Watch Out For White Feminism This Presidential Election Cycle

The 2020 Presidential Election Cycle is on the horizon and the Democratic Party and the White feminist movement is fired up and ready to…

Watch Out For White Feminism This Presidential Election Cycle
What feminism tends to looks like

The 2020 Presidential Election Cycle is on the horizon and the Democratic Party and the White feminist movement is fired up and ready to put a woman in office, almost any woman, after Hillary’s loss in 2016.

White feminist are as excited about the number of Democratic Party female prospects for 2020. But let’s not allow their happiness make us forget the reasons Dems lost the Presidential election in 2016.

A lot of us just didn’t like Hillary.

Why Hillary Loss Black Women In 2016

Hillary loss for a variety of reasons. Many of those reasons are directly linked to the White Feminism movement. Many of those reasons still haven’t been addressed. One of the primary reasons Hillary loss was because minority communities didn’t trust her. Her track record on civil rights was sketchy at best, fair weather at its worst. Hillary’s record showed she’s only on the right side of civil rights when it benefits her politically or career-wise, just like many White feminists in the Democratic Party.

Another reason Hillary failed to secure the minority support needed to take her over the top was because of her and Bill’s political record. From calling young Black and Brown juveniles delinquents “superpredators” in need of lifetime incarceration with her souped-up Criminal Reform policies to keep White people and communities safe, to her silence on Black women, men, and children being killed by the police across America, Hillary always seemed to be slow to the party when it came to minority issues. Even back in college when she was a Barry Goldwater girl, Hillary seems like she’s always on the wrong side of history.

She only apologized after being called out on her shit by guess who, Black women in South Carolina of all places. If Carolina girls are calling you out, you got serious issues.

We have long memories, and we have never forgotten how Hillary’s words and her husband’s policies back in the 90’s aided in harming our communities and young Black men all over America. She talked about community policing with her Jim Crow sprinkled eloquently with the coded gang and drug language that no person of color could misinterpret. Black people knew exactly who Hillary and Bill were targeting, our communities.

While the Clinton’s (yes, they both must own them) policies were focusing on watching our communities and locking us up, American finds itself now in the throws of a opioid crisis affecting primarily White communities. See what happens when you stare in one direction at one community for too long?

Then there was Hillary’s change in stance on removing marijuana from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Schedule I list under the Controlled Substances Act so that soccer moms need it for “medicinal” purpose to save their babies after she touted Black and Brown children needed to be put in jail for using and selling the same drugs.

Hillary also promised to ensure Colorado and other states that have enacted marijuana laws that they could continue to serve as laboratories of democracies. Ain’t that something.

It’s a perfect example of how White feminism works. Forgetfulness, double-standards, new rules, and plenty of tolerance and pity for Whiteness.

That’s why we can’t trust it.

Hundreds of thousands of Black kids had their innocence stolen, souls crushed, and their futures completely changed with the Democratic president’s policies that targeted poor communities of color when Hillary and Bill were in office back in the 90s. Black and Brown families certainly weren’t looking forward to Hillary and Bill 2.0. Besides, they were unapologetic with their careless policies.

It would take Bill Clinton decades before he’d finally and begrudgingly admit he was wrong about his Criminal Justice Reform policies, they were the same policies he had his wife tout on his behalf in the late 90s.

These same bad policies that caused us to look elsewhere when many minorities voted in 2016. Hillary proved we couldn’t trust her and why she wasn’t worthy of our votes. The Clinton’s had undermined Black and Hispanic folks one too many and we did not forget.

The safety nets of the Democratic Party wouldn’t be reliable as they thought we would be. Many of us simply could not forget about the role Clinton’s played in the destruction and demise of Black communities and Black families in America.

Feminist Didn’t Care About Clinton’s Past Policies That Harmed Us

In 2016, White feminism didn’t care how Hillary’s power grab harmed us. Too many White feminists didn’t have a clue. Even more White feminism didn’t remember. Hardly any of them cared. As usual, all the feminist organizations were silent or AWOL.

White feminists nor their families weren’t impacted or injured by Hillary’s words, policies or actions, so of course, they were just giddy over one of their favorite feminists climbing the ranks to make it one step away from the presidency. White feminists had the luxury and privilege of ignoring and forgetting Hillary sins against the Black community.

All feminists seemed to care about was grabbing power from patriarchy. I found their rationales for blessing some candidates quite disturbing. No one should get a chance just because they are a woman. They should earn the chance and be judged on their public service records. To me, many White feminists were too out of touch with minority communities and they took us for granted.

Well, they learned.

There were plenty of women of all colors who left the Democratic Party’s flawed candidate on the table for write-in-candidates, third-party candidates, and worse… for Donald Trump.

The feminist movement of the Democratic Party, who is supposed to be so in touch with the people, has long ignored the brewing issues among their dissatisfied and ever-changing minority populations. Minority groups have been taken for granted, ignored, skipped over for positions of power despite our loyalty to feminism and the Democratic Party. If 2016 wasn’t a wake-up call for the Democratic establishment, then 2020 will be.

White Feminist Candidates And Their Toxic Groupies Are Coming

I’ve already seen plenty of essays written by White feminists on Medium and elsewhere how great it is to have so many choices of women getting in the race. I’m dreading the coming months as more articles flood the internet with the same old weak talking points on how it’s time for a woman President speaking from their vantage points of privilege.

Soon, the arrogance and cognitive dissonance will be on full display.

Armies of White feminist are already incorrectly diagnosing likability concerns and working diligently to reassure us that their chosen candidates are just fine to vote for. Their candidates are supposed to be our best hope they believe. And god forbid any woman or man attempts to go up against one of them, they’ll run the risk of getting the same results and emotional responses as if they were going up against one of Trump’s staunchest reporters. It’s going to be a tough political season, I hope Women of Color are ready.

We must not be fooled, family. Let the records of each candidate running for President speak for themselves. Being a woman gets no one a pass.

When forgetful and ignorant White feminists are allowed to anoint and appoint their candidates, we lose. The interests and needs for People of Color and White feminists are not the same. If they’d spend their energy advocating for us when: we are getting beat up and killed by White cops after asking a question during traffic stop (Sandra Bland), beat and called out of our names on our jobs (the Black Young Woman at Mc Donalds), we were being mopped across the floor at the Waffle House (Chikesia Clemons), we were killed due to domestic terrorism inflicted upon African American churches (Mother Emmanuel), we were killed by White men simply while buying groceries for our homes (Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vicki Lee Jones, 67) or speaking up to help for us when we are mistreated and fired by our employers (Marie Jean Pierre), perhaps we could entertain their choices because their choices would have records that would reflect them speaking out on issues like the ones noted above.

But White feminist won’t help us because all the religion of feminism cares about is retaining their privilege and securing the White power status of White men. White women have broached nearly every coveted American “first” with the exception of the Office of the President. From the classroom to the school board, to the executive board room, all the way to the Supreme Court, White women have advanced themselves greatly through their movement while leaving Women of Color in the dust.

Some sisterhood, right? Wrong!

Feminists are on a mission to get a woman elected as the first President of the United States and they’ll get there by any means necessary, to include ignoring our lack of progress in most of America’s institutions, our issues and the needs of minority women. Fairness and equality are only words used by feminist in the the feminist movement. If the movement was about more than Whiteness promotions and White power competitions with patriarchy, Women of Color would be much better off than we are.

Don’t Believe the Feminists Hype

Women of Color can no longer afford to give our votes away to any party or any candidate because they come into our communities and ask for it, nor can we give away our votes because another woman wants us to simply because the candidate is a woman.

We need time to investigate leaders thoroughly, so start now. I have checked out Elizabeth Warren. She’s a no-go.

For any candidate who doesn’t have a colorful track record in advocacy, policy, and legislation, I am not voting for them.

This season, I’m doing my due diligence on every presidential candidate running for office on Democratic and third-party tickets, and I‘ll be discussing the ones who are asking for something for nothing. I suggest all People of Color do the same.

In the era of Trump’s extreme racism, White nationalism, an uptick in domestic terrorism, and eroding basic civil rights, People of Color (especially Women of Color) cannot allow toxic White feminism to distract them. In 2020, the ultimate goal of feminism is attaining the most powerful office in the land. If privilege plans on winning that office, they must come through Women of Color. Be ready.

I don’t know how Women of Color and former feminist like me feel about that, but I’m tired of being treated like a prostitute being pimped and having my money and my power taken away. I do all the work and the pimp reaps all the benefits and gets all the credit. I make him look good. That’s feminism what feminism is like, and I’m done being pimped.

It can’t keep going down like this for People of Color. As a Woman of Color I need to protect myself from feminism and the racism inside of the Democratic Party.

Investigate political records, listen to old interviews, watch what candidates have done in the past when it comes to issues related to communities of color, and don’t listen to what any candidate says. They all are polished liars.

Just take the meat and potatoes, leave the garnishments on the plate.

Marley K., January 2019

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