The Many Sides of Brett Kavanaugh

When I get in trouble with the law, I want the Brett Kavanaugh special please.

The Many Sides of Brett Kavanaugh
President Attends Swearing-In Ceremony for Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, June 1, 2006, in the Rose Garden. Note: Brett Kavanaugh swearing in by Justice Anthony Kennedy, along with President George W. Bush and Ashley Kavanaugh by Eric Draper. Source: Wikimedia Commons

After watching both sessions of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee’s hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Interview, I felt he has no business on any court in America. In front of the world yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh showed us what privilege was, and how it looked to be on the right side of it. Judge Kavanaugh showed us White Privilege, misused Executive Privilege, and Male Privilege all in one take. It was fascinating, and creepy.

I saw a resentful, angry, privileged, entitled man who felt the system he was apart was letting him down. He was too good to be questioned, to powerful to be accused, and to privileged to be bothered with the job of defending himself responsibly and respectfully. He did himself no favors yesterday in testifying. Whether he is confirmed or not, I will always consider Judge Kavanaugh a law skirter and a liar.

While I do believe both people were treated unfairly by the entire process, only one person was auditioning for a new job on the Supreme Court, and that was Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He interviewed terribly. He was really Christian yesterday. That Jesus loving God fearing Christianity filled in his heart was oozing right out of his honest Evangelical mouth wasn’t it? It was the most terrible stay of Christianity I’ve seen in a very long time.

If I, a Black woman acted the way he did yesterday I would have been hauled out and placed in jail likely for being threatening or contempt. But not old Judge Kavanaugh. He never had anything to worry about. His privilege ensured he will remain in power. His privilege will not only allow him to circumvent the law, but also gain access to more power and privilege.

The man is very unstable under duress. I can’t trust him in a position of trust. There are too many sides to him, and I don’t know if he can be fair.

He’s clearly a complicated man. Let’s take a look at him briefly.

The Many Sides of Brett Kavanaugh

Crying Brett: Brett was crying yesterday because he was on the cusps of losing. It was something he’s not accustomed to. As he bragged about his elitist Washington background, his academic history, being top of his class, and being damn near an angel, he was also coming to terms with the fact that there was no rebounding from this process he willingly subjected himself to. Kavanaugh is an “alleged” suspected reformed sexual predator who does not want an investigation into his past “alleged” perverted behavior. He is watching his reputation apparently built on shaky ground go down the tubes. His livelihood is also headed down the toilet. His past was ruining his future. It’s enough to cry about.

Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh got the same treatment regular folks get when they are accused of a crime and are broke. Nobody believes you until the investigation is complete. Cry your old crocodile tears sir, you win the Oscar for best actor in a drama.

Angry Brett: How dare the system question him? The Judge was angry that women remembered the boy and man he used to be. Women came forward, and Brett fell apart. As an attorney and federal judge, I expected Judge Kavanaugh to be more respectful to the people deciding his future job promotion. I expected Kavanaugh to consent to the FBI investigation to aid in clearing his name, his background, the allegations against him. I expected the judge to have respect for the process. Judge Kavanaugh is the law currently, because he is a federal judge. He not only knows the law, he also desires to make decisions about the law and how the law is applied to us. After his performance at his “fact finding hearing” on yesterday, I question every decision he’s ever made where the justice systems’ laws are involved.

How can the Kavanaugh get angry when the law is applied to him? The judge dodged an investigation with the help of partisan politics. He and his buddies dodged official subpoenas which would enable the law to properly investigate a criminal allegation of a sexual nature against him. The message sent to peons like me everywhere is that angry Brett is above the law!

Lying Brett: Judge Kavanaugh lied numerous times under oath, with the aid of the Republican Party. Old Brett was treated with kid gloves yesterday, not given any hard questions about his past behavior, his integrity, or his transformation from quiet school boy angel to an angry, belligerent, temperamental privileged man child by GOP senators. It was quite revealing.

When the judge wasn’t lying yesterday, he was busy deflecting, being angry, disrespectful, and dodging question as if he was in the Matrix movie. How can we trust a dude who lies to our faces, under oath? People go to jail for lying under oath. Judge Kavanaugh is going to the Supreme Court for lying. How can citizens trust that the judge will rule fairly, and judge impartially? He showed us what he will do on the Supreme Court yesterday. I saw someone who was above the law. I have fewer reasons to trust any system or institution because of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Family Man Brett: From the moment I saw the Judge haul the poor children into this snake pit called the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, I knew it was going to be a disaster. I couldn’t understand why he would invite innocent little children into such a polarized environment where he could possibly be humiliated, disrespected, badgered, and asked questions which were not appropriate for children so young. Images for these types are everything.

Just Kavanaugh hauled his poor daughters into the hearing because he’s arrogant. He’s pompous. He’s selfish, and he’s all about his image. The truth was revealed yesterday as he ranted about how his reputation was going to be ruined, he’d never be able to coach his kids’ teams again, or how he would never be viewed the same after this process was over. He blamed everyone for his problems except himself. That’s what narcissist do.

He uses images of the “picture perfect family” to mask the true Brett. It has worked for years for the most part, until yesterday. We were blind, but now we see… Brett “apparently” is not the person he portrayed himself to be. He’s a complex little monster apparently. A little monster with lots of skeletons in his closet.

I really began questioning his family man image when he stopped his wife from answering a question directed to her during their Fox News interview. That was a pivotal moment for me. I have been that woman at the side of that man. I know that look. There is no picture in hell that could hide Brett Kavanaugh’s identity at Thursday’s hearing.

One last thing, did you notice the two women sitting behind him? His wife’s face was stoic, almost pained. She knows the real Brett. She’s watching him going down in smoke. Now, did you notice the blonde law clerk behind him? She was smiling and nodding and all of his bullshit answers, looking at the GOP Senators as did Kavanaugh, seeking approval for his award winning performance. I’m just going to let it sit right there.

The faces of his tired wife and his enamored law clerk tells us two different tales about one complex, lying ass man without ever saying a word. Body language tells an entirely different story. The ladies who have had cheating spouses who kept the cheating close to home (i.e. screwing your close girl friends) know what I’m talking about.

Combative Brett: Judge Kavanaugh was very disrespectful to Democratic Senators yesterday, especially the women. His volatile temperament was on full display with Senators Harris, Senator Hirono, and Senator Klobuchar, the women of the committee. He even had to apologize after the break to Senator Klobuchar for disrespecting her during her questioning him about his alcohol use. The optics of those events were everything.

We know lots of Brett Kavanaugh’s. They have little respect for women. It seems they always win.

Which Brett Kavanaugh Was the Real One?

How you act under pressure is a testament to your true character in my opinion. Brett Kavanaugh’s actions yesterday was an illustration of a desperate man. I also believe this was the real Judge Kavanaugh. The judge is a man not used to losing. He has spent his life winning, climbing ladders, possibly ruining the lives of many women, skirting justice, and being above the law. What we saw yesterday was the real Judge.

We saw a spoiled, privileged brat who thinks he deserves jobs because his rich parents taught him how to drink and perform well in school. We saw a man who was either father taught him how to hide his secrets, or learned naturally as a future sociopath how to “cover his tracks” live and up-close. We saw an out of control narcissist and borderline sociopath. We saw a man who shouldn’t be allowed to judge a cake baking contest, let alone a case where our lives and bodies are at stake. He does not have the capacity to be fair, or respectful for that matter. He’s a really rotten guy when the going gets tough.

This angry, temperamental, hostile, non-question answering, white lie telling man will be the next Supreme Court justice sitting next to sexual harassing Justice Clarence Thomas under a cloud of suspicion.

It’s a new low for America. Just when you think it can’t get any worse!

What Judge Kavanaugh’s Seating on the Supreme Court Means to Me

Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court says many things about America’s justice systems. It says cheaters win. Liars win too. The system doesn’t work for the little guy. It says Ivy League school attendance covers a multitude of sins. It’s says to victims don’t come forward with rape allegations, nothing will be done about it. His appointment says the criminal justice systems don’t care about your rapes people. It means only blue-collar criminals should fear the FBI, white folks with white collars can decide if and when they are investigated.

Yesterday and today was a win for White conservatives who crave power like addicts crave drugs. The party of old White guys can go home and die now, they’ve solidified their power constructs for another century. For us ordinary folks, this appointment is a disgrace and a disaster. I have no respect for this nation anymore, and I have no respect for our political processes either. It’s a bunch of bullshit! We no longer have independent branches of government.

What we witnesses yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh and his Republican allies shamelessly coaching him, is what America truly is. It’s always been this way. Nothing has changed. They are just bolder with it like they were in the 60's.

Brett Kavanaugh was held to one of the lowest standards ever. The Senate Judiciary Committee made it plain yesterday women don’t matter, and crimes against women no matter how old, don’t matter. The only thing that matters to America are men. White men to be exact. Even when faced with incriminating evidence, these privileged men simply look the other way to ensure their brethren get to climb the ladder to maintain their status quo.

The truth is out now, and there is no turning back.

Judge Kavanaugh and the GOP illustrated at the highest levels of this nation’s government how Executive Privilege, Male Privilege, and White Privilege works for the wealthy and the powerful. If you, the common man think you’ll be afforded the same luxury if you find yourself in a similar situation you are a fool! You’re an even bigger fool if you support these politicians who circle the wagons to guarantee they maintain their Executive Privileges while they snatch your basic rights and privileges away.

What happened yesterday signaled the end of our democracy. Our leaders told us yesterday our law enforcement agencies are powerless. Our nation’s top law enforcement agency, per our GOP leaders, can no longer find truth. Yesterday signaled one of the very last phases of a new order before the old America falls completely apart.

Judge Kavanaugh’s grandiose display of privilege was a huge glimpse into our future. There is no longer any question of America’s stance in who it protects. If you’re a man, especially a White man, your privilege remains in tack with all of the benefits, perks, protections and entitlement that comes with just being one.

But if you’re a woman like me, yesterday your official roles in this nation were designated.

It’s back to the kitchens, the bedrooms, and behind your men ladies. Maya Angelou said, “When they show you who they are, believe them.” We have been shown, and so now we must prepare.

We’re going back, back into time. The grand old party is going back to the good old days…days that aren’t so good for everyone.

Marley K., 2018

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