Waiting On Whiteness

Waiting on Whiteness- A poem A poem about injustice, White Supremacy and White privilege in America

Waiting On Whiteness
Photo by EMILE SÉGUIN 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

Waiting on Whiteness

I’m waiting on


To save me from

The gang banger

In their White House

Put in place

To make America,

Their America Great


Except it never was

Waiting on Whiteness

To ride in

On white horses

To the White House

To slay that

Evil dragon

They placed there

To prosper them and

Impoverish us

To give to them

To take from me

Yet we all suffer

Waiting on Whiteness

To wake up

To save us

To lift us

Not tear us down

To bring us

Not leave us behind

To give

Not take

To love

Not hate

Waiting on Whiteness

To see me as human

Not as inhumane

To embrace equality

Put away


To discard injustice

To tire of corruption

Destroy inequity

For those

Are childish things

Waiting on Whiteness

To see the dark specks

In the sea of White

To give me my due

To stop penalizing

My race

To clean up your mess

To ease my stress

To care

To share

Your power

To move

Do something

Say something

Fix messes

You created

Make America


For the first time

Waiting on Whiteness

To impeach


Be bold

Do something

Say something


White Supremacy


White Privilege

We have no power

You possess all power

Ride in

On your

White horses

Save us

We’re dying

We’re scared

No refuge

Won’t you

Do something

I’m waiting on Whiteness

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