The New Vice-President Will Usher In A New White Rage

With a Black Vice-President Elect Harris in the White House, White people will be more aggrieved and angrier. A Whitelashing is a comin!

The New Vice-President Will Usher In A New White Rage

With a Black Vice-President Elect Harris in the White House, White people will be more aggrieved and angrier. A Whitelashing is a comin!

Source: Wikimedia Commons- The United States Senate — Office of Senator Kamala Harris

As I noted before, this rise in White rage and White nationalism can be directly linked to the election of President Obama in 2008. White folks didn’t like a Black man in their White House, and they had to react swiftly. Donald Trump was a direct rebuke of his presence, and Trump spent his entire presidency undoing everything President Obama touched, to appease aggrieved Whiteness. Racist White people thought they were going to have another season to make us all miserable with their nonsense, anger, and hate. Racists believed they were going to be free of Black people darkening the steps of the White House forever and ever, amen.

Lo-and-behold, Black and Brown people, and a few White said, “Ah, hell to the naw.” Folks trying to save this shithole country came out in record numbers and our wills were done despite an all out effort to suppress our votes.

Donald Trump lost the election (thank God) even though he’s trying to steal it currently. He’s officially an impeached loser and will go down in history as the shit stain he is. He’s the worst president in American history, and he deserves to wear the crown he’s earned. But the White rage he ushered back in 2007–2008 won’t be going away. In fact, that White rage is here to stay. The birthers will be back, and they’ll be louder and angrier before. The only thing White people hate more than losing is losing to someone Black. Vice-President Elect is a two-for. She’s Black and a woman. We are getting ready to have hell on our hands, and Black people already know it.

Vice-President Elect are the two things Black women are told they are throughout their lives. We’re reminded of these characteristics because Whiteness works hard to keep us in our places. Below, beneath, and behind. But we beat them again. While Republicans will work to make sure the first two years of their term are lame-duck sessions in Congress. I worry about those of us left on the streets without the protection of a Secret Service and Capital Hill Police. Local and state police are no longer on our side.

I’m preparing for Whitelash two times over this go round. Black and Brown folks did too much, and White people are losing their shit. Just check Medium’s comment sections of Black writers and writers who write about race. Our comment sections are littered with angry White birds who need to unleash their White rage on anyone and anything in their paths. There has been an uptick of White rage and disrespect. So far we’ve been on our own, and the White rage has only grown.

We got Kamala, and with her rise, comes Whitelash. Oh joy!

Not only will we all have to deal with criminally insane Trump voters storming provoking Black and Brown people and repeating stupid Trump, Fox News, and Info Wars propagandist talking points, we’ll also have to deal with the Whitelash from the election of the first Black-biracial woman Vice-President. We’re going backwards as a result of attempting to move us forwards. That’s the American way.

So for those of you happy about Vice-President Harris’ election. That’s great. Be happy. We should celebrate our forward progress.

But you better get ready if you’re Black or Brown. The Whitelash is coming, and it will not be pretty this go round. White terrorists have been permission to roam streets and cross state lines to engage in all manner of shittery over the past 12 years. Nothing is going to change, regardless of who is president. America is simply too big, has too many people, and too many fires burning at one time to tend to the loose Confederacy of Dunces roaming the nation.

Obama hasn’t been gone from office long enough for White people before the next Black or Brown person was able along to rest in the White House for Trump Supporters. White rage starts this weekend with the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. White racists are preparing to provoke counter-protestors or anyone not White not looking right. And all this show of White terrorism is sanctioned by the federal government, just like always.

It’s going to be a long 4-years if the Biden-Harris team makes it to the White House. We’re on our own. America has never done anything to White terrorists or the police who allow them to terrorize us. Don’t expect anything different with a Biden-Harris presidency. Please don’t let the peace now lull you into a sense of security. This is the calm before the storm. There is nothing normal about this type of rage.

So, get ready. A whitelashin a is comin.

Recall the Civil Rights Era. Remember the White rage, the police participating in it, and the government allowing it to occur. Notice they Columbus’d (stole) their name from the Nation of Islam’s “Million Man March” held in 1995 for Black people. We can’thave nice things because White people keep stealing them.

Source: Twitter/@CantMissJames

This isn’t new to America. In fact, it’s the same old America. Anytime Black people make progress, White people get angry. They co-opt our slogans. They disrupt our movements. They infiltrate and spy on our protests, and they’ll recenter themselves.

Every. Single. Time.

America hates equality, and that’s why we’ll never achieve it. The majority will remain the majority by hook or by crook, ensuring the status quo stays in tact.

With Black progress comes White rage. It’s the American way. With Vice-President Elect Harris, expect more Whitelash, moreWhite rage, and more of nothing to be done about it.

Source: Twitter/@angie_keathly

This was your friendly anti-Blackness reality check.

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