Trump Knows White People Won’t Stop Him

White people in America have allowed Trump’s rise to power just like the Germans allowed Hitler’s rise. See something, do nothing.

Trump Knows White People Won’t Stop Him
President Donald Trump displays the signed Executive Order promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America during a roundtable with farmers and agricultural commissioners in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Please read the next sentence three times before you go any further. Not all White people. Now, go back and re-read the previous sentence three more times. In this piece, White people means the White people this subject applies to, not all of them. If you’re offended by the words “White people,” close this essay now. I used it

If you leave an ignorant comment below telling me not all White people, I’m giving you smoke. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly. But if it does, do better please. The world is depending on your transition to defeat evil. If you will not help us fight, just go away and be useless.

Now, I’ll proceed. Trump knows White people will not stop him despite his blatant ineptitude for a variety of reasons. I just noted some main ones.

Trump knows how much a lot of White people hate to be called a racist and hate to talk about race.

Trump knows how sensitive you all are. Even when you see and know something is overtly racist, you feel you need to either: (1) Jump up and protect the entire race by making excuses which are not applicable to said racist incident occurring; (2) Project, get angry, be offended, throw tirades; (3) Ignore the racism; (4) Be silent, which gives consent to racism; (5) Give those fighting for their lives lectures, distracting for the overtly racists actions that take place nationally, including murders, and (6) Full on cape for Whiteness, even bad White people. Trump knows you won’t say anything about race because of your fragility. He’s a narcissist and could careless about what we think about his actions and words, but banks on White people just being White people who hate to talk about race.

Trump knows a lot of you are closeted racists. You just won’t admit it freely as he does.

The one thing Trump knows is that there are a lot of White people who practice nice racism, a lot of are pretty/handsome racists (meaning you look normal, but behind closed doors you’re overtly racist), and there are a lot of White people who aren’t willing or ready to come to grips with the real reasons they believe in a grifter who promises everything and gives them nothing. White people will say he’s doing a great job, but when you ask them what that is specifically, they can’t provide you anything substantive. Not one thing, maybe except for the stock market is doing well. The rest is just manufactured capitalistic or political propaganda they regurgitate from their propaganda minister.

Trump knows over half of America is racist, just not openly. Again, we’re not fooled, so just come on out of your racist closets so that we can stop depending on you, or change and get your shit together. Racism means you believe in inequality. If you believe in inequality and White is superior, then he’s your guy.

Trump says what a lot of White people think, say and believe, they are just too ashamed to say it aloud.

Mexicans are racist. “The Blacks” have nothing to lose by supporting me (an open racist). Welfare queens. Chicago crime rates are high (as if Chicago is representative of every Black person in America. Why do we need Affirmative Action? “They” are taking our jobs. Anchor babies. I don’t want to live on that side of town. My taxes go to take care of XXX. I like my dog/cat better than X racial group. You’re not like the rest of them. I want my child to go to the “good” school, “private” school, and schools without “all the fights.” Never mind the drugs, sex, racism, cultism cutting, rape, anorexia, depression, and violence happening in those White, sanitized environments and gated communities. I don’t want to live on that side of town.

Trump knows what you all say behind closed doors. He knows your casual racism. He also knows you’re ashamed of them, just like he used to be. Now that he’s older, the boss, he ain’t got shit to lose, so he’s letting all his racism hang out. I appreciate it too. I like to know my racist. I don’t like pretenders, fakers, and nice racists. Those motherfuckers are dangerous and deadly. I want to know my evil! Casual, nice, and ignorant racists are dangerous. We cannot trust them until they prove otherwise. I’m sure this one probably hurts, but because you don’t understand how dangerous your actions and motives are to others, we can’t always trust your decision-making.

They’re smiling in your face

And all the time they wanna have white space

Their backstabbers.

Trump knows White people hate to fight.

You’ll cry, scream, deny, deflect, project onto others, and so on. White people will do anything except for fight for the things that matter for humanity’s sake. Most of you would save a Black dog before you’d save a Black man. Things in ways that are meaningful. Some of you will allow others to talk about your wife like Ted Cruz and kiss up to the motherfucker who degraded her because they “might” be good for your career. Trump knows his kind of White people. You tweet bad words at your perceived enemies, carry big guns to compensate for the lack in other areas of your lives/personalities, look away or you’ll pull out your cameras and record instead of saving the day.

Hell, Trump doesn’t even like fighting himself. He’s a coward. He’ll rally up soldiers in our military, the state, local, and federal law enforcement, and the lackeys in his Administration to do his dirty work. There are plenty of White men and women out here who won’t fight their way out of a paper bag made of lukewarm butter. Fighting just ain’t in ya.

Trump also knows White folks will give up easily. Even if Whites fight, they often get tired along the way, especially when they don’t see progress or when they don’t benefit directly from fighting (like for basic civil rights).

Trump models the same not-fighting stances many White people take, except the media’s shining the light on his scary ass. His tactics are the same: lie, cheat, steal, confuse, gaslight, deny, then repeat. There ain’t any fighting in his plan, and Trump knows this is the case for most White people regardless of the side of the political aisle you’re on. He knows his Whites, and he knows they hate fights.

Trump knows White people are united in their hatred of inequality and White Nationalism

More White people are united in their fights for inequality and White Nationalism than they are in their fights against inequality and White Nationalism. The one thing I will say about White people is that they know how to mobilize for hate. These haters are heaped up in some of your families and friend pools, yet White people act like they aren’t related to them just like they ignore overtly racist expressions most of the time. When I say ignore I mean do nothing, act helpless. These people are dangerous to us, yet you’ll give them cover and act as if you can’t do anything to stop them.

Trump and the White people who align themselves with his Presidency of Hate know there are many White people who secretly long to rollback America to the pre-Civil Rights Era times. You don’t have to say anything. We see you, and even when we can’t see you, we know you all are right around the corner.

You’re either for equality and fairness or pro inequality and injustice. Period. When I say equality, what I’m referring to is equity. Please read up on what equality looks like so you can tell your racist friends and family members to calm the fuck down. We’re not trying to take anything from anyone, we just want our fair share. Key word is fair!

Trump is not afraid of White people

According the latest Census, White people, you are the largest racial majority in the country still. Every other racial group is smaller than yours. Plus, you have all the power. Don’t get mad at me, just look at the makeup of every state legislature in America. Then look at Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate). America’s governance structures are overwhelmingly White, and the overwhelming majority of White folks help put these people in office. So as far as I’m concerned, White people have White power to stop Trump. Except you won’t use it, and it’s perplexing as hell to many of us.

Trump isn’t afraid of Black people or people of color because we have no real power, nor are we robustly affiliated with the party carrying his water. Trump isn’t afraid of White people either because he knows you will do nothing, and I don’t know why.

Apathy, fear, trained to be victims, discomfort, stock market losses, lack of personal experience, dislike of confrontation unless it is for your own gain/pleasure, hell… I don’t know what. What I do know is Trump knows ya’ll won’t do shit, so he’s emboldened. He ain’t scared of shit, especially not White people. He respect you all White folks a little more than the rest of us Blacks and Browns, but not by much.

Look at all those White men in the Senate who rolled over like lap dogs and gave the con a pass so he could wipe his ass with his acquittal paperwork. They clapped like seals in a zoo even though they all know he’s absolutely no good. White people will stare danger right in the face and give it a glass of water to help it on its way. Trump is the danger White people gives a cool drink of water to.

Look, half of White America is riding with Trump until the wheels fall off this puppy, down like four-flat-tires for all of Trump’s racial aggression towards Americans of Color and non-White immigrants. The other half will wait until November to vote and give danger free rein to tear up everything in his sight in the meantime. Watching you all say “Vote Blue No Matter What” is getting on my last damned nerves. Stop taking the path of least resistance all the damned time!

Trump knows White people don’t care if he cheats

Speaking of fair, White people, ya’ll don’t care if Trump cheats and he knows it. He knows you don’t care because he’s telling you one of two lies: (1) You will gain something from his cheating; or (2) His cheating won’t harm you. He’s lying, but most White people don’t care. As long as he “appears” to be harming “otherness,” all is well. He works with his party to cheat Blacks and other minorities out of their rights to cast votes, and you all act like it’s no big deal.

And it’s not, because your districts you live in are mostly protected from having your rights stripped.

Gerrymandered districts, they exist primarily for your benefit. No matter how hard we decry them, you guys remain silent. Until the vote boogeyman snatches your rights, you guys won’t care. Trump asked foreign enemies to help him cheat and win, not once but twice, and he’s still got a job. Trump and White men like him holding office know you so well, no matter how wealthy you are he can use the Lowest White Man (aka Southern Strategy) on you, and it still works. I used to say cheaters never win. I don’t know who said cheaters never win, but they lied.

Trump cheats like hell, and White people are complicit by either enabling him, excusing him, ignoring him, fearing him, condoning him, or apathetic towards him. Your inaction is a green light. If you think it’s scary now, it will be really scary later. After they round up everybody else, they don’t like White people, Trump’s ilk will start gnawing at you. There is only so much insulation between us and you left, so quit playing.

Trump’s know White people love money, and they’ll fall for cons easily

Trump is the latest Ponzi Scheme going, he’s just running it out of the White House. Have you seen American Greed? It’s loaded with stories about con men similar to Bernie Madoff, Robert Allen Stanford, Scott W. Rothstein, Nevin Shapiro, Nicholas Cosmo, Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, or Billy McFarland duping greedy White people out of their money. I watched the show for a few months, then I just stopped because the themes were almost always the same. It was White people with a little bit of money they had either worked for or earned from savings/retirement plans wanting to flip that into more, or already rich White people and celebrities looking for more money.

The common denominator of all these White people was that they were chasing money, an easy dollar, a deal too good to be true. Something for nothing, as my grandma used to say.

The White people on American Greed just heard a deal too good to be true, and they believed in the con man because he “looked” good, and “spoke” well. The con men said all the right stuff. They spoke the primary language of all their victims, money.

Trump has had schemes like Trump steaks, the Taj Mahal, his now defunct foundation, Trump University, and god knows what else, but one thing is for certain, the predator knows his prey. He knows how to chase White people with White dollars to swindle them. He also had White attorneys to bail him out of his messes like former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Bondi even helped the scammer out in his impeachment trial. Trump has conned a lot of White people with his Ponzi Scheme, and he’s not done. He’s a serial white collar cheater.

Trump has conned many people in his lifetime, and this Presidency is the ultimate con. I’m not sure why White people are so easily conned by him, but Trump sure knows why and he is working his con man mojo.

White people need to stop playing it safe. Save us.

There are some fantastic White allies out here fighting their asses off to save America, but there are many White people out here not doing anything except keeping themselves safe waiting on someone to come and save them. If you’re not pro-inequality or racist, you need to be fighting.

Not waiting on a savior.

Not praying.

Not hoping.

Not calling on God, because even He said faith without works is dead.

Not apathetic.

Not voting blue no matter what.

Not lashing out.

Not tone policing and concern trolling Black people.

Not scapegoating.

Not excusing.

Not condoning.

Not willfully ignorant.

Not forgetful.

Not making others fight your battles.

Not sitting, none of that.

Trump will win again in 2020 because he knows White people.

He knows what you won’t do, and that’s fight to stop him. Just look at what all the White people in the Senate did but one. If they didn’t slink, they cowered. If they didn’t turn a blind eye, they flat our ignored. If they didn’t flat out lie, they distorted truths.

Trump is America’s Hitler, and we have White a lot of White to thank for it. The Senate trial of Trump was a perfect example of what happens every day in our cities, counties and local municipalities all across America. White people see wrong and do nothing. White people see wrong and don’t recognize it until it’s far too late. If you’re just discovering this, you’re a part of the nation’s problem. A large majority of White America is complicit in not fighting for what’s right.

Trump will be re-elected because of White people. Not because the half of White America will vote for racism and inequality. It’s because the other half of America won’t look inside of themselves to check their own racial biases and fight the racist, uneducated, and/or easily conned White people who are making life hard for all of us. It’s because White people have fetishes for White men in white collars committing crimes. You’ve played with this fire too long.

Hurry and get your shit together already. We have little time left. It’s time for White people to put up or shut. This is slang a lot of Black folks use when we’re ready to fight.

It means put up your fist and fight, or shut up and leave us alone.

White people, it’s time to put up or shut up! The fight for equality and humanity means you also need to do your full share of fighting. Men like Trump depend on White people doing nothing to be successful, and he’s got ya’ll pegged.

See something. Do nothing.

©2020 Marley K. All rights reserved.

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