The Demoralization of Black Lives Using Police Killing Data

Who Is Really Leading the Black Lives Matter Movement? Part I This essay breaks down police killing data used to incite divisions and exploit rifts between Blacks and Whites in America. Also discussed is how skewed data is used as propaganda to demoralize.

The Demoralization of Black Lives Using Police Killing Data
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

These days, it’s hard to tell the difference between legitimate groups, lone rangers with individual causes and passions, fire stokers, crooks and downright liars. Just because it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck doesn’t mean it is one. Crooks and liars are everywhere, waiting in broad daylight to corrupt and exploit truth. There are many people (and organizations) who prey on the naive, and the willfully and woefully ignorant consumer of information for personal, political and financial gain.

I believe I have been willfully ignorant, to an extent.

I recently learned I was being lied to. The lies were not about the Black Lives movement itself, but rather the activities and actions that led to the movement becoming a national rallying cry in the first place.

For example, the original Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) started from an authentic and renewed concern for Black men and women of all ages being harmed by police, biased legislation, and unjust systems. The death of Trayvon Martin was an early catalyst for the BLM movement. My own sons were in college during this time, so the movement and its purpose really hit home for me.

Black Lives Matter protesters marched and rioted around the U.S. in an effort to express their anger, as well as to demand change in how people Black people are policed. The movement became centrally focused on how our biased criminal (un)justice system turns a blind eye to crimes committed against Blacks by police and civilians alike, especially in Florida where the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law played a role in George Zimmerman’s acquittal.

Somehow though, the media has managed to skew the picture and narratives on police brutality and civilian killings. The whole truth is not being told.

The data I used to assess truth is readily available for public view from a variety of sources, yet we have selectively (and lazily) chosen to rely on biased media outlets with motives who promote the sensational over the whole truth.

What we are really getting is called propaganda (we will discuss this later in the essay). The official definition of propaganda is defined as information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

The Data and the Media Focus Don’t Add Up

For instance, the 2017–18 statistics found on Statista provided by the Washington Post (see graph below) of police killings tracked in the most recent fiscal year clearly illustrate Blacks are NOT being killed more than any other ethnic group by the police in the United States. (Now, I realize for years this data hasn’t been tracked by anybody except a few watchdog groups, so the true numbers previously could be higher or lower for any ethnic group noted.)

But based upon what we see in the data sets below, journalist and the media have been a tad bit (that’s putting it nicely) disingenuous. The data illustrates more White people are killed by the police than any other ethnic group every year. Why wouldn’t it be though, there are more White people currently in America than any other ethnic group. So why isn’t the media reporting data that reflects the truth about who is killed more at the hands of law enforcement? Why aren’t they spinning stories to make White people angry about police brutality? Why isn’t the media talking about the unknown category?

The data doesn’t lie!

Source: Washington Post

Data collected in 2015 tracking police killings in the United States further illustrates similar findings. More Whites were killed than Blacks.

Source: Washington Post

Because folks are too lazy these days to locate, digest, and analyze data to determine whether what the media and journalist are giving us the truth, they simply take the race bait which garners more viewers and emotional appeals (for the media these race baiting stories equate to more advertising dollars, more clicks, and more of your personal info to sell to third-party researches trying to sell us more shit we don’t need).

I’m not saying that Black people shouldn’t be angry about the use of excessive force and unjust murders at the hands of police (or anyone for that matter), but we need to question why the media is only showing polarizing stories about Black people getting killed, when clearly White people are killed more often, while Hispanics appear to be killed less than both groups. Neither group receives the same focus or attention that Blacks do.

Why is that? I have my suspicions.

Is Possible Demoralization and Brainwashing at Play Here?

According to an old interview 34-years ago with former defected KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, we here in America are possibly experiencing across the nation forms of psychological warfare called demoralization. It’s a long-term game that takes decades to achieve. Because most people are so far removed from the realities of the various forms of war, it’s been fairly easy.

I have concluded we are being brainwashed people.

We see that White people are killed by the police according to the data, but we are still mad, marching, and protesting that police kill us more. That’s not accurate, and being wrong simply takes away from our argument. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist nor should we shed light on it, I’m just saying that the powers that be have selected to describe a partial truth and painted a partial picture, making it impossible for us (Blacks and Whites) to assess (or believe) the truth when it’s right before our eyes.

We must choose our battles wisely, using accurate information.

The evidence says one thing, the media says something else, yet we are all hyped up because we have been brainwashed using ideological subversion I’d say.

Black people (hell all people for that matter) are playing right into the enemies hands. We are rejecting facts in favor of neatly packaged and biased lies.

It’s polarizing. It detracts. It’s sensational, and it gets the media ratings, which translates into more money (cha-ching) for media outlets, politicians, and advertisers. Furthermore, these types of ploys are used to distract us from real issues going on in our communities like gentrification, employment bias, high unemployment rates amongst all Blacks (especially Black men), the school to prison pipeline, fighting globalism, higher education costs, racism and discrimination, and all of the things that fall under the new Jim Crow.

This confusing of truths and lack of seeing the big picture also keeps us all divided. We are so busy fighting each other, we don’t even notice we are being stolen from, taken advantage of, lied to, and left behind.

Sadly, the average Black person is not hip to the “exclusive” data game, so they tend to fall hook, line, and sinker for the first evidence put forth by the media used to tickle their ears and pierce their sensitive hearts regarding race. Nor are we fully aware of how It’s just one illustration of how movements and messages can be hijacked without you even knowing it’s happening.

Beware of Propaganda

Propaganda use is at an all time high. You’re a victim to it regardless of which party you are affiliated with, what color you are, which religion you associate with, or which news source you watch. We all should be wary of what we see and hear. We all get our fair share of it, so you’ll need to use your spiritual discernment to make sure you’re not being hypnotized with foolery.

Likewise, we advocacy and social justice movement writers need to check our sources and be on our P’s and Q’s to ensure we aren’t spreading misinformation and damaging strong movements by spreading propaganda, especially Black folks. We also need to make sure we don’t have folks following headless horsemen, if you get my drift.

Because I am a fundraiser, I am always searching for truth and looking at the evidence before I invest in causes. It’s my job. It’s me doing my own personal due diligence. That’s why I started digging a little deeper into the BLM movement.

I know Black lives matter, but something hasn’t been right about the movement for sometime. I figure I love to use the hashtag and say the slogan too much to not know what (or who) is behind it.

Know your shit, then own your shit! Get the facts, and stop allowing people to get you stirred up because they are. Get the truth. It’s okay to say you don’t have enough information to make a valid assessment on matters of race, social justice, police brutality, etc.

A house divided will never stand, and willful ignorance allows a house to be divided. The dark powers that be clearly understand we Blacks are emotional, sensitive beings about our lots in life right now in this here America, so they have cunningly learned how to exploit that. America hasn’t been kind to us, and she teaches immigrants to come to America and do the same things colonizers did to us centuries ago.

The powers that be also know we don’t invest financially in our own advocacy in the same way others ethnic groups invest in social justice and advocacy for their own issues. Because of this, we allow outsiders and outliers to hijack the message and the mission.

Black folks will march, protest, riot, boycott, pen essays, gather at county and city council meetings, and join more organized, financially stable groups when called upon. But sadly, we Black folks are barely opening our pocketbooks and wallets to support these movements. Even sadder, very few of us are going to use our smartphones or tablets to do research on anything relative to our very existences and safety (i.e. new legislation, voting laws, new or beefed up punitive state laws, federal and state programs started or ceased, etc.)

Which leads me back to questions about the Black Lives Matter Movement. How are they funded? What’s their message? What’s the vehicle I am taking a ride? Who’s leading? Who am I following? Are they competent, or all mouth? While it’s clear what the supposed guiding principles are, I would like to know how they came up with them. How do they know those were important to us collectively as a group of people? It’s also unclear what the movement is truly about anymore. What’s the real deal?

Look for my next essay: “Hijacked: Who Is Really The Leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement?, coming soon!” It’s quite insightful, and heartbreaking.