The Infallibility of White Supremacy

If It’s Not White, It’s Not Right An essay on how White Supremacists are never wrong.

The Infallibility of White Supremacy
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If It Ain’t White, It Ain’t Right

White Supremacy is deadly in most all its forms. It’s deadly directly at the hands of its enablers, hatemongers, evildoers, agitators and instigators, and just as deadly indirectly when White people apathetically sit on the sidelines pretending to be blind to all the injustice, inequity, and atrocities.

White Supremacy is deadly because it has the power to change the behaviors of its victims, causing them to go from being in a defensive posture (defending themselves from racistly attacks) to becoming passively offensive (victims become paralyzed and only mildly offended). Sometimes victims of White Supremacy even turn on other victims in lower classes and caste systems seeking approval, power and support (financial, immoral, etc.).

White Supremacy is so powerful, it can cause smart, moral people who know right from wrong to side with bigotry and racism using groupthink. Symptoms of groupthink include: rationalization, peer pressure, complacency, moral high ground, stereotyping, censorship, and the illusion of unanimity. Whiteness’ desire to maintain its privilege in all its wrong will come to group consensus, overriding White people’s common sense. It’s as almost as if they can’t help themselves, except they can. Choosing White Supremacy is a choice.

White people supporting White Supremacy know it isn’t right, but they go along with it, anyway. Enough White men and women along with White passing folks support White Supremacy to keep it strong and powerful which is bad for the rest of us. Just look at how many White women voted for Trump in 2016. Trump won 35% of college-educated white women and 56% of white women without college degrees. White matriarchy is just as responsible for White Supremacy as White patriarchy. They love power and bigotry as much as White men do.

White silence on White Supremacy is groupthink. When White people and those passing as White are comfortable in inequality and inequity, refusing to speak out, stand up, and vote out people who influence the bad in them, they have become victims of groupthink — no matter how liberal or progressive they say they are. White silence condones White ignorance and upholds White wrongdoing. White apathy is groupthink, and so is White passing apathy.

White Supremacy Never Admits to Wrong Doing

White Supremacy has a serious problem admitting its wrong (infallibility). Just because people aren’t sticking crosses in our yards or hanging people from trees for lies told by White women these days doesn’t mean White Supremacy no longer exists. It is alive, well and thriving, yet White people apathetically continue to call out the wrong, the double standards, and stand up when they see the double standards. It’s just evolved in how it operates. For example, White Supremacists used to have Klan rallies and other events to discuss their hate for people of color, now they just post their disdain for people of color publicly on social media with no shame.

Police officers nationwide flagged for racist and violent social media posts
The Philadelphia Police Department is joining other law enforcement agencies nationwide in reviewing hundreds of police…

White Supremacy, like most chaste systems are life altering and as deadly as nuclear war deadly because those engaging in White Supremacists behaviors often can’t admit they are wrong. White Supremacists and believers in caste systems have no desire to see the harm inequities these racialized systems cause.

Whiteness acts with an unspoken, unbridled authority. It has to be right, but on a rare occasion when put in its place, it uses its privilege to redirect our thinking by belittling us, using insults and coded language to not say what they really want to say, and by always providing an “alternative” viewpoint. White Supremacy disregards all other experiences except its own. White Supremacy knows everything. It believes it’s always right.

Just visit an essay or comment on race written by Black people and watch how much toxic venom comes from White people, White men in particular. Especially in years where there are national elections.

You’ll likely find at least one victim blaming comment on race in a thread. You might even witness the Person of Color being told they are wrong. Next, review the commenters profile. It’s always revealing. You’ll notice the bully usually has a pattern of being disrespectful to women and People of Color when engaging online. It’s anything but harmless. It’s yet another extension of White Supremacy.

No matter how much evidence we provide, wisdom we drop, perspectives we offer, or history we present about these racist states of America, White Supremacists will always find flaws and faults in our words. White Supremacists are always right. Except they are not.

White rightness is an injustice to People of Color.

White People Must Fight White Supremacy

It’s pastime for White people to recognize and stand up against White Supremacy, and not the savior kind of do-gooding White folks have perfected that gets them brownie points into heaven. I’m talking about real fighting.

I’m talking about standing up, and standing firm.

I don’t mean White people standing up like you’re saving the People of Color. We are way over your saving us. White savior syndrome is an impediment to our upward mobility and our true freedom from the oppression of White Supremacy in all its many forms.

I’m talking about White people standing up against racist and privileged White people in the same manner you would aggressively go against your parents’ wishes if they tell you not to marry that guy or gal you love so dearly because he/she is not the one for you. You’ll risk being disowned and losing your inheritance, but you do it anyway because it will benefit you personally. That new spouse is tangible, and you’ll receive a direct benefit from the new spouse.

For White people choosing to stand up against White Supremacy, there is no tangible for you White people. You’re fighting and standing because it’s the right thing to do. Because White Supremacy is wrong.

This is the dilemma White folks face. Therefore, it’s so easy for them to stand and do nothing. It’s no harm for them, no foul for them. This mindset must change.

Most White people won’t stand up against White Supremacy because they can’t see any benefits in it for them. That’s just plain selfish. Standing up against White Supremacy means losing. And we all know White privilege plays to win, even if it has to lie, cheat, deny, ignore, or steal. Its goal is to win.

So fighting White Supremacy requires a change in most White people’s mindset and behavior. It also requires the installation of a brand new moral compass. The old moral compass doesn’t work.

It’s time for White people to stand up against your own people (and White passing people regardless of their color) who uphold, coddle, and willfully ignore White Supremacy. If you’re selfishly thinking only about what you will lose by standing against White Supremacy, you’re a part of the world’s problem.

Think of all the losses People of Color have suffered at the hands of Whiteness.

People of Color have loss their health, their minds and sanity, wealth building opportunities, land, earning potential, jobs, educational opportunities, promotions, housing opportunities, freedom, time, sleep, friendships, privileges to move about the earth freely, privacy, and our lives because of White Supremacy. We’ve incurred generations of losses and we’ve yet to be made whole by our kidnappers.

Combating White Supremacy

White Supremacy coupled with its inability to admit wrong (infallibility) comfortably snuggled with racism is a powerful drug! Standing up against White Supremacy is a must for the safety and security of our nation. It’s not the job of the school to raise the children to not be White Supremacists. White Supremacy education starts inside of the mother at conception and concludes inside of the home during the child-rearing process.

We should apply the same thought process to stop White Supremacy. White Supremacy started in White homes, and it needs to be dismantled inside of White homes and communities.

White Supremacy was created, perfected, enabled, and is currently upheld by Whiteness, so Whiteness must kill it. There is no magic cure. White people can’t spray RoundUp on it like they kill weeds. They can’t Ted Talk it away. Boozing and playing video games won’t improve our relations. Destroying White Supremacy means White people must actively destroy every institution they’ve established to maintain power.

It means admitting those systems were wrong. It means relinquishing power and giving others some say in how they are governed. It means giving up your positions, your spaces, your privileges.

The only people who can properly combat White Supremacy are White people. It’s a White problem, and White people must fix it.

The only thing People of Color can do to help in the process is share with White people (and those passing/living as White) the impact of White Supremacy, White apathy, White silence, and White privilege.

Change must happen on the inside the confines of Whiteness in order for meaningful changes to occur in the outside world. Because White people don’t listen to People of Color, and refuse to learn from people of color because of superiority complexes, White people must speak unto other White people, and White people must do the work to get to the root of your own problems for real changes in America to occur.

Change can occur when White people vote differently. Stop allowing politicians to divide you by race. Learn to sacrifice something for others. Change occurs when you speak out against White Supremacy in all its forms, every time. Change occurs by admitting your wrong and telling others they are wrong fearlessly.

Change occurs when White people begin to uncomfortably immerse themselves into different cultures, and not via poverty tourism. Change is meeting different people where they are and being uncomfortable because it will make you a better White person. If the only people telling you you’re great are White people, then you have a real problem. You need a detox. Change is having a friend pool that doesn’t all look and sound like you. Color is the spice of life. Get some color in your friend/casual acquaintance circles. Change occurs by listening to different music. Listen to music that tells a different story from the one you’re living at the moment.

Change isn’t about you White people. Changing is about other people, for the benefit of otherness. You must have peace with that.

People of Color all over the world have been singing for decades about revolutions that will not be televised (Gil Heron Scott), soldiers fighting for survival (Bob Marley), and fighting apartheid while singing the blues (Miriam Makeba and the great Hugh Masekela).

America must come to grips with White Supremacy for it shall surely be its demise. People all over the world have been fighting White Supremacy in colonized and industrialized countries. If people are fighting something, it must not be right. We can’t continue to have a world where White people win and everyone else must lose to keep White people winning.

That’s wrong, and it’s time for us all to admit that. Equality and equity cannot take place without a defeat of White Supremacy.