The Food Served At My Table Is Not For Everyone

Eat where you’ll be fed and where the food is good to you. A message to readers who dislike my writing style or my topics.

The Food Served At My Table Is Not For Everyone
Unsplash- Liubov Ilchuk

By Marley K.

My words are food.

The food served at my table is not for everyone. You should eat where you’re fed and filled. You should enjoy your meals. Meals prepared with love and care. Food that feeds your body and pleasures your soul. If you’re invited to sup at my table, you’re special. I don’t break bread with just anyone.

We have different tastes. Maybe you like bland foods. I love spice. Spice is the key to life.

The food I serve is hot. Sometimes my food is so hot it burns going down. Sometimes it’s so spicy, it’s hard to swallow. I also realize we all have different taste buds, so sometimes my food may taste bitter to you. You don’t have to eat my food. Back away, find a meal you can enjoy instead.

But don’t blame me if you stay, sup til the end, and you are still dissatisfied. You choose what you eat and where you eat. You are in control of your dining experiences.

Sometimes the food I create doesn’t taste like the food your mother, your wife, your partner, your friends, or your favorite caterer. It’s not supposed to. I cook differently. I use different spices. I have different recipes. I was taught differently. I come from a different culture and I live in a different part of the nation which impacts the way I cook and serve my food.

Never would I ever force anyone to eat anything I prepare. You’re free to eat whatever you want or decline the meal in total. Everyone has a right to select the food that’s good for their soul, that nourishes their bodies and minds, that speaks to their soul.

I cook soulful food, but it’s not all soul food, and it’s not for all souls.

If you dislike my words, please don’t sup at my table. Life is too short to eat bad food.

Find the chefs and cooks who soothe your soul, that fill your soul, and ease your mind. I want the best for you. I want the best for me too. We all deserve to be happy, and I only desire to serve those who desire to eat what I’m serving.

The food served at my table ain’t for everyone. Taste it and you shall see. If you like it, please stay, I welcome you.

But if you find you end up here time and time again and you’re consistently dissatisfied with my words, please excuse yourself from my table so not to disrupt my guests who are being fed well, who are enjoying themselves, and whose souls are being fed.

Stay, get fed and be happy or leave, find your own food, and be happy. Those are the only choices I offer. I have things to say, and I’m going to say them. I’m cooking my next meal as we speak.

I make my meals with politics, equality, race, racism, education, relationships, children, real-life, current events, and public policy. Dine at your own risk.

*This short essay is dedicated to the men and women who are always dissatisfied with my writings on race,racism, inequality, and politics but feel the need to keep coming back to complain. I appreciate your readership. I want you to be happy. If my food makes you unhappy, find the table that pleases your palate. :-).