Trump’s Doing a Great Job! Doing What Exactly?

Trump supporters keep saying he’s doing a good job, but they can never explain what a “good job” actually means. I wonder why? Trump supporters refuse to identify the real reason they support him. I break down some of the reasons given, and share why Trump supporters are less than forthcoming about

Trump’s Doing a Great Job! Doing What Exactly?

Trump’s Doing a Great Job! But Doing What Exactly?


For weeks now, I’ve watched Trump supporters try to explain why they are sticking with him. Not one supporter ever gives a coherent, honest, sensible reasonable response that could possibly convince someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum with two working eyes and ears they should join them on the Trump train.

I’m extremely disturbed at the responses given when Trump supporters are asked on camera about their undying support for him. Some Trump supporters proudly profess, “He’s doing a good job and I’m sticking with him.” When pressed about what that means to them, no one can name one specific thing. They start stammering, giving one or two of those Fox News/GOP messaging talking points like, “They love what he’s doing.” Well what is that exactly?

Pundits and reporters probing Trump’s supporters to get to the root of the love affair rarely get anything tangible. They usually get responses like, “It’s the economy, it’s doing good,” or “I like how he talks/fights.” Well what about the economy? Are there more jobs? The unemployment rate is down in their state? What about the GDP? Are the banks lending more? Are more small businesses being created? Are more people they care about getting better jobs? Those are economy questions that are never answered. I call bullshit.

You never get anything specific from Trump supporters, as if they don’t quite understand the economy is a big, huge moving blob with lots of pieces to make an economy an economy.

Most times the reasons given for the love of Trump Daddy are incoherent thoughts making absolutely no sense at all. And the most puzzling thing of it all is these supporters are happy as pigs in slop for the non-answers they give. They won’t get on a debate team with the cases they make.

He’s Doing a Great Job

Trump’s doing a great job doing what? Please show me what he’s doing good.

Trump’s doing a great job… being racist and displaying all of America’s racist tendencies and ideologies. Yes, he’s done a fine job sowing seeds of division and spewing hate. Many of his supporters say Trump’s saying the things they want to say (like racist things they’ve held quiet and sacred for a long-time). They are glad he’s speaking for them. Reading between the lines because they refuse to speak their truth I’m going out on a limb and say a nice portion of these folks are racist and believe people of color are taking stuff from them.

Trump’s doing a great job… creating jobs. Not hardly. Did you know only people actually looking for jobs and currently employed are counted, which means the people who are drawing unemployment and those who go to workforce development offices seeking assistance? Jobs created also include part-time and temporary jobs, which doesn’t necessarily translate to someone being better off overall financially.

This means Trump supporters never get a true picture of the people who aren’t employed in America. Just because a jobs report is positive, doesn’t mean it’s true, and just because a person has a job doesn’t mean they aren’t still living in poverty. A job doesn’t eliminate poverty. The creating jobs line is kind of like the economy line. It’s just one big incoherent blob of nonsense.

Trump’s doing a great job… creating tariffs and hardships for farmers. He sure is making it harder for the farmers he says he loves, but those farmers are behind him 100% as their milk sits unused and their soybeans go unshipped. No worries though, Trump created a welfare package to sustain farmers losing money because of his tariffs. Oops, did I say welfare, I meant bailout.

So, White farmers who still support Trump get rewarded for making bad choices. Look at White power working for White people!

Trump’s doing a great job… with the military. Um, no. He’s sending (or trying to send) our troops to the U.S./Mexican border instead of using the Texas National Guard or National Guard Units from other states if he believes the border needs protection wasting our already stretched military resources. He did give soldiers a 2.6% raise which translates to an average of $670 for enlisted soldiers and $1,300 for senior enlisted soldiers. It’s the first raise given to the military in 9 years.

That’s not a lot of money for people who voluntarily sacrifice their lives for a pathological liar wouldn’t you say?

He hasn’t made the VA better on his watch like he promised. He is planning on increasing the Pentagon’s/DoD’s budget though…for more wars. He also plans to place the long Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the hands of private contractors. A contractor which happens to be the brother of the U.S. Secretary of Education and founder of Black Water, the former contracting company embroiled in scandals for killing Iraqi civilians abroad.

Trump’s doing a great job… pacifying rich White men, poor White men, and angry White men. He sure is. Trump deserves an Oscar, an Academy Award, and a Sundance Film Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in the Man-Child Crybaby and Butt-Butt Hurt Categories.

Trump’s doing a great job… with the economy. Yes, he is (even though he won’t admit he got a good economy from Obama), just as he promised his people. He brought Wall Street with him to Pennsylvania Avenue. Wall Street skeletons are scattered all throughout Trump’s administration. Of course, the stock market is going to do well. He’s got insiders feeding information to Wall Street so they all can make money. He’s all about making money, and if you happen to be a beneficiary as he plunders the government, then it’s a win-win for investors.

I’m just surprised at the people who are broke as hell with no stocks, living paycheck to paycheck, no insurance and little hope who use this excuse as their rationale for supporting Trump.

Trump is doing a great job because…he’s my guy? I don’t know what that means…I wish someone would decode it for us. I have an idea, but I’d rather not say. Do leave me a message below if you have deciphered this code.

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Trump’s doing a good job… fighting for the little guy. How? He has never been a little guy, so how in the hell would he know how to fight for one? He’s always had an unfair advantage in nearly every fight he’s ever had throughout his adult life. As a matter of fact, Trump has a history of terrorizing the little guys. The man is a crook with a history of cheating the little guy. Trump doesn’t pay his bills, he stiffs the small business man. So yeah, he fights alright, but not in the way his supporters think he does. He fights against the little guy every moment he gets a chance.

Additionally, he gutted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the bureau that protects who…the little guy. I guess the little guy Trump supporter will care when they finally discover they’ve been fucked by “their guy.”

Trump’s doing a good job…stealing. It’s yet to be determined, but if history is any indicator, Trump is stealing from poor and middle-class taxpayers just like all the rich folks do. It was the reason we had the financial crisis of 2008, and it was the reason for great depression. If he wasn’t stealing and a dirty crook, he’s show his tax returns. Ivanka got 16 patents not long after her pappy took office, including one for voting machines. Why do they need to trademark for voting machines? Perhaps to steal votes in the future? Ivanka doesn’t give the impression she’s interested in voting or voting machines, but whatever!

Rich. People. Steal. It’s just how the world works. They lie, they cheat, they speculate, the sow fear, they create Ponzi schemes, they cut corners, they steal, and they stick together.

Trump’s doing a good job…lying like hell. He sure is! He lies like a rug. He deserves an award for telling lies. Trump is a pathological liar and will go down in this nation’s history for being such a prolific liar. He lies for no good damn reason. He just makes up shit. Just pulls stuff right out of his ass…and Trump supporters not only admit he does it, they don’t even care. Trump supporters will trust the word of known liar and have the audacity to be skeptical of the guy or gal the known liar tells them not to trust, even if they are more credible than Trump.

He lies seem to be extreme if the subjects of the lies are highly qualified Black professionals like Andrew Gillum, Gubernatorial candidate for FL and Stacy Abrams, Gubernatorial candidate for Georgia. Both Gillum and Abrams have more experience in civil service and public service than Donald Trump had when Trump won the Presidency. He projects onto others what he is himself.

You can’t even make this stuff up.

Other Nonsensical Reason

Trump supporters have given all sorts of foolish reasons for supporting and continuing to support the Trumpster, including: the Clinton emails, Benghazi, the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh was treated “unfairly” during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Elites need a rebuke (and who better to rebuke an elite but a billionaire elite), or the fact he’s a business man and knows how to run a business (overlooking the fact that most of his businesses have crashed and burned, bigly).

The man has proven to be a magician. Trump is the master of deception and self-promotion. He’s the great White hope.

The Truth

The truth is there is absolutely no good or valid reason to vote for Donald Trump. Not one. The cons (literally and figuratively) outweigh the pros. I wish people would simply stop regurgitating GOP and Fox News talking points and just tell the truth. Give us the real reason you ride-or-die for the man.

I believe the real reason Trump supporters love him and the “new” fascist-like GOP is because he is a really a racist, and a reflection of who they (supporters) actually are. We already know the truth. No other reason Trump’s supporters offer makes any sense.

The one that makes the most sense is the most embarrassing to admit, so they’d rather conjure up all sorts of nonsense instead of professing their truths.

Just tell the truth Trump supporters and keep worshiping your devil.

Trump is a rich White man with a White Supremacist message of Whiteness being righteousness, and that’s more important to Trump supporters than anything. That’s the “good job” Trump supporters are talking about in code.

Marley K., 2018