Until You Do Right By Me

A poem

Until You Do Right By Me

A poem

Until You Do Right By Me

Until you do right by me, no good will come to you. You have been cursed.

You will few good days, you will not prosper.

From the moment you first laid eyes on me, you hated me.

You’ve never provided me safety. You’ve never given me justice. You’ve never done right by me.

My body, abused. My space, invaded. My safety, an afterthought.

Your last days will be your worst days, as you finally reap the rewards for your numerous sins against me and my kind.

The evil things you’ve done to me and mines, will be done to you and yours, though I may never see your suffering.

There is no running from your laundry list of sins. What goes around, comes around, and your number is coming up, quickly.

My burdens were not your burdens. My cares were not your cares. My hardships weren’t your hardships.

My needs were not your needs. My healing was never your concern.

Inequality and inequity were blunt force traumas you inflicted upon me and my people.

You were sick, and instead of healing yourself, you chose to remain sick, infecting others with your filthy illness.

There were many cures, but you refused them all.

Now we’re all terminally infected. You’ve chosen death and forsaken life.

The Bible says the wages of sin is death, and America will not be exempt.

The pits you made for me, are finally going to capture you honey.

You’re ungrateful. You’re a liar. You’re forgetful. You’re a gaslighter. You’re biased. You’re unfair.

You’re murderous. You’re soul crushing. You’re a revisionist.

Doing right by me is a must in order to save this hellish place.

Until you do right by me America, no good will come to you.

Revenge is mines saith Father Time, and it is time for America to pay.