The Democratic Party Has a Serious Problem

If they don’t fix it, they may not be able to save us from fascism or Trumpism. We want change. The Democratic Party has a White Supremacy problem. They appear to love power and hate change. They aren’t willing to make Congress diverse as the voters intended. The people want change!

The Democratic Party Has a Serious Problem

The Democratic Party Has a Serious Problem With Change

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Leaders, Committee Chairs and newer Members of Congress held an enrollment ceremony in the Rayburn Room of the Capitol to sign the revised Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act and send it to President Obama for his signature into law. The House passed the bill last night, which completes Congressional work on health insurance reform, by a vote of 220 to 207; the Senate passed it yesterday afternoon by a vote of 56 to 43. Taken March 26th, 2010. Source

I know we’re all excited because the Democrats won lots of seats in the mid-term, and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief because the Republicans will no longer have dangerous, unbridled power.

But guess what? The Democratic Party won’t save us from the mid-phase throe of fascism we’re in.

They cannot and will not save us because the old Democratic Party is currently exhibiting the same characteristics of entitled power the GOP have exhibited when they regain power. Many of the junior Representatives coming into Congress are younger, browner, and reflect the real America. Those in power, who tend to be older and Whiter, are already jockeying for power, beating their chests and flexing their chicken muscles to put fear into the hearts of younger Representatives unaware of the amount of power they truly possess.

While some new House members buck the system and vote against current leadership, many will fear retaliation (and it happens in Congress). They’ll just assimilate, get in line, and toe the line. That’s not what the voter sent them to Washington to do.

The Democratic Party Has a White Supremacy Problem Too

The Dems’ hunger for power and pursuits of privilege isn’t limited to White Nationalists and the GOP.

The Democrats too have a White Supremacy, a toxic feminism and White privilege problem just like the Republicans, we just don’t want to admit it.

And that’s huge a problem if you’re expecting them to be our super heroes.

The Democratic Party is fighting “against” White Supremacy on the front end while embracing and sustaining it on the back end. Old, White powerful Dems are fighting youth and diversity to keep the power they’ve accrued over the decades (yes, DECADES). The newly elected junior Representatives are hungry for change and to lead, while the old timers say not so fast. The newbies want the changes the people voting for them sent them to make. These Representatives also need America’s Congress to want change.

Longtime Dems in currently in power are too arrogant, too egotistical, and micromanagers who believe no one can save America from itself except them. Leaders with the wisdom and experience believe only they can lead the fight to save America from the orange blob. They want behind the scenes support from juniors Representatives.

“Seasoned”, complacent Dems have chosen to alienate their newly elected peers, flexing their chicken muscles instead of choosing to lead fairly, sharing and equally distributing power, and helping them to understand what they are up against with Trump and the too-far to the right GOP.

America has voted for diversity. The Democratic Party is supporting the status quo against our wills for better or for worse.

The Democratic Party has a White Supremacy problem too.

The White Supremacy of the Democratic is fighting to wrestle power from White Supremacists of the Republican Party and our Malignant Narcissist-in-Chief President. If the Dem Party heads don’t fix the Democratic Party’s privilege and White Supremacy issues…they will end up having a civil war inside of the party much like the GOP did when the Tea Party, the Tea Party Caucus, and the Freedom Caucus took over it. It didn’t end well.

It got us Naranjo culo estupido (that’s stupid orange ass in Spanish).

Refusing Change = Death

Spencer Johnson, the author of book which eventually evolved into a workplace manual on the dealing with change at work and in your life, “Who Moved My Cheese?” said:

If you don’t change, you can become extinct.

The Democratic Party, the party proposing to save us from the fascism, racism, partisanship, gridlock, financial mismanagement and inept leadership is at a crossroads right now.

If the party doesn’t embrace the change people outside of the party wants to see, then we can’t move forward. The party’s attachment to nostalgia is very reminiscent of the right’s infatuation with White Supremacy, the Confederacy, and the good old days when America really wasn’t so great for everybody.

If old Dems don’t stop jockeying for power, allowing new members to express new ideas and to solve problems in new ways, supporters/voters are going to get fatigued (again), heading for the opposite of what they really wanted in the first place.

We keep getting on this merry-go-round, trusting Dems will learn lessons from the opposing party, but they never do. Both parties just continue to do the same shit, embracing the status quo, never changing, stunting America’s growth, and maintaining their privilege and power, while democracy is destroyed.

I think of the Democrat Party like a pretty pair of shoes I really love, but they hurt my feet because they are too tight. There is simply not enough room for my feet to be comfortable and my toes to wiggle. I keep wearing them even though they rub me the wrong way.

Eventually, I get rid of those shoes for good. Sometimes we need new shoes to take us to our next destination.

Be Supportive of Dems, but also be a Realist

The American voters who have put their trust in the Dems to right this ship have little patience for our elected officials these days. We keep voting for the lesser of the two evils with hopes they’ll change. Instead of the political parties changing the ways they govern, they taint incoming new elected officials who reflect change forcing them to submit to the old way. Nothing gets done, and nothing changes. I suspect nothing is going to change now except the Democratic House will be overzealous, extra petty, and overreaching which gives me angst. They are too anxious to flex in the same manner Trump is. It’s very scary.

With that said, if you’ve put your eggs in the Democratic Party’s basket thinking they are going to save America from plunging into fascism and all mannerism of bad-bad, you probably should lower your expectations. Dems engage in the same tactics as the Republican party, they simply do it more civilly, but they are the same tactics no less.

Some of your favorite politicians have horded power for sometimes nearly half a century or more, making it impossible to for us to get the change we want. If you want to see change and if you want America to be saved, you must support the change-agents you elected after the get to Washington. Stop blindly support the Democratic party. You’re blocking progress! America just elected the most diverse Congress ever to the U.S. House of Representatives. We want change.

Congress needs a detox. Getting rid of our toxic leadership will move us forward.

Out with the Old

America wants to see and feel progress. The Democrats are apparently not ready to be the change we so desperately wanted. For them to change, they too need to deal with the party’s toxic feminism, toxic masculinity, marginalizing of minority Congress members of all ethnicities, White Supremacy and neglect of the lower classes here in America.

Nancy Pelosi has led for 16-years. Just let that sink in.

If Democratic leadership continues refusing to embrace change, this nation will not move, can’t grow and it certainly will never begin to heal. America gave the Democratic Party power to be its moral compass. We are on the cusps of collapse right now. A pivotal change is necessary to correct the last devastating over-correction that to Tree Stump Trump and his cronies.

If the Democratic Party doesn’t learn to make room and embrace change, democracy as we know it will surely die.

So out with the old, in with the new. I want a change I can believe, and right now my hope is faint.

Marley K. 2018

P.S. Has anyone noticed no one is talking about the children being taken away from their parents at the Mexican border and placed in camps since the election? We’ve been played once again! Brown people used as pawns for voters. Just saying?