The Kind of Black People Who Hate Black People

Let’s talk about these Daniel Camerons, Kanyes, Cubic Zurconias & Polyesters and the other anti-Black Blacks because I’m sick of them.

The Kind of Black People Who Hate Black People

Let’s talk about these Daniel Camerons, Kanyes, Cubic Zurconias & Polyesters and the other anti-Black Blacks because I’m sick of them.

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You know the kind of Black people I’m talking about.

Tiger Woods, Terry Crews, Trecina Atkins-Campbell (of Mary Mary) Candace Owens, Steve Harvey, Cece Winans, Pastor John Gray, and the Kentucky State Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

The kind of anti-Black people that White people love, except White people don’t realize that’s why they like those Black folks. I have always side-eyed the token Black people White people love to surround themselves with, especially those loved by racist White people. Because most White people live White lives, in lily White worlds, the Black people those White people prefer in their orbits mean something, and it’s not good for the rest of us Blacks. It usually means that Black person is anti-Black in either looks (biracial, Eurocentric leanings), association (friendships, marriage, work associates, hobbies), language (they speak the King’s English or like White men and women with privilege and power), or their environment (church, community, work). They’ll even marry into a family of racists as if it’s going to earn them respect because they’ve taken up White tendencies and support a racist political party. Whatever the reason, that anti-Black Black person is an asset to White folks.

If you’re Black, you know or have interacted with at least one Black person who hates Black people. These folk act like White people in Black skin. They are anti-Black all the time, casually anti-Black for personal or political gain, Richey rich anti-Black meaning the numbers in the bank account have caused them to take on a neoliberalism capitalistic ethos, or devoid of Blackness in their lives completely causing them to learn to dislike or distrust their own skin. The only Black people in their lives are their families, and even those ties are questionable.

Whatever the reason for the Black void, it never ends up being a good thing for the rest of us Black folks forced to deal with them. And they always manage to get their asses into some position to harm or injure Black people while protecting racists. Ass-kissers and bootlickers make me fuckin sick, I tell ya.

Case in point, look at Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the Breonna Taylor case. He’s 34-years-old, a product of desegregation, and just look at his tokenized ass. He’s so stuck on Whiteness he’s no earthly good, absolutely incapable of delivering justice in a system he’s fully aware kills us.

White people, pat yourselves on the back for the self-hating Black people you’ve helped to create. This is what chasing the White gaze gets us. You don’t get to see how anti-Black Black people work against us in real-time, but this was a perfect case to showcase the power of White Supremacy and how the proximity to Whiteness taints Black people. White folks get to see how some of your anti-Black Black friends treat other Black people with you around. I hope you take pride in the monsters you’ve made.

There are too many of these folks in our midst to dismiss them anymore.

Anti-Black Blacks are celebrities, politicians, athletes, news anchors, clergy, activists with large platforms, journalists, our neighbors, friends, social media influencers, cousins, your family members in the military and on the police force, and some of ya’lls mamas, daddies, and aunties. May God take a likin to them because I don’t have time or energy for their nonsense.

Either you’re pro-Black or anti-Black, and the amount of Whiteness and proximity to it shows us all where Black folks’ loyalties lie.

It’s time to give these anti-Black Black folks to their White handlers for good, and it’s time for Black people to have better discernment when it comes engaging them. We also gotta stop acting like anti-Black Black people are making a mistake or they don’t know what they are doing. They know good and damned well what they are doing, and they relish every moment and all the benefits that come from such associations. These anti-Black Black people and the ones who dabble with the devil like Steve Harvey, Jay-Z, and Kanye West have zero remorse for their dealings because they hope we don’t find out just how anti-Black they are, but if we find out, they are always banking on the same Black forgiveness White people bank on when they do their dirt to us and get caught.

Fuck them.

The hour is coming when we Black folks must pick sides, and pro-Black poor Black people and pro-Black activists cannot afford to be saddled with anti-Blacks, blind Blacks, lazy Blacks, token Blacks, Blacks who don’t care about what happens to other Blacks, fair-weather Blacks, dibbling and dabbling Blacks, Blacks married to White Supremacy (which is not the same as being married to an antiracist White person so calm the hell down, please) and professional Blacks married to their paychecks which directly tied to White Supremacy.

We don’t have time to waste on dead weight. The ship is sinking.

Anti-Black Black folks are just as bad as the White person who doesn’t know or accept his/her role in upholding White Supremacy. They are an ever-present danger we need to avoid them like Rona.

Watching the Black Kentucky Attorney General over the last few months has made it plain there is no ground too low for anti-Black people to stoop in order to please White men in power. We know there is a reward somewhere for Daniel Cameron for saving White men from prosecution, and it shall be revealed soon. He’ll be grinning like his master just let him out of the plantation’s kitchen to take a photo before going back to do the White master’s work. Excited to just be in the number, not caring that he’ll never be a part of the White establishment.

Makes my ass hurt.

Sadly, enough Black people in Kentucky voted him into office or didn’t consider the importance of the down ballot vote. They failed to realize who he worked for or the purpose of him being elected. An innocent Black woman takes an L. It’s another lesson in how Black folks are not making informed decisions about the Black candidates running for office. All skinfolks aren’t kinfolk, and anyone regardless of their color masquerading around in 2020 as a Republican should not be trusted, I don’t care what color they are. This should go without saying until Jesus cracks the sky, Republicans mean Black folks no good.

When you’re sane, the kinds of compromises with Whiteness where you have must sacrifice your identity or your Blackness to pass through a gate maintained by Whiteness makes you a queasy, at least it does me, anyway. But for a lot of anti-Black Black folks, White Supremacy is like a drug. It’s home. It’s what they do, and they are good at it.

Instead of giving priority to the pain and the microaggressions, anti-Black Black folks give priority to the reward for helping White Supremacy over the stings of racism they encounter in the White spaces they hold near and dear to their hearts.

This is where pro-Blacks and anti-Blacks differ. It’s what sets us apart.

Soon, all those anti-Black Black people accustomed to being the token will be asked to pick sides, to fight for White freedom. To oppress Black lives. They’ll happily and eagerly oblige as long as they get to keep their status and White comfort. Stop claiming Black people who don’t want to be claimed, and stop trying to save people who don’t want to be saved. Write their names in the Book of Life and keep it pushing.

Black people engaging in White Supremacy harms Black people as much if not more than when White people engage in it to harm us.

The cuts from a Black anti-Black person sting more, burn longer, take longer to heal, and are a little harder to get over when it’s one of your own people. We expect White people to fuck us over, not our own people.

Forget About Uncle and Auntie Ruckus

There can be no space for solidarity with Uncle or Auntie Ruckus. If some racist shit goes down, you know these anti-Black Black folks would not have our back. Not only would they not have our back, but they would also likely help White people dig a ditch to put us all in. A mass grave of sorts. Anti-Black Blacks revel in being the only Black in the room, flexing just like his masters taught him to.

There is nothing new about these types of Black people. They are as old and treasonous to us Black folk as slavery.

As we get nearer to the inevitable civil war and transition to a more uncomfortable style of authoritarianism in America, we need to talk about these White Supremacy-loving, evil doing, back-stabbing, Black-hatin, one Black friend being, Black people. They are a danger to very ground we walk on and a disgrace to our ancestors.

They Are Thirsty, Not Misunderstood

I’m sure if you’re Black you’ve seen these self-proclaimed, misunderstood anti-Black Uncle and Auntie Ruckuses in positions of power, like Kentucky State Attorney General Daniel Cameron. They are the kind of Black people who were raised to hate everything about themselves and the rest of us, regardless of their socioeconomic statuses, unless you’re another anti-Black Black person. These self-hating Black Judas’ will blame any and everyone for their self-hate except the people who molded and shaped them into the anti-Black monsters they are. They always cape harder for White people than they do for Black people, and White people will hold them up every time to show us what we could be if we assimilate harder, sellout more, dance a few more jigs.

***Eye rolls go here***

A Black man helped White men evade justice so that he could fulfil all of his White dreams to cover his Black man, moving on up like George and Weezy (from the Jeffersons sitcom) bingo card. He’s on track to become the next Clarence Thomas, I’m guessing. There are millions of anti-Black people all over the country acting the same way. This is why I have such a hard time dealing with and trusting Black folks in the justice system. The system ain’t just and all prosecutors and attorney generals plays politics with Black lives way too much. It’s a system created to be unfair to Black people, and politicians know this going in. They just don’t give a damn. Black people choosing the justice system as a career field and staying in it know the deal. They too sell us down the river for their master’s paychecks and ladder climbing.

About White Folks’ Favorite Black Person

If you’re White, you know some of these Black people too. They are your favorite kind of Black people, your tokens. They are usually the Black people who are the only Black person in your social groups and workplaces. If you’re affiliated with some exclusive club or live in some exclusive community, you may have a token Black there who is probably anti-Black or who at least engages in anti-Black business. Black people who love White people and White Supremacy are the only types of Black people most White people want to be around for any extended amount of time. The rest of us they tolerate. This is an indictment of Whiteness.

It’s also an epidemic.

It’s impossible to have relationships with most White people because they require us to change or not be ourselves in exchange for something they posses or hold the keys to. Sometimes it’s food. Other times it’s power. Occasionally it’s a little of privilege. Most likely it’s an opportunity and pussyfooting is the dance most Black folks gotta do to advance. It’s a necessary evil that we take no pride in. But self-hating Blacks relish those moments, going above and beyond to get the extra rewards which come from forsaking Blackness. Anti-Black Blacks folks are always excited to please White folks, proving repeatedly how they can fit in to catch that elusive White gaze. They’ll do anything to that get whatever it is they believe they should have.

To these kinds of Black folks, Black lives don’t matter.

Anti-Black Black folks are currently raising children who will become future Black-hating adults who won’t rock boats, won’t call you White folks out on your racist bullshit, and who will allow your kids to call them niggers at school. Their anti-Black parents won’t do shit about it because they are in love with your good shit and their entire purpose for being in those spaces was to get that good shit at all costs. They are raising the next Black snuggle bears for White comfort, ensuring they learn how to keep White folks happy and comfortable in all their wrongness.

Anti-Black Black people are raising (or joined with people who will raise) Black people who hate Black people who have done nothing except not sell our souls Black for White gazes.

White people call these anti-Black people are special and “rare.” I know because they’ve called me that a time or thirty myself. They anti-Black Black folk smart and “nice.” They are typically the Blacks White folks complimented on how well they speak because they speak the King’s English without the Blaccent (that’s our Black accents and dialects you guys despise so much). They like certain Black men like Cameron or Steve Harvey because they dress like White business men to appease the White gaze, which makes both White men and White women comfortable. We Black folks know there is a checklist of requirements we must meet in order to be respected by White people. People like Daniel Cameron and even former President Barack Obama know how to hit those switches to charm White people.

But being these kinds of anti-Black Blacks require lots of ass kissing, compromising, throwing Blacks under buses, and selling out. It’s more than the average proud Black family desires to engage in. White people rarely give anti-Black Black people like Stacey Dash, Daniel Cameron or Tiger Woods a second thought because it’s to their benefit to have their token Blacks which make them feel good about themselves and to give the appearance of not being racist, but we Black folks see these types of Black people differently.

We see these Blacks as ever-present threats, Black-White ops, pavers of white ways, and haters of Black lives. When we can write them off and give them to White Supremacy (i.e. Justice Clarence Thomas), we do so without giving it a second thought. They don’t want to claim us, and we don’t want to have to claim them either.

We Black folks know what they will learn one day on down the road real soon, and that is most White people are transactional beings. Black folks marrying themselves to White Supremacy must also become transactional in order to survive in it. The White man’s favorite enemy and whipping board must become the anti-Black Black person’s favorite whipping board too. You don’t crossover to deal with White people without selling us out or at least excluding us in the same way White people do.

Racism is lucrative. It pays well, and there are many Black people who have decided to cash in on it.

For example, anti-Black Blacks like Dr. Ben Carson, Joy Villa, Jason Whitlock, Cubic Zirconia and Polyester/Yarn Blend (also known as racist tropes Diamond and Silk), Omarosa, Charles Barkley, the late Herman Cain, Kanye West, and even liberal Blacks like President Obama and his wife Michelle engage in anti-Blackness/New Blackness from time to time, which is problematic for poor us Blacks not sold out to our racist unjust systems and institutions.

But there are far more non-famous Uncle and Auntie Ruckeses who aren’t famous gatekeeping for White Supremacy. Many are liberal and have large platforms. Most are in denial about their anti-Blackness, but they aren’t fooling anyone but themselves.

The anti-Black friend of my racist White enemy is our enemy too.

Self-Hate Is Unnatural

Self-hating, anti-Black Black people aren’t natural. It’s taught by Black families (and White families where Black children are adopted by White families), and it’s reinforced by White families and White people who require their Black people to be White. The roles of anti-Black Black people are clear, and that role is to harm Black people so that white people can remain comfortable and profitable.

These types of anti-Black Black people are good, and that’s keeping their master’s gates to keep as many of us Black folks out as they can. Those of us serious about Black lives need to stop extending time and energy to Black people who hate our Black skins and who don’t protect Black people. Don’t vote for them. Don’t donate to them. Don’t click on their social media pages. Don’t watch their racist YouTube videos. Don’t share their nonsense. Don’t listen to them. Don’t break bread with them. Don’t support them and definitely don’t trust them.

Slavery, The Root of Anti-Blackness

During slavery, the Master’s house slaves would be forced to beat the field slaves at the behest of the master. If they didn’t mind their Master’s business, they too would be punished. The same applies today. A Black man or woman willing to allow White people to harm us is a tool of the master, and there are a lot of anti- Black Black folks being used as tools. They enjoy every second of it. When they refuse to engage in anti-Blackness, they lose their privileges. Black people also have the ability and opportunity to benefit from racism.

All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk, and when the revolution starts, those anti-Black Black folks have chosen to fight with the neo-Confederate Army of Dunces. We Blacks are free now to choose which side we want to fight on, and anti-Black Blacks (also known as the Butter Biscuit Brigade) have aligned themselves with our enemies. Get used to it. There are more who will come out of the woodwork soon, and we shouldn’t be shocked by revelations.

Any Black person patty-caking with Republicans are anti-Black. Period. And any Black person who is anti-Black may as well be a Republican. Any Black person hating a group or segmentation of Black men or Black women is anti-Black. The reason for the hatred of Black people is the same, so are the people who benefit from our hatred of one another.

We cannot continue giving cover for Black people who persistently put us in danger. We also can’t continue making excuses for these types of Black people because they have Black skin. We cannot rebuild if we keep sharing our plans with the enemy. For Black people who love White Supremacy more than they love Black skin, we need to give them a one-way ticket to the White side of the street, best wishes in tow.

Chuck your deuces, say goodbye, and good riddance.

Our Ancestors Didn’t Die For This

Slaves didn’t die escaping to freedom for the descendants of slaves to run and get back into bed with the slaveholders. Fuck all that. There ain’t nothing in America that damned good for me to do that, and until this nation becomes fairer and more just, there is a line in the sand and I’m not interested in crossing it. Working together cannot require my selling my soul.

Stop normalizing the abnormal. Anti-Black Black people are racist White people with Black skin, and we should treat them as such. One of the biggest down-sides of integration and desegregation has been the fact that Black people have been taught to hate themselves and hate their own people to be a part of this society. You can call it moving up, doing better, living well, or achieving success all you want to, but if it includes bashing Black men and women, excluding Black people, or alienating your own Black family to lap White folks’ asses, it’s racist as hell.

Black lives not mattering to Black people is a green light for other groups to treat us poorly as seen by the way White men love to throw Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, or other Black folks who support their racist political party views. Let anti-Black Blacks sell their souls to the devil. Just don’t involve the rest of us in it.

Malcolm X described the difference between the house Negro and field Negro decades ago. It’s amazing how little changes with White Supremacy. The most dangerous kind of Black person is one comfortable in their White master’s White Supremacy.

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