is hard work for White people.

White folks will lie to pollsters because they can do it anonymously. White people are even ashamed of themselves, among other White people they don’t even know. Racism is something one should be ashamed of, but there are too many comfortable exit routes White folks get to take to escape taking responsibility for their wickedness, selfishness, and racism. But that’s how America works, right?

That’s the way America works… for White people.

White People Deny Being Racist

White people deny racism, they deny systematic racism is a problem, and they deny being racists themselves. Hell Susan Collins, a sitting United States Senator, sat her lying butt on television last week and said systemic racism isn’t a problem in her state. She’s been in office since 1997 (which is also problematic), so she knows what time it is. The moment she said it, I knew it was a lie. Her denial harms the non-White people in the state and gives racists all over the state of Maine a green light to be evil. Colorblindness is not a joke, it’s a siren to racists. Not seeing racism means not seeing or hearing from non-White constituents. She doesn’t deserve to be the leader of a pack of dish rags from Family Dollar, let alone a sitting Senator in the United States Congress representing a diverse group of constituents.

But just like White people have ignored (why is the real gist of denying) racism, Collins feels right at home making her denials about racism any and everywhere she goes. Maine’s previous Governor was also racist as fuck. But the people of Maine have continued electing these types of people to represent them, and White people nationally have continued to ignore how dangerous these people are to the rest of us. Per usual, White people always act when it’s too late. It’s a story as old as America. They act in their best interests, failing to understand our national and personal interests are inter-connected.

Mold grows and damp, dark, musty places, but no one denies whether mold exists, So does racism. But White people deny it to the ends of the earth, and they teach other minority groups to deny it too. Black people are tired. If this thing falls, so be it.

White people, some of ya’ll are so hazardous you need one of those signs stamped on your back and foreheads. You’re not only toxic to people, you’re bad for national security. How can anyone trust you when you can’t see danger standing in your face? Danger sits at table from you during dinner every night. Danger is in its own room on the cellphone you bought it learning how to be racist. Danger sits next to you and says racist shit all day long at work and you pretend it doesn’t exist,

White people are hazardous to the health of our nation, our economy, and anything else we treasure for mere survival. You guys need to get your shit together. It may be too late, though. Seems like your twelve-fifteen year call to action is twelve-fifteen years too late.

White folks denying racism is the chicken that has finally come home to roost. Buckle up buttercups. It’s going to be a rocky ride. Now, instead of you guys showing us which of you were good or bad, Blacks and People of Color are left to try to figure this out on our own. And trust me, that’s not what you want.

White Supremacists have agitated peaceful protests, and White folks have denied it. White folks have gone in and helped loot communities, and White folks have denied it. White Supremacists have gone in and set police departments and fire and killed other White people across state lines, and you’ve denied little Kyle’s even existed. Now look at ya, you’re running around buying up all the fucking ammo, toilet papers and canned soups you find to avoid yet again dealing with the truth of yourselves.

You can run White people, but you sure as hell cannot hide anymore. We see everyone of you. We’ve watched you cower repeatedly, and it’s pathetic.

After Tuesday, all White business will be on front street for the entire world to see, and if the rest of the European nations are any sign of what’s about to happen, White people will overwhelmingly choose White power over equality and acknowledging racism. This week will be a new week for me and a lot of non-White anti-racist writers. America will have partially shown us who she is, and we’ll have no choice but to believe her.

I’m not getting my hopes up, believing White people will do the right thing, for the right reasons, this one time. They won’t, because they cannot.

As James Baldwin said in 1964, “Before one can really talk about the Negro problem, one has to talk about the White people’s problem.” We cannot talk about the White folks’ problem because White people deny they have any problems at all. White folks won’t talk about what’s wrong with them. There are no studies on the pathology of violent White men as there are Black men. There are no studies on why White women use their privilege to harm others, as there are Black girls having children at a young age. There are no studies to understand the pathology of White parenting where racism is concerned to determine why we cannot end it.

Since I’ve written my piece, “Yes, All White People Are Racist,” I’ve seen far more resistance than acceptance. Most White people get hung up on the word “all” don’t read and come straight to the comments to deny and exclude themselves. What none of the racists understand is that they’ve left electronic footprints that work as social indictments for the socially irresponsible casual racists. That’s how I know we have far more closeted racists on this earth than we could ever imagine. White people are problems, and White people need to fix themselves.

White people have denied White people’s problems. As a result, they’ve made their problems everyone else’s problems. And here we are. Black folks gotta wait sitting on pins and needles to see whether White people and the racist People of Color they’ve enlisted in their Confederacy of Dunces will have sense enough to see where this country is going. It’s fucking ridiculous!

So Tuesday or whenever the election results are finally tallied, just know, we’ll never know the extent of America’s racism because White people will deny their racism to the grave. White people are all ready to turn the page, moving on to life pre-Trump, unwilling to fix the things that led to a Trump getting into office, and making it possible for the next Trump to come along to steal the office 100 years from now or sooner.

White denial is going to end this country, and your families will suffer too, my friends. We’re not going down alone.

We’ll Never Know Just How Racist White Americans Truly Are

We’re never going to know just how racist America is, because White people lie and deny it. Political pundits will find ways to skirt the White identity and racism issues, jumping time and topics to escape talking about anything that makes them and other White people uncomfortable. And even when they braze the subject, it’s never deep enough. It’s usually just lots of hot takes, facial expressions, and other jabs that stir up anger for more ratings. Punditry discussion of racism is propaganda.

The White pollsters can’t convey how better or worse racism is because they are just as racist themselves. They go to what they know instead of asking for help from others who aren’t White to get a clearer picture on the state of the nation where racism is concerned. The one thing I’ve never heard a White pollster say is White people lie about being racists, although we Blacks and People of Color all know they do. That’s why I don’t trust White pollsters. They can’t even be honest on television when it’s their jobs to be honest to the American people.

No matter what happens, a large portion of America is still stupidly racist considering the number of White people willing to be stuck in the freezing cold to have a dumb ass talk to them, then leaves them stranded because he didn’t pay the bill. White people love cons, that’s why they continue electing them to lead them. To lead us, too.

The White identity is bad for our national health, yet White people can’t seem to get enough of it because it reaps them such a harvest.

It’s impossible to trust people who lie, cheat, steal, kill, and deny in the name of their White identity. It’s impossible to trust a government set up and run by people who are the aforementioned. It’s insane to believe people who continue to do the same thing repeatedly, showing us who they are, yet they are asking us to believe otherwise.

Tuesday is election day, and I’m waiting to see just how racist America is, because racism is on the ballot.

Not sexism.

Not classism.

Nor healthcare.

Or democracy (because we’ve never had this).

Not Justice.

Not Equality.

Nor the right to choose.

It’s racism stupid! Racism is on the ballot in 2020.

The only thing on the ballot come Tuesday is racism, and as you can see by where and how the Republicans are challenging and suppressing the vote without contest from the White liberal branch of the Democratic Party, it’s already at work preventing us from unseating it..

Racists run this nation in 2020. Racists turn the other cheek, deny racism exists, and lie that they are racists in 2020. We are headed into a new era in American politics and governance. No matter who wins, if White people don’t fix their problem (racism), then we will still have the same racist nation we’ve always had. That’s a problem. That’s the problem. Way to lead by example White people. Teach the racist child in the way he or she should go, snd when he is old, he will not depart from it.

You guys are the descendants of the racist children, redirecting to racism, your defaults.

Racism is a White man’s problem, and the White man needs to fix it. Black people know what’s wrong with us. We can pinpoint all of our problems. Racism controls everything from our very identities, to our politics, to our communities and even our schools. Every problem we have stems back to racism, inequality, and discrimination which stems from slavery.

It’s time for White people to show and prove that they are different. You can move on like you always do, but even that’s telling. Moving on to more recent issues is denial. You need to clean up your old business first with Black folks. It’s long overdue Ignoring his denial. It’s going to work itself out, but not the way you think. You’re in control, White people. You’re always in control. So saying you don’t know what to do is a lie.

Voting and believing all will be well is a lie.

Come Tuesday, the truth will be partially revealed. Election 2020 will be a new day in America, no matter who wins, and I personally don’t think White America is ready to change. They seem to be ready to hide, as if they are the victims of racism. That’s problematic.

But that too is America. We are as racist as we wanna be, and a willfully ignorant racist nation we are.

Marley K. in Quarantine 2020

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