The Fight For Justice Is Far From Over With The Chauvin Verdict

The Fight For Justice Is Far From Over With The Chauvin Verdict
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Hi Members,

I just wanted to share my thoughts on  Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict for the murder of George Floyd.  While he was found guilty and I'm ecstatic about the verdict, I know the criminal justice system is still broken and it still employs plenty of racists and race soldiers who will retaliate against Black people nationally over the coming days and weeks. That's just how evil Whiteness works in America.

White Supremacy allows White police to hunt Black people. White Supremacy allows White people to fear Black and Brown folks causing them to see inhumane and a threat that need to be neutralized. White people are going to retaliate against us because we got on guilty verdict.

Just yesterday a 16-year old Black girl was shot four times and killed by a White cop. During the trial, a young Black male was killed by a 26-year veteran police officer, this time, a White woman. White people seemingly are unable to keep themselves from killing us, using the law to shield them. There are many sadists hiding behind badges. While Chauvin got caught, many more racist sadists won't.

Too many White people still believe Black and Brown people are inhumane because they've been taught to fear us. They don't believe our lives matter, at least not as much as theirs does. In my opinion, police are the most powerful criminals in this country because qualified immunity allows them to literally plan to kill us, kill us, then lie about killing us and get away with it.

Police get away with killing us Black folks because their free public relations firm, White people, are always denying how bad they are, applying their "not all" defense of the broken institution. The system doesn't need Whiteness to defend it. The system needs to be dismantled by White people. Yesterday's guilty verdict doesn't make up for the centuries of screwed up verdicts.  By defending the institution policing, White people are supporting one of the most destructive institutions in the Union.

I am thankful for the guilty verdict, because the world was getting ready to see civil unrest like it's never seen before, but know we cannot rest. One act of delivering justice isn't enough.

We can't rest because:

Policing is bad and cannot be reformed. It needs to be dismantled, rebuilt to be an institution that works the same for everyone.

One guilty verdict does not erase the thousands of reported and unreported allegations of police brutality committed by police daily.

Police are trained to kill us. Cops are taught to think the worst of Black people. That training only reinforces what White people are taught at home, in schools, and throughout society even before taking jobs as cops. The police are trained they should go home to their families and we don't have that right/luxury. Cops have a saying that it's better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six. Let that sink in.

Racism is rampant in all institutions, not just in policing. White people need to continue working to change the system, engaging in more civil disobedience and being faithful in your pushing back against the government to bring about change. White people aren't stepping up enough. We're still having "not all White people" conversations.

I still worry about my sons every single day. I don't want a random stop to end up with their deaths. As long as Black and Brown parents have to worry about their Black children, we do not have the freedom to move.

All White people are inherently racist. You can't understand what you don't recognize. You have privileges that others of us do not have. Until White people understand their own racism and privileges and learn the nation's long history of being biased towards Blacks, nothing changes. They're breeding the next generation of racists as we speak.

We don't get justice enough for hate crimes. The fact we even had to question whether the jury (dominated by a majority of White jurors) would believe their eyes is problematic. We all were nervous because we don't believe America. We don't believe White people will do the right thing. The Black and Brown world doesn't trust White people.

Attitudes about Black people haven't changed since yesterday. Actions of racists haven't changed. The government hasn't changed. White people are not changing. Even the next generation of young people will be dealing with holdover racists and their offspring for a generation or two.

White people don't change fast enough. Until they start changing and dismantling the system, we can't move forward as a nation. Nothing in this country will change.

So while I'm glad we got a guilty verdict, we need to get ready for the battles to come. Police are still killing Black people. White people are mowing us down with cars thanks to laws passed to prevent rioting like the one Florida Governor Ron DeSatan recently passed. Understand state and local governments are working to stop us from protesting their efforts to have the right to continue violating our civil and basic human rights. Remember, all police are government employees.

Florida passes ‘anti-riot’ bill as civil rights groups warn it will stifle dissent
The bill includes harsher punishments for protesters and would make it a second-degree felony to destroy historical memorials Protesters are confronted by...

If you think the racial tensions in America are dying down then you're not paying attention. Black people are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. We're all in self-protection mode. White people are a threat to us. Good White people must keep fighting. We know what's coming next. The Whitelash.

We need to keep talking about the role of race in everything, continue dissecting racism, continue being aware of everyday casual racism, and dismantle all the systems fostering inequity.

I was happy about the Chauvin for about 2 hours before I got news on Twitter about a 16-year old girl being shot in her on yard. The child had a knife. She was in a fight with someone else, not the police. I don't have enough information to make an informed decision, but I can think of several other ways the matter could have been handled after watching a brief clip of the video.

Until we have liberty and justice for all, we are not free. We have so much work to do, and not enough time. Incremental change is unacceptable. White people asking us to wait for them to change are insisting that we continue dying to keep White people comfortable. White people have been abusing the privilege of being White and they haven't been held accountable for that abuse for far too long.

That's gotta end. Now.

Marley K.