The Ability To Find Votes Is Why America Doesn’t Have A Democracy

Finding 11,780 votes is just one way White men can take away the rights of Black people.

The Ability To Find Votes Is Why America Doesn’t Have A Democracy

Finding 11,780 votes is just one way White men can take away the rights of Black people.

“Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. [Leaders of the march leading marchers down the street.]” Original black and white negative taken August 28th, 1963, Washington D.C, United States. Photographer unknown (The National Archives and Records Administration). Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd. U.S. Information Agency. Press and Publications Service. ca. 1953-ca. 1978. Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

Black People Are Still Fighting For Rights

I’m sure by now readers have heard the infamous phone call of President Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of State in an effort to “find” Trump exactly 11,780 votes so he can have the election results reversed to make in the winner in the Presidential race in the state. Finding votes is code for taking votes from the poorest and most disenfranchised in the state, primarily Black people.

Many people are all upset about the vote finding phone call and the fact Trump attempted to undermine this election. What these folks don’t realize is that Black people somewhere in America are always having their votes undermined by White politicians.

Calls like Trump’s to Raffensperger happen all the time. Black voter disenfranchisement doesn’t happen in a vacuum. White men always sit around and figure out how they’ll disregard our votes.

We just aren’t usually privy to it happening in real time the way the call between Trump’s and Raffensperger showed. White people don’t give a shit about cheating us out of our rights. The photo above from civil rights protest in Washington, D.C. was from 1963. The signs Black people were holding represented some of the things we wanted from the government. Black people are still asking for freedom and rights today some 58-years later. Nothing ever changes in America, and White people appear to not care. When all the don’t have the same rights, you don’t live in a democracy.

Black People Aren’t Governed By A Democracy

Black people must always worry about Voter I.D. laws, gerrymandering, voter purges, and other voter intimidation tactics which strips away our rights and undermines our wills. This is the very reason we Black people say America does not have a democracy. America does not meet the definition of a democracy. In fact, White people are the only people who have ever lived in a democracy in America. Everyone else had to wait their turns. The Voting Rights Timeline illustrates this.

The one difference between Black folks and all other groups is that because our history rooted in American slavery and the color of our skin, we weren’t and cannot be grandfathered into Whiteness like other groups such as Asians, White Hispanics, Jewish people, Middle-Easterners, and even some immigrant groups from Northern Africa. None of these groups are threats to White Supremacy, as African-American Black people are for several reasons.

Because most immigrant groups come to America and jump on the anti-Blackness/racism train (or at least they arrive believing in the conservative bootstrap/American dream hype), they are usually safe. They vote to uphold White Supremacy and the participate in the anti-Blackness. This is explains their absence from protests for Black lives despite benefiting from every fight we engage in. The primary targets for voter disenfranchisement in America are Black folks.

When it comes to free and fair elections, Black people have a 50/50 shot depending on the year and the stakes for White men.

A White Man’s Legacy Always Trumps A Black Man’s Trauma

Per usual, White men are always making plans to undermine Black people’s rights while planning for their future. Secretary of State Raffensperger only shared the tapes of his vote rigging conversation with Trump to protect himself in the event the President and his goons came after him. The recording was part protection, part grudge, according to an interview between Raffensperger and reporter Martha MacCallum. Raffensperger clearly doesn’t really care about Black voters, because he’s cheated Georgia voters before to ensure he and Governor Kemp amassed more power. Don’t let his act fool you. He’s a part of the Southern “good ole boy” system, and he knows how to cheat Black people out of power inside and out.

Before the January 2021 runoffs, Secretary Raffensperger was sued by national civil rights groups for voter purges in early December 2020, in the Republican Secretary of State’s efforts to help Republicans maintain White power in the Senate. Furthermore, before the November 2020 Presidential Election, the state of Georgia was accused of wrongly purging 200,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls. Raffensperger handled the purges. About 120,000 of those voters were added back after voter Black advocacy agencies sued Raffensperger and the state of Georgia, but if it weren’t for those agencies fighting for poor and minority Georgia voters, they may have never known their registrations had been purged. Georgia is no hero, and Raffensperger is no saint. He doesn’t give a shit about Black voters or doing the right thing.

Raffensperger is the same type of weak simp Trump is, his bully pulpit is just smaller. I’m not giving him any kudos or pats on the back. When no one was looking they were purging Black votes and the only people who cared were Black people in the South attempting to support Stacey Abrams after they cheated her from the Georgia governorship.

Raffensperger was looking out for his legacy. He didn’t give a shit about Black people’s trauma from our long history fighting for the right to have our votes counted. White men like Raffensperger are always looking for ways to infringe upon the rights of the poor, minorities, and steal from Blacks. It’s how they survive. If they could not take from us, he could not exist. This is the point White people never fully grasp. When they take away our rights to keep power, they are also admitting they must cheat to do so. When Black people are given a choice, we choose something other than White men most times for obvious reasons. We almost always never vote Republican, for obvious reasons (see the Capital storming on January 6th). White people never change.

Who is voting for that shit?

Most White men in politics don’t care about the trauma and pain they continue inflicting upon Black people by constantly hunting and harassing us, nor do they care about us having equal rights. All they care about is their statuses, power, wealth, keeping otherness out of their coveted White spaces. The call seeking 11,780 votes confirms how things happen when no one is looking, except when everyone is all in on the take there are no calls are recorded and no one snitches. Trump violated the White man’s terms of agreement so he had to be checked. It was also a Northern, Southern element to it. Trump is a Northern city slicker meddling in country White men’s cheating, and they did not take kindly to his bullying. They politely showed him why we call it the Dirty South.

You Don’t Have A Democracy If All The People Don’t Have The Same Rights

We don’t have a democracy, only White people have a democracy. Black people are used as life preservers for White America’s democracy. Both parties need votes for power, and the Democratic Party relies heavily on Black voters to ensure White party heads who aren’t as conservative and overtly racist as Republicans to get and keep their power.

There are levels to American racism for White people. Some White people are hardcore racists and right snatchers while others are softer, more casual racists who don’t like all the violence and derogatory name calling, but can tolerate Black people having some rights. This doesn’t make casual racists less lethal for us, it’s just a fact lots of White people don’t understand how racist they are, and how their racism infringes upon our rights. Having the ability to form a government in which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislators is something Black people in American have never had.

When we were freed in 1865, White men (the Founders) had already formed their governmental structure that had existed 89-years prior to the 13th Amendment being ratified. White people freed us and gave us rights on paper, but America never revisisted or restructured our government so that it would be free from racism, capitalism, inequality, violence, terrorism, explotation, and targeting of minorities. What we witnessed in Georgia is a direct result of Black people never truly having any rights. At anytime a White person wants to they can give us rights, and they can take them away.

In America, all the people do not have the rights, liberties, and fortunes to do as Whites, therefore, we do not have a democracy. As I hear White people opine their democracy, I often wonder what it must be like to be them, having all the rights, freedoms, and privileges to move throughout the world freely.

What must it be like to wimper, whine or bellow and the world stops to see what is wrong with you?

What must it be like to lie and always be believed?

What must it be like to vote and never have to wonder or verify whether your vote counted?

Black people will never know what that’s like to live in a democracy. The simple fact we’re unable to select the officials we desire to lead us is given no thought by White people. They know they are in a democracy because that’s what they are taught from birth. White people don’t take the time to consider those without the rights they are afforded.

Each election cycle Black voters and Black voter action groups talk about Black votes being taken away, and each election cycle White people do nothing, leaving Black people fending for themselves, trying to fight and fix a broken government they didn’t create.

White people simply do not care about the rights of Black people unless those rights serve their interests. That’s what I’ve come to realize.

We say we are the wealthiest nation in the world, but the nation hordes resources for the richest and the Whitest among us, allowing the rest of us to die and struggle to make it. Hording and rationing is unnecessary if we’re so rich.

We do not have free and fair elections. We never have had them. America has always controlled when, where, how, and if Black voters can vote making life for us unfair.

We are not the most powerful nation in the world. We are a powerless nation, run by synchophants, elites, racists, xenophobes, who allow the strong and privileged to terrorize the weak and powerless.

We are not a democracy. Only White people live in a democracy. Black folks are governed by a combination of a theocracy (racist, religious, bigoted politicians), autocracy (rich White men and women), a plutocracy (where White rich elites behind the scenes run our government), and an oligarchy (a small group of White racists have always ruled America).

Any White politician’s ability to disenfranchise 11,780 voters on any day, to win any election they see fit, to get the outcome he/she/they want is the reason America is not a democracy. It’s the reason we’ll never have one.

White people must make America a democracy before we can have one. I wish you’d get to working on it. As we embark on this next dark chapter in our nation, I’d ask White readers to read Black writers, buy and check out Black history books, and study the Reconstruction Era, Jim Crow, and the ratification of the 13th Amendment, and the Civil Rights Era. We’re going some place we’ve already been, and it’s your faults because you don’t know your history and you do not change. In order for America to change, White people must change. It’s not our jobs to teach you about what you do. You should know already.

Get comfortable in being uncomfortable. You made this bed. We all gotta lay in this funky bed together until you all get it together to make it up. If you think we’re going back to normal, you’ll be disappointed for the rest of your days. Racism is the root of our national issues, ignoring it can’t continue. White silence leads to White violence.

Until Black people have the same rights, privileges, liberties, and freedoms as Whites, this nation is on the fast track to hell. The choice to stop it is yours. Just know, your inaction on matters of racism and inequality will impact your lives too now.

Your days of comfort and claiming ignorance are over.

Marley K. 2021 in Quarantine