The Suspicious Timing of the Vilified Immigrant Caravan

Just in time for mid-terms, the race-baiting hype man-in-chief has found just the right racist bait to get his die-hard supporters in…

The Suspicious Timing of the Vilified Immigrant Caravan
Source: Wikimedia

Just in time for mid-terms, the race-baiting hype man-in-chief has found just the right racist bait to get his die-hard supporters in their feelings. You know, those people who just won’t come out and say they are racist. Because that’s not fashionable. Or Christian.

Most of those Trump supporters that is (I said most before the trolls start attacking! Take a deep breath and re-read that sentence a few times people).

Republicans gotta keep those Trump supporters angry and victimized, right?

The Fishy

Well there ain’t nothing like the threat of some poor Brown people getting ready to come across the invisible border and take some of “their” stuff to get those angry birds stirred up. Well a manufactured fake crisis was just made up just for those “special folks.”

It’s a Brown caravan. An immigrant caravan in distress. Walking. In all their Brown poverty and stuff.

But have you ever taken the time to think about the fact that something just isn’t right about this. The timing is too good to be true for politics!

There’s a dead cat on the line when it comes to this mysterious mass exodus of people from Honduras and Guatemala. There is something fishy here.

Now, I’m not saying immigrants aren’t coming here into the U.S. illegally (and seeking asylum of course) everyday, because they are. But why so many people, and why now is it so important if this “supposed caravan coming is nearly a month away from our borders?

These people are walking, not teleporting. Why do we need to send 800 troops to the border when we have a perfectly good National Guard, Border Patrol and Coast Guard trained and capable of taking this issue head on, if it really is an issue?

I know the Honduran aid controversy is a huge reason many are fleeing, but something about this just doesn’t feel right.

The U.S. midterm elections are in a few weeks (surprise), and suddenly this “mob” of illegals, criminals, MS-13 gang members, and Donkey Kong” are coming to the Mexican border, soon (Well, I added Donkey Kong. If the Grand Wizard inthe White House can lie to the people, why can’t I use my imagination and do the same).

At the rate these poor people are traveling, they are expected to arrive at the U.S. border close to the time AFTER the election. It seems like the perfect thing to get Trump supporters and Brown people haters all stirred up.

The Weird

Have you noticed the video footage of the immigrant “caravan” in Mexico? The media just happens to stop someone, and the person speaks perfectly good English on camera, as if this random immigrant is the spokesperson for the migrating group. People who are in the shadows aren’t necessarily dodging cameras, but they aren’t racing for them either if they are planning on coming to America and crossing illegally. Many of these people don’t speak any English. It’s quite interesting.

Getting on camera amid the caravan and speaking (especially good English) is kind of like telling someone I’m going to break into your house, giving them a heads up before you go arrive.

It’s not adding up to me.

The other things that stink about this is entire thing is Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, MS-13 and Middle Easterners are crossing into America. How does he know (Trump doesn’t, he admitted he has zero proof)? Does have a drone or plants in the mix (nope)? When did this start caravan start their journey (no one really knows)? It’s just too much nonsense for me to digest.

And another thing, please tell me how so many Middle Easterners are crossing the Mexican border illegally without TSA, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and the Coast Guard and anyone else responsible for getting our enemies (If you do a web search, you’ll find most of the links for stories are NOT from American sources…hint, hint)? What’s the frequency of this phenomenon (silence)?

Not only that, how in the hell are all these Middle Easterners doing their magic and getting here? See my magical child-like map (evidence for those people who believe all the crazy Trump and the GOP spews), maybe you can answer the question for me 😂😂😂, please…

How in the hell are Middle Easterners caravanning with Hondurans, Mexicans, and Guatemalans?

Are the Middle Easterners swimming across the Atlantic Ocean going, going down to Honduras and mixing among the other South Americans? And what in the hell kind of ethnic groups are the President referring to when he says “You take your camera and take your guns. You’ll find everything in there” (referring to other nationalities of people he “hopes” are crossing the border).

Notice the people are referred to as “things” not humans. All the Black and Brown people are always bad, dumb, low-IQ, violent, and/or worthless, while Whites are good victims, and in need of his constant protecting. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Are White Trump Supporters Really Victims?

Trump’s gotta protect White people so they won’t be victimized any more than they already have been, right. Wrong!

According to Fortune Magazine in 2017, in America, seventy-three percent (73%) of the senior executives at Fortune 500 companies are White men and women. The rest are 21% Asian, 3% Latino/a, 2% black, 0.6% two or more races, 0.2% Native American and 0.1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

Even going back to 2011, a study by Richard L. Zweigenhaft of Guilford College determined the large majority of corporate directors in America being white males (74.4%), and the group with the second-highest frequency was white women (13.3%), suggesting — as did the findings presented earlier on white women’s continuing ascent to CEO positions — that they may have been the greatest beneficiaries of the push for affirmative action that began in the 1960s.

Those White Trump supporters angry at Brown people need to redirect their anger and frustrations to their own people. White men run everything in America because they posses all the money, and they possess all the power, in nearly all of this nation’s institutions.

No Brown people coming across the border in the next two weeks or even the next month will block or obstruct any White progress. The chances of that happening is literally zero (lol).

So, while the Trump supporters may have been victims of globalization and trade acts, their perpetrators are White people (White men to be exact, the kind just like Trump and in the GOP) who are giving away their jobs, not the Brown people Trump loves to assail coming across the border from Mexico.

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Trump is the master of lies, planting seeds of hate, and inciting fear. And it works…for White people. If White Trump followers are supposed to be so smart and so “supreme,” why are they following liars and con-artist willfully (because they know what he is, he’s shown them time and time again)?

Because these types of people love being the victim, and they always need a savior. Malignant narcissists prey on people like these to suck the life from them while they get their fixes of attention and praise. Who they hell wants to be on that roller coaster ride with crazy day in and day out.

Unwarranted fears are being stoked every day in Trump’s supporters, and they are eating it up like pigs being slopped. But there are far too many of us who cannot be fooled.

We can’t allow our government to use poor, desperate people to make divide us. We must be vigilant. We must use our common sense. And we must hold all our elected officials accountable for the lies they tell as well as any inaction for not upholding their Constitutional duties.

No leader should be allowed to make allegations like the ones Trump frequently makes without proof, especially when it calls for our government to use vital resources which put our men and women serving this country in harm’s way (i.e. law enforcement. Border Patrol, Homeland Security, Coast Guard etc.) to protect our precious borders.

It’s our tax dollars, and I don’t trust our tax collectors. Their reputations precede them!

This old President will lie, cheat, steal, do anything and say anything to stay in power. It’s one thing when you don’t know you’re being lied to or have no way of discerning truth, but the things this man lies about daily is just plain old basic stuff you should have learned in your Civics class and in World Geography.

It’s time for us to wake up and take back our minds. Some good old common sense needs to prevail here!

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but Truth

How will the GOP’s lies make us better as a nation and as humans? They won’t. Their lies make us look stupid, gullible and weak to the rest of the world.

How does Trump’s and the GOP’s fearmongering make us richer? It doesn’t. The same people giving tax breaks to the rich and creating job killing trade acts have been in office 25–35–45 years. Mostly old White men! Those men who seek donations from those Fortune 500 companies, and the same men who lobby on behalf of the corporate America, the elitists, and the rich.

We’re drinking the Jonestown poisoned Kool-Aid mix people. Don’t do it?

How does Trumps race baiting and exclusionary politics make us better? It doesn’t.

It makes us some scary, hating ass people. We’re weaker now because we don’t trust our neighbors. Now we must question whether our neighbors fear us/hates us and whether that fear or hate will lead to our deaths.

I just happened yesterday at a Kroger’s grocery store in Louisville, KY. A White guy went into the grocery store with the intention of killing only Black people. He succeeded, and it’s crazy that in 2018 we must live like this.

We have done this stupid race war shit already America, lots of times. We’ve had all sorts of movements and wars with each other right here in this nation about race and our economics. It’s tired and it’s old.

Why can’t we get this right and learn from our mistakes? Even cyber terrorist are able to manipulate us online with racist bullshit because we are so easy to persuade when it comes to racial issues. They know our sins, and racism is the biggest one for America.

We’re a White racist nation, and because of it, all other ethnic groups are unsafe, and unprotected.

It’s time to call Trump out for what he is, and that’s an elderly, wealthy, White, mentally-ill racist. It’s time to call his enables in Congress what they are, and that’s wealthy, predominantly elderly, racist and racist-baiting demagogues.

White family, it’s time for you to look at yourselves, your friends, your family members. You need to understand something and understand it good. You don’t have to worry about the Brown wave of people trying to make it to our borders, or any other Black or Brown people for that matter.

They aren’t the suspects you need to be on high alert for.

If you want to be suspect and fear anyone my White allies, it should be the people you surround yourselves with the most. It’s White people.

They are the ones lying to you about your progress, your lack, who your enemies should be, and the reasons why America isn’t all that great right now. We didn’t do this to you.

You did it to yourselves.

Marley K., 2018