Two Thumbs Down: 2020 Candidate Review of Representative John Delaney

Maryland Representative John Delaney doesn’t have a track record of working for the people. He’s a businessman. Run! Maryland Representative John Delaney has decided to leave Congress and run for President. Donald Trump and his crony cabinet have led other wealthy business people to believe they ca

Two Thumbs Down: 2020 Candidate Review of Representative John Delaney
Rep. John Delaney: Source

Maryland Representative John Delaney has decided to leave Congress and run for President. Donald Trump and his crony cabinet have led other wealthy business people to believe they can do this job too. According to the Business Insider, Delaney started running for President three years ago (which I find pretty scary). He represents the DMV area (DMV- D.C., Maryland, Virginia), so who knows what he’s been doing to position himself for a run.

Well, I am not even playing any games with this review. My opinion about him is he is a no-go. I’ll provide you with the evidence so you can make your own assessment, but please keep in mind everyone in Congress is a millionaire. How much better off are you for having wealthy people represent your district, especially if you’re a working class person like me? How is the billionaire president working out for us?

Also, keep in mind nearly all of Trump’s cabinet are millionaires and billionaires. Everyone took the job to get insider information and to make themselves richer on our dime. Delaney comes from Wall Street. He’s another Wilbur Ross, Besty Devos, or Steven Mnuchin. Delaney is rich enough to fund his entire campaign on his own.

Don’t be fooled, people. I am tired of people going to Wall Street to get rich then pretending they want to come to work in government to “help us.” With friends like these who needs enemies. They aren’t trying to help us, they are helping their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren stay wealthy.

My Assessment/Overview of Representative John Delaney

Delaney is a wealthy business executive. He was the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange in 1995.

Delaney represented Maryland’s 6th congressional district from 2013 to 2018 until he left to run for President last month. He served on the House Committee for Financial Services (of course), where he made decisions and created legislation which would impact his former career sector. The bills he introduced or co-sponsored were minimal during his tenure. A total of 59 total per the Library of Congress’ website.

Bills introduced include the Medical Leave for Disabled Veterans Act, the Protecting Veterans Credit Act of 2016, the Equal Access to Banking Act, the Early Learning Act of 2017, and the Growing And Reviving Rural Economies Through Transitioning HUBZone Redesignation Act of 2016. None of the bills introduced passed, they simply highlight the candidate made an effort at crafting legislation for their district/America.

Delaney has not done much in his 5-years in Congress. Take a look for yourself.

John K. Delaney
Sponsored legislation by John K. Delaney, the Representative from Maryland - in Congress from 2017 through 2019

He really hasn’t done anything to justify his run for President. Being rich doesn’t make you a good candidate, it simply makes you rich.

Now about his time in the private sector and on Wall Street.

Delany is a businessman (Haven’t we heard this before, right) who founded two New York Stock Exchange-listed companies before the age of 40 and is a past winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. John spent his business career starting and running successful companies and helping small businesses grow. Capital Source, which Delaney launched in 2000, became a public company in 2003. The company lent money to small businesses around the country and claims to have been recognized by the Treasury Department for lending to disadvantaged communities.

Delaney also founded HealthCare Financial Partners, a successful company that was started in 1993 and became a public company in 1996. HealthCare Financial Partners, Inc. provides financing and related services to healthcare providers. The Company focuses primarily on clients in sub-markets of the healthcare industry, including long-term care, physician practices, and hospitals. He makes money from healthcare. We got sick, and he profited.

Follow the money people. Follow that money. It will reveal the true heart and intentions of a man.

My Concerns/Issues

My concern is cronyism plain and simple. The man’s career has been on Wall Street. He’s a businessman. We already have an incompetent “businessman” in the White House. I have been to this movie already, and it’s scary.

He’s had no prior public service experience prior to him running for Congress and winning) 5-years ago. He’s done his good deeds donating money to charities and higher education, but he’s not a public servant, he’s a businessman from the private sector and the two simply just don’t work well together because the values are so different. Perhaps, this could explain his flimsy record in Congress.

Another issue is his lack of record on working with communities of color. He knows how to concoct businesses to get our money, but what about working with us face to face? I have reservations about the next Superman on deck.

In any event, I’m not even wasting my time trying to convince anyone another “businessman” is going to do right by us. He’s not. He is as disconnected as the President’s current cabinet. There ain’t no way in hell I’m co-signing on another round of this kind of help.

Cancer doesn’t kill you, the chemo (the treatment for cancer does). I can’t possibly allow another businessman to make America’s cancer better. I’ll pass.

My Conclusion:

Look elsewhere unless you think America is great today, January 24th, 2019. Delaney is for Delaney. His time in Congress does not show a man who is concerned for the people of America. Delaney sees the White House as a way for him to help Wall Street and make more money (because people like him never have enough money). We don’t need more of that.

While I have nothing against rich people or doing well, I have an issue with people leaving the private sector, Wall Street, and corporate America thinking they can just come and misuse public tax dollars, abuse or laws and systems, cater to lobbyists and their rich pals, and practice cronyism.

I simply don’t have the patience or stomach for another Trump as President. I’ve already forgotten Delaney’s name. I wish him the best and I have no ill will. I just don’t want him to be my President.

Marley K., January 2019

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