This Is What White Privilege Turning Into Treason Looks Like

Treason: The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

This Is What White Privilege Turning Into Treason Looks Like
Treason: The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

America’s own Congressional representatives are committing treason. Every day they fail to stop our enemies from infiltrating our voting systems and political processes, allow Russian, Chinese, and Iranian hackers to hack into our interwebs and safe spaces, businesses and government, and social media they betray us. When these leaders allow someone, who was helped my foreign enemy agents to get into the highest office of the land for personal and political gain, they commit treason.

They have intentionally betrayed the country they swore to protect by doing absolutely nothing to prevent it… settling selfishly for money, power, connections, and control. All so they can say the old White man won…again. This type of disregard for the country and humanity led to the American Civil War.

This environment we’re in today… it’s not business as usual, and people of color, can feel the difference. There is something far more sinister going on in our country right now. American history is repeating itself yet again.

Some White Americans have consciously decided to conspire with our enemies so that they may remain in power. It’s as plain as that. They will do anything to retain that power, to include creating a new American Civil War. We are well on our way to the war, and I want White people recognize it. It’ll be just like old times for you AND for us Black and Brown folks too.

Yet again, White people will need to decide if they will fight for the good of America and all Americans, or will they be for themselves, their privilege, their unbridled power, their money, their statuses in society, and the kind of crony capitalism which benefits no one except… you guessed it, primarily White people!

Black and Brown people in America can’t continue to carry the brunt of this threat on their shoulders. It’s not our problem. We didn’t create it this storm. Somehow, we keep getting blamed for it though. It’s a classic case of gas-lighting and deflection. Thanks to history books, we can see the writing on the walls.

We have a four-alarm fire here folks!

So, get the sleep out of your eyes White people. A storm is a brewing and it’s all your fault. You’ve been voting against history. It doesn’t matter if you’re team Trump, or silent on the battlefield as an Independent, you had a hand in the political, economic and/or cultural climate of today. America has a Civil War spirit whether we want to admit it or not, and White people keep it alive and thriving with their privilege.

The American Civil War Spirit That Just Won’t Die

It really feels like some people in this country want a re-do of the American Civil War (1861–1865). Although the American Civil War was mainly about slavery, it was also about this country’s economy. Some portions of the nation were rapidly modernizing and diversifying, while other portions of the nation wanted things to stay the same (to include keeping slaves as property). The people resistant to this country’s industrialization were also resistant to the change in the nation’s demographics. Immigrants and Brown people were getting to big for their britches and they needed to be stopped.

A little more than one hundred and fifty-seven years ago, America was getting browner, Brown people were prospering a little more, and it was beginning to look like their standing in society was nearly equivalent to that of Whites. The

The resistant block of White America back then needed to do something about America’s browning problem. They wanted their old America back. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

That same segment of White people couldn’t handle diversity. They felt they were being left behind. Some White folks are still singing the same song in 2018. Things here in American are changing once again, and those people don’t like it. I guess the first Black President sent them over the edge. They have had enough of that equal shit!

Industrialization made some White folks lose their minds, especially in rural communities and Southern states back in the mid 1800's. They wanted to keep their free labor, union free. In 2018, it’s trade acts created by White politicians and technology created by White people that’s driving White jobs overseas, the White middle-class into poverty, and taking generations of White wealth away from White America.

Angry White people haven’t gotten the memo that we are all poor slaves working on corporate plantations. It’s unimaginable to them that their own people would enslave and oppress White folks like they’ve done us. So, they must blame someone.

Blaming Black and Brown folks make them feel better. We are the scapegoats.

Black and Brown folks had little hand in crafting any of these policies and legislation that harm you economically because White people retain all of the power (there are hardly any Black folks in Congress…look at the Congressional class photos). When you look at the photos, Congress is White regardless of the party.

Some White People Have Never Liked Change

Instead of investing in factories or railroads like White Northerners had done, some White Southerners invested their money in the slave trade (today, Southern states have invested heavily for-profit prison, jails, and the criminal justice system…the new Jim Crow/slavery/free labor). The oppression has evolved. Those in power didn’t want to change, so they got left behind.

The “Revolutionaries” of today are emulating their brethren from the Civil War, once again manifesting as traitors by putting their own interests ahead of the nation’s collectively. It’s one of the reasons many White people glorify and fantasize about Confederate history. They don’t like change.

The same people resisting back change then, are the same people resisting change now. The White men and women look the same, and they sound the same. They would rather tear down America than to follow suit with national social order because they hate change.

The values of White, wealthy, prestigious, powerful men and women; often political as well as the economic leaders of their states have pervaded our society for centuries. There are a lot of White people in America who believe only their values matter, including some who aren’t Trump supporters. They don’t want anything to change. Therefore, history repeats itself.

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”~ Winston Churchill

The Hypocrisy of White Values

Today, the values (and the hypocrisy) of these White wealthy, prestigious, powerful men and women include being: pro-religion (Christianity only), yet many of these people tend to be evil as fuck being anti-abortion (yet they believe in the death penalty, hangings, putting kids into concentration camps and foster care with not enough money to support/nurture them, believe wholeheartedly in police killings, and lovers of trillion dollar manufactured wars). Don’t kill eggs and fetuses but exterminate any everything else (except their pets).

Their values include being pro-state’s rights (except when their state has an emergency, then they want FEMA), and pro-gun and 2nd Amendment (but not for everyone, just pro gun White people to keep us in line).

They don’t really like immigrants (especially the undocumented ones they can hire and pay under the table for cheap to do their work. Gotta keep their overheads low, and their money secure by any means necessary to include breaking the law. Exploit, exploit, exploit…shhhhhhhh).

Speaking of the law, they LOVE the laws and law enforcement (except when their ensnared in them. Then the laws should be overturned. The law should be looking at other low-lifes, dogs, and people with low IQs…).

Their values include being against unions (so they can continue to exploit the labor as a continuation of old slave/free labor practices). More money for them, them, them, and no protections for the me, me, me. It’s always all about White people and their needs. Always has been, always will be.

They are pro-small government (as long as they can hold all of the seats, hold offices forever and make the rules like kings and emperors).

They value their community and believe they are “community-focused” (which entails closing down the parks and schools in poor Black and Brown communities, ensuring the help and backbones of America has no education to compete with Whites, or no comfort/quality of life. God forbid we know more or learn some tricks. Oh yeah, gotta make sure their dogs have parks to play in today instead. Their animals are more important than oppressed people.).

They value faithfully slave catchers …oops, I mean the police who watch, contain, and control the movements of Black and Brown folks (because they have to keep us Blacks and Browns in line otherwise me may rise up and rebel like Denmark Vesey).

They love and value money so much, they ensure they can maintain control of who has it. White people actually control who invests, who has access to land and capital, where people live, where and how they are educated, whether people have health and strength to earn a living to care for our families, and so forth. The value those things and work hard to ensure they maintain their privilege.

These people value patriots and patriotism they say (but they will side with and even aid the nation’s enemies in order to maintain their power, class and privilege they believe they are losing). White folks will cut off their nose to spite their faces.

I know American Black and Brown people are just a few generations removed from slavery, but I know you know where I’m coming from. White values look different when Black and Brown people describe them don’t they. When disgruntled White folks feel like they are losing their standing and their values aren’t a priority, they are ready for war.

It feels like a civil war is brewing, and White folks are about that treason life yet again. Civil War style.

This Is What White Privilege Turning into Treason Looks Like (Again)

The Republican Party are officially about that treason life. They have decided that their White privilege, White power, corporate tax breaks, and party affiliation are more important than America is collectively. These White people (and a more than a nice share of minorities) have made up in their minds that status, money and power are more important than anything.

Damn turncoats!

This is what White privilege turning into treason looks like. It’s nothing more than the American Civil War: Part II.

The resistance against diversity is here. It took a lot of small movements and more even more White denial to get to this point, but White people by golly you did it! Disgruntled White men and women are preparing for battle, and this nation’s highest office is leading the charge. Black and Brown people everywhere are scratching their heads waiting on the good White folks to get it together.

Many Black and Brown people will be harmed before this thing is over. It won’t end well. White denial and White complacency will go down in history as catalyst for this forthcoming disaster. It won’t matter if 45 stays, resigns, or is impeached, Black and Brown people in America will be on the receiving end of the hate. We tried to warn you White people, but as usual, you didn’t listen. Now, we are all going to pay the price.

We’re so screwed!

I understand the addiction to White power and perks, don’t get me wrong. If I had some, I might feel complacent about it. But I don’t have it, so I can’t miss what I never had. I will never understand is how White vote for elected officials who stand with enemies of this nation. The GOP, aided by their base, (co-conspirators) have crossed the line. Sadly, it’s not a new line. It’s the same kind of line that was crossed leading to the American Civil War.

The partisan political games concocted by greedy, deviant White men and women leading this nation have now become dangerous to all Americans. While White people get the luxury of hiding in gated communities, at the country clubs, in their all White churches, in suburbia, or other sanitized safe spaces, thousands of Black and Brown people will be harmed. It’s time all White people take a good, long look at their history books to become familiar with the our future.

It’s happening as we speak. Please recognize it.

Where Are the Conscious White People Who Love America?

Where are the conscious White people who say they love law enforcement? Why aren’t you White people standing up for law enforcement and intelligence communities you say you love working around the clock to keep us safe like you did on 9/11 and thereafter? Isn’t America still important? Does is only matter if Brown people outside of the country are trying to harm us? Why do you White people have such a hard time accepting the enemy when he/she looks like you?

Apparently being White and American harming Americans is okay. Your White silence is consent to harm people of color.

White people, this is what leading up to a civil war looks like.

White people got us here. It’s going to take White people to get us out of here. There are treasonous traitors among you, and you all need to do something about them. And while we have a few Black and Brown traitors among us too, they only have power because White people allocated a small portion of their power to them. When you take away the power from your traitors, our traitors immediately loose power. Do you see how simple that is?

White people, it’s time you check the traitors within your race for the good of the nation. Stop looking at Black and Brown people as the problem. We don’t start the wars, we just help you fight the ones your start. Your White privilege is evolving into White treason, and it must be stopped. Only White people can prevent another civil war from happening in America. Your failure to stop your people will result in struggle, strife, and toiling for all of us.

History will repeat itself if you fail to act. How do you want history to remember you good White people? You can be remembered as a patriot or be remembered as a traitor. White silence and complacency is consent to do harm to Black and Brown people.

The choice is yours.

“Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.”

Marley K.