The President Lied About The Reasons For Black Unemployment (Again)

Last night, I watched the President’s address to the nation and expected lies on top of lies, and he didn’t disappoint.

The President Lied About The Reasons For Black Unemployment (Again)
His lying face with lying hand gestures.

Last night, I watched the President’s address to the nation and expected lies on top of lies, and he didn’t disappoint.

All the fearmongering he loves to engage in for his White base was on point, and for the rest of we were left scratching our heads wondering why national media networks gave the President this type of platform for his fact-checked lies.

It’s co-signing racism and giving it a voice and putting People of Color in danger, something White media does all too well. America has always demonized immigrants of color. This tactic is rooted in America’s checkered history.

But in any event, let’s talk about the two lies the President told last night about African American and Hispanic unemployment rates being so “low” under him, and the reason why Mexicans need to be stopped by his wall. African America unemployment in America has been historically high no matter how many gains we’ve made in education, licensing, certifications/licensing, and professional development. The reason we can’t get jobs has nothing to do with the reasons given by the POTUS last night.

First, let’s say for the record, Trump’s national unemployment rate is the lowest ever. He loves to have the biggest, best, most stuff. Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

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Now, let’s get down to lie busting. The first lie I am concerned about was about the reason African American unemployment rates are so high. The lying President stated on prime time television the reason for Black unemployment and Hispanic unemployment was so high is because those dirty Mexicans were crossing the border illegally taking our jobs which is a flat out lie.

First, people need to understand how national unemployment data is collected. The way our government collects unemployment data will never give America the true picture regarding how many able-bodied adults are unemployed, because of the criteria and metrics used for their definition of who or what unemployment really is.

Trump Doesn’t Really Know The Real Unemployment Rate of Blacks and Hispanics

Our good old government classifies people as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work. Actively looking for work may consist of any of the following activities:

  • Contacting:
  • An employer directly or having a job interview
  • A public or private employment agency
  • Friends or relatives
  • A school or university employment center
  • Submitting resumes or filling out applications
  • Placing or answering job advertisements
  • Checking union or professional registers
  • Some other means of active job search

Understanding how the government compiles unemployment data will provide context for the rest of my gripe. Basically, if you’re unemployed and not looking for work, you’re not counted as a person living in America who is unemployed. How many people do you know who don’t have a job and hasn’t done any of these things above? I know plenty. I also know they aren’t being counted in our national unemployment numbers which I why I never listen to them.

As it relates to the President’s claim regarding African-American unemployment, this means Black people who have given up searching for work, people who have criminal records and are unable to find a “second chance” employer, those participating in unreported hustling (side jobs/gigs/hustles like car washing) or illegal economies (selling dope) not tracked by the government, and those who may have adverse credit histories preventing them from rejoining the workforce are not tracked or counted in any current or past unemployment rate given to us.

Furthermore, the way this information is collected is beyond sketchy and should never be used as a metric to describe who is and who is not working in America.

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With that said, the arguments about unemployment rates are always a lie. Ever person who quotes you an unemployment rate is lying.

In this particular instance, Trump isn’t the first or last President to lie about unemployment rates. But because he is lying on Brown people about the reasons for some Blacks aren’t employed in the U.S., I felt the need to dispel is bullshit in my effort to resist his fascist ways.

The Black Unemployment Lie

Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash

The real reason Black unemployment rates are higher than everyone else's here in America is because White people prefer to hire other ethnic groups over Blacks. We are excluded from the workforce time and time again due to racism. More than a fair share of studies have identified this problem over decades, with no change on the horizon. Let’s face it, White people making human resource/hiring are not properly identified as major culprits in Black unemployment rates being higher than nearly every other ethnic group in America (consistently). Therefore, nothing will change by the President’s proposed wall because the focus is wrong, racist, and will perpetuate the cycle of Black unemployment.

Not only do White people engage in this discriminatory hiring and workplace practices against Blacks, but other racial ethnic groups engage in discriminating against Blacks, including Hispanics.

White people discriminate against Blacks regardless of our education and licensing credentials, credit history, and/or criminal background. Whether it’s good or bad, African Americans have fewer opportunities for employment due to racism by Whites and other ethnic groups.

Hell, even the minimum wage has racist roots. Minimum wage restrictions discourage businesses from hiring workers who are regarded as “less marketable” due to either their lack of experience or societal prejudice. In particular, Black workers. There have been countless discrimination lawsuits against employers throughout history where Whites were paid more than Blacks and where Whites were given opportunities for advancement, promotions, and pay-raises while Blacks were not.

Mexicans ain’t the reason African Americans have high unemployment rates. Lying, racist, manipulative deflecting White people like the current President are our problem. These people are barriers to our employment.

Is Trump going to build a wall inside of America for the racist White people blocking Black progress, employment, and upward mobility? Probably not.

I’m Black/African-America and currently unemployed because a White man decided he wants to close the government preventing me from working so I can’t earn a living and pay my bills. The President, a White man, wants a wall built to prevent Mexicans, MS-13, the Taliban, poor immigrant children and other South American immigrants from coming into America to take my Black job. None of those people are a threat to me right now.

An old racist White guy is a threat to me though.

The focus of the President is on the wrong group of people. African Americans don’t need protection from Mexicans for job security. We need protections from White people engaging in discriminatory hiring practices and dumbassery to aid in reducing our unemployment rates. The President yet again does what racist White people do best and that is deflecting while failing to take responsibility for their actions.

On to the next lie.

The Wall Will Stop Mexicans From Stealing “Our” Low-Wage Jobs

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The wall will not stop Mexicans from taking America jobs, because greedy American employers are willing to hire them. There is little to no consequence for employers hiring immigrants who come here illegally, which is why they continue to come here en masse. The President and his supporters choose to blame the illegals instead of blaming their own people for the manufactured problem.

Employers (farmers, the restaurant industry, hotels, and the President’s golf clubs and businesses) have suffered no punishment previously for hiring illegal immigrants when they know full well hiring these people was wrong. It appears the POTUS loves hiring illegals. The hypocrisy is astounding (yet again).

While there are some jobs many Americans won’t do for a variety of reasons, there is no field overrun by illegal immigrants because Americans won’t do those jobs. Additionally, because there are so few factors used to calculate the employment and unemployment rates and because illegal immigrants are either paid under the table (in cash) or by using a false social security number for E-verify purposes, how in the hell can anyone know truly how many jobs Mexicans or other illegals work legally or otherwise.

Most American’s don’t work some jobs because the pay isn’t worth their efforts. For others like African Americans, farming/share-cropping/picking is rooted in slave history, so we don’t teach our children to go pick anything for anyone. We did that for free for a long time. #TimesUp

Workplace segregation is another huge issue for Blacks that is not discussed.

The other big elephant in the room is how WHITE PEOPLE likely hire and employ more illegal immigrants than anyone else in America, yet there is no study to verify this fact because the employers would have to admit they’ve committed a crime and subject to penalties/fines. In any event, we all know people who hire illegals of Spanish descent under the table.

I’m not saying other ethnic groups don’t do it as well. Have you checked out the Asian restaurants lately? Many of them are loaded with non-English speaking immigrants. These employers could hire legal African-Americans, but they don’t. They could hire legal Whites too. But they don’t. It’s another elephant in the room we don’t discuss.

Racist views help by immigrant entrepreneurs also aid in our high unemployment rates. Sadly, many immigrant communities engage in discriminatory hiring practices against African Americans. We need to talk about it.

The reasons employers (including non-African American employers) refuse to hire Blacks may vary, but the fact still remains we are not the chosen ones when it comes to employment.

As long as Mexicans and other illegal immigrants can be hired illegally by American employers with little or no punishment they will be, wall or no wall. The benefit outweighs the risk.

No wall will stop these people from coming here because they know America will give them work and that’s all most illegal immigrants want anyway. There is nothing to deter them from coming here. Besides, illegal immigrants of Spanish descent also come here by boat, and tunnels underground. No wall above ground will stop someone who wants to come here.

I have seen a few illegal immigrants washing ashore here in South Florida while fishing. It’s sad to see young people risking their lives in the harsh Gulf Stream seeking a better life. Hearing a racist talk about it is one thing. Witnessing it is something totally different. It’s an emotional event to witness.

You can’t put a wall on the ocean.

Your President is a liar, and as always, and his lies make no sense.

Blaming poor Brown people coming here fleeing violence and poverty seeking a better life is terrible, but it’s nothing new. America is a propaganda machine, and our media enables Trump and people of his ilk to villanize people when they want to, and then make them victims other times.

Don’t fall for the poison kool-aid folks, and please don’t believe the messengers, including the American media.

What happened last night was a disgrace and yet another notch in the fast decline of America to the bottoms. If you can’t understand how institutional racism works, last night was a perfect example of it. The wounds are deep, the history of America’s racism is long, and the impact of institutional racism can last several generations.

There is no way to possibly calculate how much wealth African-Americans have been deprived of because of institutional and structural racism.

As I witnessed last night, racism permeates every system and institution in this nation from the top down.

People of Color will always be in danger and discriminated against in America as long as Whiteness is able to retain power, enabling them to vilify Blackness and Browness. It’s the same old play from the same old playbook. Vilify Black and Brown people to stroke the egos of White people. We all should be hip to this by now. A lie no matter how many times told will never change this truth.

Racism, like injustice, is the America way. From the top down! Starting with our President. What a sad state of affairs indeed.

Marley, 2019

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