Voting Has Never Stopped Racism. It Won’t In 2020 Either

White People Cannot Absolve Themselves of Racism Simply Because They Voted For Biden-Harris

Voting Has Never Stopped Racism. It Won’t In 2020 Either

White People Cannot Absolve Themselves of Racism Simply Because They Voted For Biden-Harris

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White People Cannot Escape Racism

I’ve been noticing a lot of White people and Black people believing voting will ease, decrease, end, roll back racism, which is ridiculous. This line of thinking is nothing more than propaganda White people have sold to Black people to absolve them of actually doing something about racism and White Supremacy. I made a statement on social media and it drew all sorts of ridiculous responses by not just White people, but Black people too. I was quite shocked.

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White Supremacy and racism will not be stopped by voting, because racists are allowed to vote their interests. I’m not in any way telling people not to vote. I’m asking White and Black people to move beyond linking voting and racism because when the two issues are combined, White people rarely do any work to stop racism beyond voting. Black people help lazy White people not do the antiracism work when we allow voting to a solution that rescues them. Both Black and White people are now using the excuse of voting to silence Black about White folks’ their lack of progress towards ending racism, and it’s disgusting.

I ain’t having any of it!

Voting has a specific purpose. Voting is nothing more than a formal declaration between two or more candidates, or approval or disapproval of legislation through a ballot. If racism isn’t specifically on the ballot, how are you fighting it, ending it, easing it?

You know what is on a ballot every election cycle? Racist people are. Lots of them. They are liberals, conservatives, progressives. They are Democrats and Republicans. They are mothers and fathers. They are your sister and your mother. These people are your pastors and your boss. Your racist husband and your racist-mother-law. These people are the man who owns the liquor store, the owner of your favorite professional sports team, and your child’s pre-school teacher. None of these people are running for public office, nor are they planning to. They all just vote for the people who uphold their racist beliefs in racist America. I don’t get to vote any of these people out of your lives and out of our communities. I’m just stuck like Chuck.

And you know what else? These people always vote, and they breed. They make more racist people. They create entire communities and lives that facilitate their racism. No voting necessary except for zoning and permits given by racist state and local officials that allow these sorts of communities to be developed in the first places. That’s the only voting that happens in this process, but it’s the kind of voting that allows racists to thrive. I don’t get to vote on this process. Officials selected by racist get to vote for racist community development.

Voting has never solved racism, and it never will.

The Lie

White people often push the narrative that voting will make things better, especially in 2020. They are uncomfortable now, so there is a sense of urgency about this election. But there was no urgency by White people to fight racism when Ronald Reagan was in office. His policy and words harmed us, especially Black women and mothers. There was no sense of urgency by White people to fight the nice racism the Clinton dished out after we helped elect him not once, but twice. Him signing then Senator Joe Biden’s crime bill into law along with both then First Lady Hillary Clinton and Senator Biden’s predator comments about men and boys of color put us all at risk and ushered in the new Jim Crow. It was conservative legislation signed into law by a Democratic President. White people didn’t care about Black people or how racist that bill was then. But they voted…

They just wanted their beautiful White daughters and meemaw to be protected. Screw Big Mama and her children.

There was no urgency by White people to address President Bush’s racist No Child Left Behind (NCLB) educational law. America has always left Black children behind with education. They have since slavery, but voting never fixed it. In fact, voting makes things worse for Black kids. The soft bigotry of low-expectations was not an issue we Black got to vote for or against. It’s a part of the fabric of America. White people never cared that Black schools would be closed if they performed poorly under NCLB. They just didn’t want those poor performing Black kids to be mixing up with their mediocre White kids at their White schools. As soon as this happened, White folks started raising hell. This kind of racism was not only tolerated, it thrived. Voting doesn’t change this.

Black people in America are still living with the racist implications of the nation’s “tough on crime” mantra that also stems from slave patrolling. We vote, racist police and police departments are funded, we Black folks are harassed and White people get to walk around with their heads in the clouds, oblivious and apathetic to our suffering. White people keep voting, not understanding this violent wheel of death we’re on, so we continue suffering.

That’s the cycle of abuse for Blacks who vote. Telling us to vote and that voting will end racism is one of the most racist and insensitive things a White person can say to someone who has witnessed a lifetime of nothing improving because we’ve voted. Saying that voting will decrease, ease, or eliminate racism is gaslighting. Most White people aren’t interested in seriously addressing racism.

Addressing racism requires that White people redirect their focus from the White House to their own houses, then onto their parents’ and friends’ homes. Addressing racism is going to require White people to examine how they live their lives and how they treat others daily. Addressing racism would force White people to thoroughly examine their own lives and the many ways the perpetuate system, institutional, and social racism.

Instead of doing any of these things, White people would rather issue voting platitudes and toothless declarations, with zero plans to do anything more about the racism they directly and indirectly uphold. Lazy and wilfully ignorant White people treat voting as if it’s a warm, white blanket of forgiveness or atoning for the evil of racism we all endure daily.

Ally or onlooker, if you’re White, voting is not your only tool to fight racism. In fact, it’s not a tool at all. Voting is to select who will be on your school board, who will judge cases that end up in the legal system, and decide how and how much taxes are collected. While racism indirectly plays a role in these choices, none of these items can address racism head on. White people have an obligation to fight racism before, during, and long after you all cast your votes. They have an obligation to check on their vote. White people need to see how their selections uphold or tear down racism. White people have an obligation to hold elected officials they select accountable when they act racistly and not continue allowing them to be on ballots so we don’t have to choose them.

Voting does not absolve any White person from racism. Ever.

It’s Time To Divorce Voting and Fighting Racism

Voting didn’t end slavery. A war did. Voting didn’t get Black people their right to vote. Organizing, protesting, and dying did. Voting didn’t stop White men and women from creating Ponzi Schemes and financial scams that stripped Black people of their wealth. White people conjured those schemes up on their own. Voting didn’t stop lynchings. Voting didn’t put drugs on our streets, and voting has taken drugs off our streets. Voting hasn’t stopped cops from killing us. Voting hasn’t gotten us equal wages or equal opportunities, not even with White women who have always been in better shape than Black women. Voting never stopped employment discrimination, and it never stopped the racist federal and state governments from ruling in favor of racist employers and racist perpetrators.

Voting never got us affordable healthcare or safe, well-stocked schools. Voting never made Black property values increase. Voting hasn’t improved wealth inequality, or any inequality for that matter. Selling us the lie that voting changes things is tired and it needs to end.

We need to divorce racism from voting. There is no evidence that racism is defeated by voting. In fact, the more Black people vote, the angrier White racist become. White people work actively to prevent us from having the right to vote. Nothing stops them. They are always successful, even if it’s temporary. It’s time for White people to shift the way they think of voting and racism. Divorcing the voting and racism during election cycles will help White people better understand their obligation to ending racism in America. Divorcing the two issues will also prevent Black people from enabling White Supremacy. Their undeserved advocacy is a detriment to our cause, although they mean well. So vote.

And for those of you ready to plop that tired old guilt trip in the comments about our ancestors dying to vote, I’ll give you that. Yes, our ancestors died to vote. But more of our ancestors died because White people were just plain old evil and racist. Not voting was happening when they were lynching us, burning down and bombing Black churches, sicking their dogs on us, accusing us of theft and sexual assaults, selling and splitting our families, or all the other racist nonsense they did and still do to Black people because they believe we are inferior, inhumane, and because they believe we can tolerate pain.

Racism starts and ends with White people. If you’re White and not actively doing something to decrease racism and rehabilitate racist White people living and breeding around you, then you’re a problem too. Fighting racism is a 7 days per week/365 days per year job, and there is no way that White people can believe they are absolving themselves by voting.

That’s not how hate and ignorance works. It’s not how any of this works. If you don’t clean mold, it grows. If you don’t kill insects in your home, they take over. If you don’t stop cancer, it spreads. If you don’t stop racism, it grows. Voting is an activity that happens every two, four, or six-years depending on the office that needs to be filled. If that’s your contribution to fighting racism, voting for a person who may or may not be racist, it sucks!

Do better!

Declaring voting solves racism is silent violence. It’s a line in the sand that I can no longer tolerate. You’re no longer selling me wolf ticket that voting will the lives of my sons better when I know it will not. That’s a fairytale you’ll have to sell to some other suckers. I’m not buying it.

Vote for your governance. Fight racism in the streets, in your cities, at your jobs, at schools and colleges, and on social media where it breeds freely indoctrinating your White minds.

Voting Will Never End Racism

Voting is a right and a privilege White people rarely have to give a second thought about. We may have it one year, may not the next. Our voter registration cards collect enough information about us to ensure if the powers that be don’t want our voices and votes to count, it won’t. Because racism is tied to power, White people on both sides of the political spectrum are fighting for something. As a Black person, I see us as collateral damage in the White people’s struggle for White power. Voting doesn’t end racism for Black people, nor does it decrease anti-Blackness that we experience from all people, not just Black people.

The President of America controlling local and state law enforcement aiding in infringing upon the rights of peaceful Black and White protestors cannot and will not be stopped by voting. Voting has never stopped the government from being racist. Remember COINTELPRO? Most White people have been perfectly fine with America stopping Black people from gathering and assembling peacefully, and creating healthy, vibrant Black communities. Remember Black Wall Street? Voting was happening then. It didn’t stop angry White mobs. Voting still doesn’t.

Voting doesn’t improve our physical, financial, emotional, and social well-being that is impacted by racism. It’s a myth that has been fed to us by White people looking for a way to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior. Doing something about racism requires White people to physically sit down and go through the how they create, sustain, and perpetuate racism. They aren’t interested in that at all. It’s easier for White people to deny, deflect, and gaslight us all into believing they are doing all they can to fight racism when we can see they haven’t.

Voting and racism are two separate subjects that need to be decoupled. People clearly are incapable of differentiating between the two acts. If you don’t understand racism, the purpose of voting, or democracy for that matter, please educate yourselves.

Our miseducation is leading to people being tricked into believing they are doing their best to fight racism when they vote each election cycle.

If you’re White and all you’re doing is voting, promoting voting, and nothing more, you’re a problem. Advising people that voting for Biden-Harris without a disclaimer about the other things that need to be done to end racism is reckless. By doing so, you’re perpetuating racism. You’re the face of ignorance and apathy. You’re misleading both White people and Blacks about the power and potency of voting. You’re gaslighting Black people in an emotionally abusive with America.

Selling voting as a remedy to a 400-year-old-plus national problem that has never been resolved by voting is disingenuous and down right deceitful. By all means, please vote. But don’t you dare for one second believe that voting will solve racism, make Trump supporters be nice, make Trump and his roguish family behave, or stop racial discrimination, anti-Blackness and microaggressions because it won’t. Just look at the police officer in Miami-Dade County, Florida in full uniform bold enough to wear a Trump face mask. Voting won’t stop people like this. They are hired, not elected. Understand how garden variety racism works. Voting won’t ever stop it.


Voting will never end, decrease, or ease racism. Only White people can and will (or will not) end racism, decrease, or ease racism.

So what’s the plan? What are you going to do besides vote?

Marley K Still in Quarantine 2020

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