Trump Won’t Visit Our Troops Fearing He’ll Be Killed

We have a Wussy-in-Chief in the White House. Why would you apply for a job if you knew the job was hazardous. Our President is afraid to go see his own troops overseas in conflicts know and unknown over the globe because he’s afraid someone is…

Trump Won’t Visit Our Troops Fearing He’ll Be Killed

Scary Trump Won’t Visit Our Troops Fearing Because He Fears He’ll Killed

President Scary Pants. Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

The Case for Having presidents who have served in the military

Why would you apply for a job if you knew the job was hazardous? Because you’re a con-artist, greedy and stupid. That’s why.

Trump is afraid to go see his own troops located at duty stations internationally fighting conflicts known and unknown because he’s afraid someone is going to kill him who doesn’t like him. Hysterical, right?

President Chump even went as far as to say he didn’t back the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. As usual, he’s failing to take responsibility for anyone not related to him. He’s a coward and I will never respect him.

All the shit he talks about people, and he has the audacity to be afraid to be killed.

Our POTUS is a big old wus! He’s full of hot air. Trump’s a wus who got four or five deferments to avoid the Vietnam Draft in college including one for having bad feet. But the man-child tweets insults at veterans serving in his administration. He disrespected a retired general who served 37 years in the Navy, and bereaved Gold Star families. Trump even disrespected John McCain multiple times, even after his death.

Chump told the American people he was pro law enforcement, the law and order candidate. He also said numerous times prior to winning in 2016 he loved our troops. I guess he just loves them from a distance. Serving is beneath him, which is why he should have never been elected to be a POTUS.

The man is an absolute disgrace to our troops, to all branches of our armed forces, and to America. Chump shouldn’t have a key to open an Applebee’s restaurant let alone have the power that comes with commanding a red phone which controls our nuclear weapons. He doesn’t have the courage that the Commander-in-Chief of our troops.

He and his rich, privileged children gleefully sit in the White House spending our tax dollars frivolously and circumventing laws, because serving is beneath them.

Meanwhile our children, sisters (my sister), our brothers, our nieces, our nephews (my nephews), and parents who have volunteered to put their lives on the line to defend America are serving on the front lines of bullshit wars started by men who have never had the heart to volunteer to serve this nation. Apparently poor people have more heart than rich folks.

Rich people talk about it, while poor folks gotta be about it!

Chump is nothing more than a fee for hire fake hero. If it’s not about money, it doesn’t make any sense to greedy bastards like him. They have no integrity whatsoever.

Too bad ignorant Chump voters won’t realize this until it’s too late. What he says and what he does are too different things. He’s the king of all lies and the emperor of political entertainment.

A young kid fresh out of high school enlisting in the armed forces has more courage and deserves more respect than his old, scary ass jelly back. No fragile man should ever be able to lead our nation’s troops, unless they’ve volunteered to make the same sacrifice themselves.

Maybe then our leaders would think twice about starting wars, sending our loved ones away from their families to sit at the border to do the same things the Border Patrol is already paid to do, or sending them on deadly missions to steal other nation’s resources based on lies with no end in sight.

I am ashamed of our president and it’s embarrassing to be a sane American right now.

This nightmare of a presidency can’t end fast enough for me. I’ll be glad for the day when I don’t have to see or hear the jelly back Wuss-in-Chief lie for a hobby anymore.

Trump’s not a hero, and he never will be. He’s just a grandiose fake man, spreading fake news, and selling mass hysteria to entertain his followers.

Too bad people voted to put him in charge of real heroes’ morale and well-being.

Marley K., 2018