Until You Make It To The General Election

You’ve lost me. I’ll be in back November 2020. An essay about my dissatisfaction with 2020 candidates.

Until You Make It To The General Election
Elizabeth Warren in New Hampshire. Source: Marc Nozell/Ficker

By Marley K.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the 2020 Presidential Campaign because I am sick of it. There is literally no one in the field I consider myself loyal to. I’ve donated to a few campaigns just because, but I didn’t get any warm and fuzzy about anyone. And while I understand there is no such thing as the perfect platform or plan, most have severely flawed or deficient components that will not address my issues with America’s inequality and injustice. I’m looking at a reboot of the status quo in 2020, and after three years of watching Donald Trump shows us time and time again, we don’t have a democracy, I can no longer stand for the lies and false promises from polished liars.

I have mentally checked out of the 2020 primary process, and I’m sure I’m not caring about who will make it to the general election either. I’ll decide when I get in the voting booth. There is one thing for certain, I won’t be voting for any GOP candidates.

The few Democratic candidates I like receive little or no free airtime from the mainstream media. They’ve settled in White Whiteness which I have very little appetite for. With Donald Trump and the GOP pissing all over the Constitution and the law, I’ve given up on having a nation of laws. We’ve descended into something unrecognizable, and all the 2020 candidates are out making promises for 2021 when America is on fire today. They all make me sick.

Mayor Pete is in the bed with his Harvard bro Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Kamala Harris can’t give Black folks an agenda or plan and doesn’t want to talk about reparations, but she has a plan to take 500,000 more acres of land into a trust for federally recognized Indian tribes. Blacks can’t even get our 40 acres and a mule. Bernie, is too old, has extreme plans with no way to pay from them, and no real legislation on civil rights during his lifetime in Congress. Elizabeth Warren has all kinds issues, from stealing Kamala’s plans, to not engaging Black and Brown folks, to no real civil rights record, and she’s old. She’s also a former Republican and has other issues that worry me. I’m tired of old White people (sorry). The need to leave and allow younger people with new ideas come to move us forward. Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset, and this fake heifer is trying to do a third-party run. Third-party candidates siphoned some Democratic votes in 2016 which led to us getting Trump. Gabbard is a traitor. Her third-party, petty-Patty rebellion plan and her appeal to Fox News voters is the hill she wants to die on.

I wish her the best. Bye girl, bye.

Biden is old, has lost his spunk, and is forgetful. He also has a problem apologizing for a lot of his policies that have harmed Black people. I’m tired of White men not being able to apologize after decades of causing us harm. Trump will mop the floor with him if he thinks his old-school gentleman approach will be enough to make voters love him more than Tang. Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac and lives to make an ass of folks. Booker is disingenuous, and Beto acts as if he’s Abraham Lincoln, except he’s not. Yang is aloof, disconnected from the Black community, and has done very little outreach to us here in South Florida. Julian Castro is a decent alternative, but he’s on the verge of dropping out because he can’t get any traction or raise enough money. Tom Steyer is a billionaire running for President. Why would he want to be President unless there was some personal gain in it for him? Hasn’t he gotten enough from us already? Why not just go away and enjoy your riches?

A host of 2020 candidates have withdrawn, and some aren’t serious candidates at all. I’m sick as hell of White pundits telling me about the polls, and I am tired of filtering all the independent papers for quality news. No candidate has a strategy for dealing with American racism and hate. White Supremacy is and domestic terrorism isn’t really a serious topic of discussion. White and Black 2020 candidates are tap dancing around White voters at the expense of the targeted. That doesn’t help me in the least.

As for the 2020 GOP options, there are none. Joe Walsh is a reformed” racist. I am all for reforming, but I don’t trust you buddy. He sees an opportunity and he’s taking it. The same applies for former Tea Party darling and philanderer former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He spoke out against Trump and Trump sent him back to South Carolina. Sanford’s supported racists in the past and has supported a platform linked to White Supremacy. He may be reformed, but I don’t trust him. I sure as hell can’t see Trump as President again. If Trump is re-elected, I won’t be a voting party to it. No options to stir in the GOP pot. Plus, they’ve been so complicit to obstruction, I can’t stand them. Period. They are White men for White Supremacy and there is no room for me in their future or them in mines. I can’t wait until they are no longer in power.

Newsrooms are getting Whiter and political slights are getting more redundant. Twitter 2020 differs totally from real world 2020 politics.

Twitter world users rant about their favorite candidates all day, and why other users should support their fav. We can’t disagree with supporters or you’re canceled or unfollowed, and people are not that understanding. Democratic Twitter voters are already blaming those of us dissatisfied with all the candidates, claiming we will be the reason democracy loses (again).

People just make me sick sometimes. I’m sick of 2020 already.

I’m fully aware of all the voter information suppression being conducted on social media, the mainstream media, and from our corrupt government. We can’t trust anything coming from anyone completely. We must sift through all the bad information to get some good information. Our politicians give us half truths or outright lies and talking with other voters with different parties affiliations and differing views is non-existent.

Saying I’m voting Democrat no matter what is terrible, because it says my standards are low and I shouldn’t expect anything. I don’t want any candidate or any party to feel they need not work for my vote, because they do. I’m tired of American politics. I’m tired of our existing two-party system, but I can’t say I’m tired of the system. I don’t like any of the candidates, but I can’t say I don’t like them without getting my ass handed to me. I can’t say I’m voting down ballot to support local elections, because if I do I’m not doing my civic duty. I can’t stay home, because I’m told if I do, people died for my right to vote and I need to be ashamed of myself. There is no winning for dissatisfied Independents and Democrats in 2020, so we sit, and we wait.

I’m checking out of this thing, at least until I have to vote. I don’t like any of the 2020 candidates running for President. To all the 2020 candidates still in the race, I wish them the all best. It’s nothing personal, it’s a matter of my personal safety and financial security. To the lucky candidates who make it to the primaries, good luck and best wishes. I’ll vote for the best man or woman who makes it to the general election finish line.

Until then, you’ve lost me!

Check out Tiered Democratic Governance by Dave Volek. It’s an alternative to the inequitable governance we’re locked into today. Perhaps if we all could take part in governance, we wouldn’t feel so weak and so helpless. It’s time for us to be the change we believe in.

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