Vote Blue-After You Evaluate Each Candidate

Before you vote blue, please make sure your chosen savior can actually save you. An essay on the dismissive primary season.

Vote Blue-After You Evaluate Each Candidate

Vote Blue-But Make Good Choices Before You Do

Vet 2020 candidates like your lives are depending on it. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

By Marley K.

I can’t believe how many people are seriously not wanting Black and Voters of Color to make an informed decision leading up to the primaries and on into 2020. This “Vote Blue No Matter What” nonsense is getting out of control, so I feel the need to speak more on it. We all have the right to vote for what we want and what we need as Americans. I realize some people are voting out of fear in 2020, thinking any old person can run and beat Trump, and any Dem candidate is better than Trump. If you think this, you don’t understand sociopaths and narcissists, and you don’t know this lying, racist, mediocre, con-artist, cheating, suing-ass President Donald Trump.

There are a lot of things on the ballot in 2020, and the four biggest people seem to overlook are racism, civil rights for people of color and minority groups (i.e. LGBTQ populations), White Supremacy, and wealth inequality. Understanding the big picture and how it trickles down to voters like me, I’m vetting every candidate as if Jim Crow and slavery are in my near future. Even if we end up on with a Democratic nominee, none of them are talking about the potential for chaos if Trump loses, or what they propose to do if they win and he doesn’t accept the vote of the people.

None of the 2020 candidates in my opinion are discussing what happens when we are left with all the inept and unqualified federal judges who can continue eroding our (Black) basic civil rights. What’s the plan for that? No one has an entire, sane plan for institutional racism and system/structural barriers. What some of these candidates can do as a Senator or Representative doesn’t guarantee they’ll be able to implement those plans happen as President.

Twenty-twenty candidates aren’t getting ready to sell me shit in a pretty bowl by covering it up with high fructose corn syrup, ice cream, cherries, and whip cream then call it a gift dessert. I know shit when I smell it, and that’s exactly why voting blue no matter who just won’t do.

If you’re worried about equality, systemic oppression, and your basic civil rights, you must vet each candidate while they are on the trail, and their past political and professional histories. If you’re only looking at current “plans” and not looking out past voting records and political actions, you could be buying covered shit in a pretty bowl.

Don’t Be Offended If I Don’t Like Your Choice

Look, 2016 is over. There is no need trying to dissect what happened. The results are in, and several things happened for us to get the results we got. We are living with the implications of those mishaps in real time. We all were sifting through lying politicians, bad candidates, and campaigns of misinformation by our own elected officials and threats from abroad.

Unless you were rock steady in your people discernment and were astute on the inner-working of government behind the scenes, there was no way for voters to make informed decisions on who to support. By the time the train wreck got to us, there was nothing we could do to stop it. For those of us who saw danger coming and voted against it (Trump), regardless of who you voted for, we made a wise decision.

Some people voted to make life hard for the rest of us.

Threatening me and other Black with a bad time (more Trump) if we don’t support one of the White candidates at the top of the ticket is a crock of poo and we aren’t going for it. It’s simple. We have survived dogs being sicked onto us, beatings, lynchings, school segregation, slavery, and many other traumas. Trump doesn’t scare us. White people, ya’ll made us tough. Thank you.

Please understand White 401ks and stock portfolios will never trump my fear of losing my basic civil rights to live in America in peace and free from duress. Your reasons for thinking someone is the best choice for America in 2020 isn’t mines. What you see in a candidate’s plan I won’t see the same way. Our lives our different, our comfort is different, and our protections are different. Some folks think short term and believe everything they’re told without looking at all the other components to make a plan or policy successful.

Some voters walk around every day pretending there aren’t two America’s, ignoring the thoughts, feelings, and views of other non-Whites. A Donald Trump presidency has shown a lot of us where White voters and White passing voters stand, what their priorities are, and who they’ll throw under the bus to preserve their statuses. His presidency has shown us how racism has evolved, and how most White Americans really don’t know what it is. Trump’s presidency has shown us how quickly some voters will throw humanity under the bus to uphold their own racist worldviews and to preserve their finances and statuses.

Understand there are plenty of us not signing up for this mess in 2020, and White liberal voters, you can be mad until you get glad about it. Our safety, freedom and peace are first. For us, we look at it like this, What’s the point of voting for your White savior if they will not save us too?

You will not convince us to see things that aren’t there in a candidate’s record.

You’re not going to Whitesplain your White male and female candidate choices to us. We have eyes, and our glasses aren’t tinted. Our views aren’t obstructed. Our lives are different. Accept it.

White voters, if your candidate didn’t fight for or with us 20, 30, or 40 years ago, they aren’t suddenly going to wake up and start fighting for us in 2020.

White voters, you will not change or rewrite history. We have access to libraries and technology. We can research any candidate’ record, and trust me, I have vetted everyone one that I thought had a chance of winning the nomination. I’m sharing what I find and don’t find with all my peeps of color too. We are entitled to name the things that are deal breakers for us.

White voters, you will not scream we intersect when it suits you, then pull up the intersectionality carpet when it doesn’t. We know most of you aren’t ride or die with us. Most of us are not fooled by intersectionality anymore, because we understand in the areas where we intersect, most liberal, moderate, and swing White voters are advocating intersecting on Whiteness’ behalf. That’s called allyship in name only.

White voters and White mainstream media, you’re not fooling us into thinking White candidates are the only options and the best choices for Black lives. We’ve seen the media blackouts and how they don’t cover candidates of color (Booker, Harris, and Yang) equally. It’s yet another sign for us. America has an agenda, and it’s not fairness or equality. It’s White.

You will not sell us mediocre White candidates as exceptional White candidates. What’s exceptional in a candidate to you White people is sometimes basic White people stuff to us. You can put lipstick on a pig and call it a horse, but we still see the pig you’re sashaying around. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. Those tricks have worked before, I would continue to try using them too. But 2020 is different. Thank Trump and the GOP.

Lastly White voters, you will not argue, bully, shame, scare, or threaten us Blacks into White submission. Your will in 2020 will not be our way honey. You can threaten a Black person or person of color with four more years of Trump if you want to. We will laugh like hell at you every single time that you do. We have been through so much. We haven’t forgotten about it. It never escapes our memory. For most of us, we are still living the aftermath of our national racial traumas as groups and collectively as Black and Brown minority people, as poor people, as gay people, and even as children.

Don’t be offended because we don’t like your choices for candidates. Don’t be mad because we don’t see what you see in your 2020 primary candidates. Don’t be upset if we are opposed at a name you throw at us on social media or in person. Your 401k doesn’t hold a candle to our collective personal trauma, rights, and safety.

Most of have vetted both Democratic and Republican candidates, and those of us with common-sense and historical perspectives understand we really only have one party with which we can have some kind of allyship with, and that’s the Democratic party.

We Are Making Good Choices in 2020

You better believe in 2020, Black voters are leaving no stone unturned. This has nothing to do with us wanting power or flexing our power in the Democratic Party. We understand America well enough to know we only have what White America allows us to have. Because Whiteness possess all the power, they also have the power to grant power to us and take it away from us at their leisure.

We aren’t caught up in power traps. In 2020, we are driven by our desire to remain free, to maintain the basic civil rights we have, to not pick your goods or be your free labor, to live and love who we want to freely, and to live peacefully in the country we call our homes.

With that said, I can tell you most Black people aren’t voting Blue no matter what, and I strongly advise against using this mantra. I have said it myself without understanding what it implied.

Voting blue no matter what implies we don’t give a shit about any particular candidate. That’s a lie.

Voting blue no matter what leads White voters to think we need them to tell us who to vote for. We don’t.

Voting blue no matter what gives people the impression we have to rush to decide who to vote for with no regard how the decision impacts us personally. We don’t because the primary season is for vetting.

Voting blue no matter what says we will trust anything anyone says about a candidate and we are gullible. It’s simply not true.

Voting blue no matter what says we are forgiving the unforgivable, excusing bad behavior, ineptitude, lies, and deception. No ma’am, no sir.

Voting blue no matter what says to many liberal White voters Blacks, voters of color, and other minority groups will toss all we’ve fought for down the drain just to satisfy their need for power, money, and inequality. We are not.

I’m giving you official notice. Most Black voters and voters of color aren’t voting blue no matter what or who in 2020. I strongly advise against it. Do your research. There is nothing new under the sun, and unless they were born this year, there is some information for voters to use to vet accordingly.

For me personally, I don’t give a hoot about anyone’s plan. The reason I don’t is that voters are so forgetful and so fickle, in a matter of four years, they’ll vote to undo any progress made by a previous administration to get their party into office (or for some other stupid reason), even if it’s a vote against their own interests. Additionally, most big plans by the candidates lack the minor details, and those details are the pieces needed to determine who their plans will help me in my city/state. Those plans are eye candy, props, and fantasies. Even with the best intentions, most of these candidates will not address structural and systemic racism, inequality, neoliberalism, or capitalism.

We all are just looking for the candidate who will harm us the least, and sadly, after the election of President Obama in 2008, I’ve watched White voters let us down time and time again. If a choice doesn’t work quickly enough for them, they’ll revert to their old tried and true crusty go-tos, leaving the rest of us hanging in the balance. Reliably unreliable is what I call the action itself. White voters didn’t stand up for Obama against racism and White nationalism, and they will not stand up for us in 2020.

It’s why we can’t trust their judgement, and it’s the reason for the extreme vetting leading up to the 2020 election. I’m not voting blue no matter what in 2020.

I need my chosen savior to save me, or at least be able to throw me a life raft when I’m drowning.

My 2020 mantra is “Vote blue, but make good choices before you do.” I’m advising those who feel the way I do to do the same. We can’t afford to exchange a conservative bigot for a liberal one. We’ve seen that movie before and we already know how it ends.

Vet every 2020 candidate for yourself like your lives and freedoms are depending on it. Be a smart voter, use your smart phone and be informed for this upcoming election cycle.

It’s okay to vote blue if you choose to, it’s just not okay to vote blind.