Two Thumbs For Julian Castro, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

This is my third review of Democratic candidates throwing their hats into the ring. I reviewed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator…

Two Thumbs For Julian Castro, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro speaking at an event with President Barack Obama in Phoenix, Arizona. Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

This is my third review of Democratic candidates throwing their hats into the ring. I reviewed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Elizabeth Warren already. I wasn’t impressed at all with Senator Warren, and only partially with Senator Gillibrand although I haven’t ruled her out all together like I have Senator Warren. Being informed will help us make better decisions. Since we have to pick between our evils, I feel it’s helpful to get a head start.

I will be using a variety of sources, primarily sites required to archive information about government activities, but from time to time I may link news stories about candidates to add context to my reviews.

About Julian Castro:

Julian Castro was born on September 16, 1974, along with his twin brother, in San Antonio, Texas, where his family has lived since the 1920s. He comes from a working-class family, and is fully aware of how the average American lives, especially those Black or Brown communities. His father was a math teacher and a community activist. His mother, Maria Castro, was a political activist who founded the Chicano political party La Raza Unida and ran unsuccessfully for the San Antonio City Council in 1971. Castro comes from a family of grassroots organizing and has spent his entire life around politics.

Castro was apparently a smart cookie, attending both Stanford University and Harvard Law School. After completing law school, Castro ran for a seat on the San Antonio City Council and won, making him the youngest councilman to win the seat in the city’s history. He served for several years and then ran for the mayoral seat, which he lost.

Julian Castro is considered the Latino Barack Obama because of their early beginnings grassroots organizing and because of their educational pursuits/accomplishments.

My General Analysis of Julian Castro:

From most of the stories I read, Castro is very much like President Obama in his temperament which will be essential in changing the tone in Washington and in America. Most political observers are concerned because he’s not nasty, loud, or disrespectful. People have described Castro’s personal political style is friendly, affable, smiling, comfortable, and approachable, all the things we need today…right? Now onto his accomplishments.

As Mayor, Castro was responsible for the revitalization of San Antonio’s River Walk (It’s so cool, I’ve been there). The Riverwalk project transformed the city’s downtown economically and environmentally, drawing 11.5 million visitors and generating $3.1 billion annually. Not to0 shabby for a young buck. He was a part of the Council that successfully lured Toyota and several suppliers to build a pickup-truck factory 10 miles south of downtown in 2003. He also worked to curb sprawl by defeating a PGA-approved golf course and a vast suburban development outside of San Antonio.

Julian Castro had nothing exciting, questionable or scandalous during his tenure as mayor under his watch, and I would say that’s a good thing. His time as mayor was good. Critics have tried to link Castro to the city’s misspending of millions of HUD dollars prior to him taking over HUD as Secretary, but he was never named or cited in any reports citing wrongdoing.

Mayor Castro worked in the Obama Administration as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. I personally had the pleasure of working to distribute funding for a number of initiatives created during his tenure to include transitional housing projects for victims of domestic and sexual violence, children transitioning from foster care, and veterans. There were no scandals with him during his time in any office held.

He’s reads like no drama Obama.

My Concerns/Apprehensions:

He is so nice and mild he won’t be seen. Between all the cattiness of the women on the trail and the lying big mouth of Trump, he may be slept on because he is so… nice.

He’s also very young and because he hasn’t spent decades in Congress as a career politician, his record is a little light in the pants so to speak. I think that’s a good thing. Some people will say Obama didn’t have enough experience, but I personally think you can accomplish almost anything with good interpersonal skills, a good work ethic, a teachable spirit, good people around you, and integrity. He has experience in the public sector, in governance, and working as a Secretary of a federal agency.

I do worry he will be disrespected because he’s Hispanic in this age of Trumpism and MAGA, despite all his professional accomplishments. I’m not looking forward to the shade, but it comes with the territory. He knows what he’s getting into.

In my personal opinion, the experience line is just an excuse used when some people (White people) have trust issues about non-White candidates running for public office. I’d take the lack of experience allegations with a grain of salt.

Besides, if Trump can be president, ANYBODY can be president. The bar is so low right now, a blade of grass could be president. In any event, you’ll just have to watch the Mayor’s words and continue to be on the lookout for more details on his background. It’s pretty light right now, and that’s a good thing. I don’t really have anything to say negative about Julian Castro.

My Conclusion:

Don’t sleep on Julian Castro. I’m going to try and look more at the candidates not ordained by feminists and media pundits to find a suitable evil. He may be quiet, mild-mannered, and overlooked because the media has their own agenda. He has a track record of serving communities of color, working well with others, and making his local community better before moving on to Washington to implement numerous housing assistance programs for disadvantaged and impoverished populations on behalf of President Obama.

My recommendation would be to not allow the Democratic National Party and feminist movements to cause a good prospect to slip through the cracks because he has a penis and testosterone. Vote for the best candidate for all of us. The best for all of us.

All. Of. Us.

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Next up…Senator Kamala Harris!

Marley K., January 2019

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