The Slow-Motion Coup Is Still Happening

People outside of the U.S. are sounding the alarms about our failure, and Americans are living with their heads in the clouds ignorant about what's coming soon. We are living in a failed state.

The Slow-Motion Coup Is Still Happening

I hope you haven't been lulled back to sleep

Crossing the Line at the White House
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Hi Everybody,

It's been a minute since I've last spoken with you. A lot has happened, nothing we haven't already discussed so I didn't feel the need to rehash old stuff. I just want to remind you though the coup is still happening and we are in deep shit right about now. No one is coming to save us. We'll either be saving ourselves or dealing with what happens when you live in a nation that has been taken over by oligarchs and autocrats. I hope my followers are taking heed and preparing for what's about to come. This slow moving coup has been decades in the making.

We're living in a full autocracy. The next coup is coming fast. Racists and autocrats are playing lose. America is in a tailspin.

White people are back in their not doing anything stances pondering what to do, but not too intensely I might add. Even when you tell White people what to do, they just have more questions or they ignore your instruction because it requires an action that goes against their selfish nature. Nothing is ever enough to make them actually act. It's a problem as old as this nation.

As far as Black people are concerned, I hope they are recognizing Democrats and this administration do not have their backs. We are all we got! You should be planning for what to do in the age of tech when the state fails completely. There are too many resources available to us for the time being. We are likely going to be headed to civil war, forced to protect ourselves. Understand what happens when nations fail. It's not pretty.

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White Power Super Charged

In case you haven't noticed, Republican legislatures at the state level in Red States and locales are full steam head on their plans to infringe upon the rights of African-American Black people and People of Color living in close proximity to African-Americans. This trick is as old as freed Blacks are. Racist Republicans are stripping away voting rights, creating laws making it legal for White people to mow down rioters with their cars as we protest, creating open carry laws to intimidate Black and Brown folks in public at their leisure, and they are opening states up for business acting as if Rona never happened.

The Supreme Court has been co-signing all of the shittery for years, ensuring Acts are dismantled, past decisions are reinterpreted and nullified, and corporate interests come first, putting the rights of African-Americans  everywhere in danger. All Americans are in danger.

While this slow-motion coup has been happening for decades. For context, please read the Powell Memo, written by late Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell Jr. Back in 1971 (a year before I was born), Lewis Powell, who at the time was a corporate lawyer and member of the boards of 11 corporations, wrote a memo to his friend Eugene B. Snydor Jr., the Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the time. The memorandum was dated August 23, 1971, two months prior to Powell’s nomination by President Nixon to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1978, Powell penned a decision that effectively invented a First Amendment “right” for corporations to influence ballot questions.

See where I'm going here. These folks play the long game. Rich, powerful White men stay plotting on how to remain in power, make money, and undermine the citizenry.

In Powell's memo, he basically supported corporate interests and wrote an entire love letter on how he the U.S Chamber of Commerce could help businesses advance their corporate interests.  Once on the Supreme Court, Powell used his position to help advance the interests of rich business people. If you read the Memo and think of the state of America today, you can see the footprint of Powell and the business community.

The Supreme Court has long done the bidding of corporate America, helping them to shape this intolerable political atmosphere we are living through today. The coup has been slow, but Republicans (who were back then Democrats/Dixiecrats) play the long game. They've been consistent with their strategies, and they are continuing that winning strategy. Too many White people have missed it. Everything done was done by White people to benefit White people. Years of ignorance and neglect are here to haunt us.

Either today's Democratic Party has no idea what in the hell is happening or they are cosigning the coup because they know they won't be harmed by it. We can't rely on politicians to get us out of this.

In any event, we are in the final phases of the slow-moving coup to make America an autocracy run by White Ivy League educated oligarchs and autocrats. Plan B of the coup was kicked into high gear after the failed Insurrection. In my personal opinion, the Insurrection as not a failure. It was simply a walk through, a dry run for the next one that will likely take place in 2024. That coup will be successful.

Donald Trump is clearly planning on running for President again, Lord God help us please, and Florida Governor Ron DeSatan is working hard on proving he can be as cruel and lie as much as Trump to win over White zombies residing in alternative realities. America is truly in crisis if this is our future. Nearly 80 million voters supported Trump's platform of hate. Millions more didn't vote, but are still in support of hate, inequity, and racism. We don't have a national plan to deprogram those infected by MAGA and Russian propaganda. MAGA zombies will continue to disrupt communities, impose their wills on businesses, schools, and local governments. We don't have a national antiracism plan.

We don't even have a plan racism. America has no plans to ensure we have equal opportunities.

Democrats and President Joe Biden have done absolutely nothing to stop the next coup. No politicians have been arrested, and even if they are, they just refuse to obey the law or step aside. Lawmakers no longer obey the way, and those who are supposed to be the good guys in power aren't doing enough to prevent lawlessness.

Dems are too busy patty caking, doing the both sides of the aisle White peopling shuffle, and engaged in superficial performative politics which serve no one except rich politicians trying to be reelected or paying off debts owed from campaign contributions made during prior election cycles. By the time legal challenges to new state laws reach the Supreme Court, we will be well into the 2022 election cycle and all the bad actors from the Insurrection will be in positions to run for reelection again and win, helping Trump rise to power again.

We also didn't clean house. People who were associated with the Insurrection worked at various levels in the federal government. Many of the traitors are still employed. It's easy to infiltrate the system.

Most White people in America have pledged their allegiance to their White skin, even if it means this nation will buckle because we can't stand anymore White rule. White Supremacy is a hell of a drug.

We are so fucked. So fucked.

White people in favor of maintaining White rule are supercharged. Nothing is going to stop them from having their way. Not Covid. Not the law. Not their fellow man suffering under the weight of White Supremacy. Not past failure. Nothing.

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