The Republican Coup Is Back On Again

Trump and the GOP's coup efforts are back on again now that the second Impeachment Trial is over and Trump was acquitted. Authoritarianism…

The Republican Coup Is Back On Again

Trump and the GOP's coup efforts are back on again now that the second Impeachment Trial is over and Trump was acquitted. Authoritarianism, here we come.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signing House Resolution 24 — Articles of Impeachment against President J. Trump following its passage by the House of Representatives. Source: Facebook: Office of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

Now that the Impeachment Trial of the Century is over, nothing happened, and our country looks like a damned tornado fools out here in these international streets, the Republicans are going to go full steam ahead with their plans to become an authoritarian government. We’re headed to becoming a Russian protege nation in a matter of two to four short years. The majority of the White voting population is rejecting a more progressive nation where Black and Brown people are included. One where Black and Brown people have more power and White people have less say.

It’s so said. At this point, there really is nothing we can do about it. Unless God comes and smites the old demon spawns, there is no hope for us. All the systems are in place to ensure we become a failed democracy and a new official authoritarian state. All this was avoidable. The world will look at America to examine its spectacular downfall. They’ll find racism and a refusal to atone for slavery will be at the foundation of our great fall.

Now that Trump has been acquitted by his racist, White Supremacist co-conspirators, they will continue with their plans to overthrow our government and undermine the will of millions of antiracists.

I’ll demonstrate how easy it will be. Please don’t be fooled by the mainstream media or our polished politicians. America is in danger. Real danger.

Biden Hasn’t Purged His Government Of MAGA Sympathizers

As we all know now, Trump’s 2nd coup attempt was a well-thought-out, methodical attempt to overthrow the government, kill our line of succession and remain in power. His first attempt was to steal the vote, preventing Black and Brown folks from voting. Since we voted like our lives depended on it, he had no choice but to stop the certification of the national election just for his office I might add. He had a slew of Congressman who violated their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic following up Trump’s lie.

Trump essentially attempted to pull a coup similar to the one Putin attempted with Montenegro in 2016. The institutional actors behind the failed coup attempt remain largely in place. Unless Biden and Congress purge compromised political actors, they’ll do it again. In fact, they are planning now as we speak. Putin and his allies have studied America. Russia plays the long game when it comes to destabilizing nations. Coups are happening all over the world right now. Ignorant voters have allowed the rich and powerful politicians to get into positions to overthrow governments globally. Americans are in danger and most don’t even know it.

This is not a time for incremental change and baby steps. The house is on fire. We need leaders who can put this fire out. America doesn’t allow those types to gain power. This nation likes its change slow or next to nothing at all.

Additionally, of the thousands of people that went to D.C. to participate in the White man’s coup, only a few hundred have been arrested. Of those arrested, even fewer have been detained until their trials. There is nothing stopping any of these people from joining in on another coup to overthrow the government.

They will.

The Justice System Doesn’t Work

The justice system in America is broken. Folks aren’t getting prosecuted for violent crimes or treason. The nation’s impeachment process doesn’t work. Police and local politicians act as double-agents. Prosecutors are political positions and too many racist voters appear to be incapable or indifferent to justice. The Supreme Court’s anti-Constitutional decision declared prosecutors must have absolute immunity, meaning they cannot be held responsible for prosecutorial misconduct. Politicians rewrite laws to make their illegal activities illegal, then they appoint biased judges to ensure they pay no price for their misdeeds like the rest of us.

There is no justice in America. It is impossible to get justice in America. Without a working criminal justice system, white-collar criminals can get away with murder, literally. They already have and they still have their seats in Congress and in state capitals all across the nation.

America Refuses To Address Racism and Inequity With Its Largest Minority Group

In America, inequity has been central to the nation's thriving economically. White people and White-passing minority groups rely on racism to stay ahead in our competitive society. While America isn’t the only society engaging in inequity, we are the biggest one in the Western world. Racism and inequity are national security issues driving domestic terrorism and White nationalism. This nation’s refusal to address White Supremacy makes certain another coup quite soon is inevitable.

Our enemies even know about our racial divides. Russia was able to exploit America’s anti-Blackness to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement. America still didn’t fix the breach, nor do our politicians have a plan to address race in the nation in a manner that keeps it from being a national security issue. If you don’t deter Russia, purge the government of accomplices, and lock up co-conspirators right now, there is nothing stopping Russia from doing it again. Our own citizens will happily take part in the next coup attempt because our citizens are trained to be susceptible to propaganda.

America has never dealt with its anti-Blackness or its racist roots. The people in power have interests in dealing with it either. White folks in power are working to grandfather into Whiteness their next racial group, White Hispanics, which will soon be the nation’s largest voting block. America is trying to ignore the centuries of wrongdoing to Black people like we never existed. Ignoring us Black folks will be America’s fatal mistake.

What goes around comes around, and America is going to fall flat on its face in what will be one of the most humiliating falls in modern history. America would rather fail than to redress its 400-year campaign of oppression of African Americans and Black people, and so it shall. White people love Whiteness more than anything and they will allow White people to continue ruling despite mounting evidence they are incapable of doing so impartially.

America is a breeding ground for a coup right now. Rome is on fire and White people really believe we’re going to be okay. It just goes to show how terrible our educational systems are in the nation. People like feeling good about lies. Politicians know this too. They made us this way, which is why a successful coup in America is inevitable.

America Has White Domestic Terrorism Problem

The last hillbilly coup was a continuation of America’s sanctioning White domestic terrorism. When men and women enlist in the military, service members take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Congress has the authority to authorize the military to protect this nation against domestic enemies like Ya’ll Qaeda, but it won’t because the value of Whiteness is priceless. America’s White leaders couldn’t fathom harming a hair on its White children’s heads.

Black and Brown people can’t gather peacefully protesting without a military presence, even if that militarization is shown by police forces. But America’s problem White children, they can do whatever they like with no repercussions. America’s next coup, like every other coup this nation’s had, will be carried out by her White problem children. When you don’t discipline your children, you don’t teach them any lessons when they make mistakes that could hurt them or others.

White people will be the reason this nation fails, and America’s politicians will be at fault because they refuse to protect America. The next coup is being planned as we speak and White people are the ones planning it.

It’s just a matter of time. They are already bragging about it. Their leader Cheetoh Satan got off. That sends the signal it’s okay to continue their White power grab. The White bureaucracy of the White federal government won’t allow things to move expediently to prevent another coup. White people getting due process will be White America’s concern. A coup is what their payment will be in return for waiting. Justice isn’t applied equally in America. The coup and the events leading up to it make us weaker.

In Closing

America hates taking care of its business. White people hate the truth. They are more concerned with being called racists than addressing the racism that has our entire system in distress. I’d be surprised if Biden makes it through a complete term without another coup attempt. Lindsey Graham announced this week claimed the GOP will attempt to impeach Kamala Harris in 2022 if they win back the House and the media acts like that never happened. No one is asking why they’d rather impeach the Vice-President instead of the White man in power. Not a soul wonders why they are gutting the second in command. It’s likely because they have another plan for Biden.

Republicans have boldly broadcasted everything they were planning on doing during the past 12–13 years to derail our exceptionally challenged Republic. There is no reason we should disregard their thinly veiled threat/plan. Those of us with good common sense and some political savvy will have to sit back in horror as we watch this crippled nation fall to its knees.

I’ve always hated being around stupid and evil people. We already know there’s always the possibility of evil people killing us. Stupid people will kill you too. When you have the two emerging in an effort to overthrow a government, you have hell on your hands.

America has a shitload of stupid and evil people trying to kill us to maintain White people. A large swath of White people are complicit because they are indifferent, ignoring the dangers the rest of us minorities face in this country on a daily basis. We are in peril. I hope you’re getting yourselves ready for the embarrassing downfall we’re headed towards. We’re a weaker nation than we were in 2016. We’re a weaker nation than we were yesterday.

Everyday America does nothing about the last coup attempts is another day closer to the next one. And to think, White people love Whiteness and power more than a safe, stable nation.

I have said more than once, and I’ll take a moment to say it again. Black people told you so America. We told you.

Republican politicians, Trump, and self-hating racist voter co-conspirators are excited their White savior is free. They are busy planning the next coup. We’re going back to the good old days, whether you like it or not.

Marley K. 2021.