We Need A White Supremacy Intervention For White People

America needs a multi-faceted White Supremacy intervention. It’s a matter of national life and death.

We Need A White Supremacy Intervention For White People

Can We Please Have A White Supremacy Intervention?

Unite The Right Rally- Charlottesville, VA, August 12, 2017. Source: Evan Nesterak/Creative Commons

We Need A National Intervention For White Supremacy

We keep talking about White Supremacy in 2020 as if it’s some recent phenomenon that just arrived on the scene in 2016. White Supremacy isn’t some new virus or new disease. White Supremacy has been around since White people landed here, and it’s been a problem for the nation every since.

White people can’t handle this truth. White Supremacy is the reason our nation is falling apart, and White people don’t seem to know what to do about it. You can’t dirty up your entire house and expect someone else to come clean it up. The same applies to White Supremacy. White Supremacy and racism have dirty up the entire country. White people have sprayed Febreeze on racism to cover the stench, but they never removed the rot causing the stink in the first place.

Racism and White Supremacy need to be destroyed White people, and we don’t have for your “I don’t know what to do” positions. Denial, inaction and confusion are all a part of the bigger problem White Supremacy created.

It’s past time for a White Supremacy intervention. We’ve never had one. Now is the perfect time for ya’ll to create yourselves one. I could call Iyanla to help begin fixing White America’s life, but y'all ain’t ready for that kind of intervention although it’s the very one you need.

America is a racist nation, created with racist values, solely for White interests. To fix America, you’d have to tear the entire shithole country down and build a fresh one — because you cannot erase the last 400 years of racist policies, institutions, structures, and policing. As a nation cannot say we’re diverse while the faces representing the nation remain the same, lily White. You cannot say you’re the best nation when White Supremacy only allows White people’s lights shine and views Black and Brown as problematic.

The real problems are front and center for the world to see. It’s White people.

White Supremacy is a threat to our national security. White Supremacy is a threat to our economic stability. White Supremacy has always been a threat to the physical well-being of non-White people everywhere, and now White Supremacy is a threat to the well-being of White people.

White Supremacy in desperate need of an intervention.

Blacks and people of color don’t get to pick their own representation. We get to pick the White people White people like or the Black people and people of color (POC) least threatening to White people. White Supremacy rules. Usually those people sound like White people, surround themselves with plenty of White people, and are supported financially/verbally by White people. White Supremacy is in everything American. Everything!

White Supremacy is the new-old problem White people have had no interests in solving.

If White people were interested in fixing White Supremacy, they would have created some fancy evidence-based practice already like they have for ex-offender reentry, gang-violence reduction, runaway and homeless youth interventions, recidivism, or high school dropout reduction. Currently, nearly all the interventions created for behavior modifications are designed by Whites for Blacks and POC.

There are no national interventions or strategies for combating White Supremacy and White terrorism.

There are none. Google it!

The FBI’s terrorism division addresses every kind of terrorism except for the White kind.

America is infatuated with policing Black bodies, demonstrated by excessive amount of time the FBI spends spying on us. Where we gather, they watch. Where we write, they watch. If too many Blacks gather or speak, the feds are watching. If we engage in civil rights or social justice fights, there is a strong chance we‘re being watched. The police are always watching us.

America’s law enforcement’s favorite past times have ignoring White criminality and watching/policing Black and Brown folks — which explains why non-law enforcement White people love to police us so much, especially Karens. America has conditioned White people to believe they are still our overseers, hence they feel they have right to watch us, and calling the police on us. It’s a White privilege — White people exercising their White power to control Black movement.

That’s White Supremacy.

America’s national interest has been maintaining White power while keeping White eyes on Black and Brown bodies.

The policing of Black bodies stems for the early days of slave catching and the early Ku Klux Klan — America’s first and only legal gang.

White Supremacy and policing in America are inextricably intertwined, just like White men waging campaigns of violence, threats of violence, and intimidation. White Supremacy and democracy do not and cannot coexist.

It’s the elephant in the room White folks won’t talk about, so I want to get the conversation started. We need a White Supremacy intervention.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if White people developed interventions to decrease the numbers of racists and White Supremacists coming from their communities like other nations? Can we create a new act specifically to address White Supremacy and racism with teeth? There is no need creating special acts for us if America isn’t willing to address (and punish) White Supremacists.

Can White people create a federal act that ensures every White person receives 12-years of real American history — some of which is taught by non-White people? They need know where they’ve been so we can maintain forward progress. White people need the history that reveals all the ugly, gory stuff White people have done here and abroad. It’s getting old moving two steps forward and ten steps back.

We need national interventions, curriculum, or national plans to nip racism and White Supremacy in the bud once and for all. White people need to learn how to be around people of color, and be detoxed of the racist myths about other groups. They need to learn what to practice what they preach.

All White people need to learn about White Supremacy from an early age and learning needs to be tied to something tangible to ensure all White people are engaged. Let’s have the No White Supremacist Left Behind Act which ensures no White people are left out of the anti-racism loop. All White people can get a good White people education on White people shit.

Most importantly, White people should not be allowed to be in power until they’ve learned how to use it wisely and govern fairly, after they proven they are capable of governing with all people in mind, not just White ones. White people should have to go to anti-racism academies if pursing leadership positions in America, they should have to attend anti-White Supremacy academies like doctors apply for residencies after medical school. They need anti-White Supremacy life skills, and America should pay for this training the way the fund wars and public education.

A racist White citizen cannot be a productive, whole White citizen in the same way a racially discriminated against citizen cannot be a whole citizen.

We Need A National Intervention For Negligent White Parenting

We have sex education and abstinence education interventions (now known as personal responsibility initiatives) created to decrease the number of unwed pregnancies among Black and Brown teens. The federal government has plans to control Black and Brown populations.

The government comes into our schools to provide federal personal responsibility interventions, working with mostly White faith-based organizations to insert themselves into our communities to offer us their evidence-based options. State governments also place state-run pregnancy centers/health departments in our neighborhoods using federally funds and “evidence-based” parenting and teen pregnancy curriculum tailored for Black and Brown communities. Parenting and pregnancy been tailored to us because our government has always seen us as a problem.

White people have been infatuated with Black and Brown reproductive rights, ensuring we don’t overpopulate their nation. Whites have also had a vested interest in making sure we don’t become a financial burden to White taxpayers. White women and men do not receive the same body policing that Black people receive. White people also don’t get the same condescending parenting education as Blacks. The federal government has a responsible fatherhood and health marriage interventions targeting Black and Brown men and women.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the government was working to decrease the number of White people producing little bad White people in the country who grow up to become big, bad, racist White people who join militias, threaten innocent people, become corrupt law enforcement professionals, or racist politicians tolerated by White people?

We need an Anti-White Supremacy League or a National Association for the Deceleration of White Supremacy that teaches White people how to not be White people. White people need to learn how to be regular human beings with zero skin-privilege.

I wish there were curriculum developed specifically for White mothers and fathers teaching them how to not grow the next mass shooter? I might feel White people were really trying to do something about ending White Supremacy if White people created best-practices teaching White parents the signs of the next serial White serial killer, racist cop, or White Supremacist? White people need a special section of the class to teach them how to and what to do. Those appear to be serious problems for them. The learning needs to happen in pre-school and continue until adulthood. An intervention is needed.

It’s past time for White parents to get called to the carpet for raising and grooming White Supremacists. It’s also past time White people learn about the impact of allowing White men to terrorize them and us.

Bad and unproductive trees cannot bear good fruit.

To save bad trees so they can produce good fruit, they may need pollinated, fertilized and watered, pruned, or defended from pest attacks. The same applies to bad White parents and their child rearing.

We Need A National National Intervention For White Terrorism

America has no interventions for White terrorism. No place in the world has a serious intervention for decreasing or eliminating White terrorism, which explains the rise in White terrorism globally. White people love their freedom, to include their freedom to terrorize others. Here in America, the original White terrorists were the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

America’s original terrorist cell came to power after slave patrols were formed and not too long before slavery ended. The first Klan was formed in the 1860s in Tennessee. A Confederate general named Nathan Bedford Forrest was chosen to be the terrorist organization’s first leader, although the general denied any association with the organization. White Supremacy, policing, and the military have a lengthy history of being bed fellows.

I also find it interesting the Confederate General denied association with the group, but it’s a part of how White Supremacy operates. White people always deny their affiliation or association with White Supremacy. They also hide their opposition to Black progress.

Initially, the Klan was a secret society that terrorized blacks and opposed Reconstruction efforts in America. Today’s White Supremacists live out and terrorize all of us to our faces. White Supremacy’s White chickens are coming home to roost.

White terrorism is a racist national structure that has been intact for 400-years. It’s a racist structure that must be torn down in order for America to move forward. Anything otherwise keeps us stuck in the past.

It may be 2020, but America’s systems and institutions operate like it’s 1865.

We need a White terrorism intervention.

Wouldn’t be nice if White people had mandatory White domestic terrorism education? We should require them to learn about racism K-12 annually to reform their racist ways and to help White children be less racist. We should require it for White home schooled kids too. We know some White folks love to skirt public systems just to keep their little Whiteness intact. No White child shall be left behind in White terrorism interventions.

Social workers need to flood the streets investigating White people to make sure their kids aren’t growing up to become terrorists and to make sure the homes aren’t mini militias.

We should force white people to renew their anti-White terrorism education each year like continuing education credits or make it like take a driver’s license renewal, and there need to be a hotline where White people can call and report each other like Crime Stoppers. Because of the evolution of racism, revisions to all interventions will be required frequently. Racism changes faster than summer fashion trends and spreads like cancer. Every year racists create something new.

White people need to understand their ties to their racist, White terrorist legacies so they de-escalate the harm done to people of color and Blacks.

They need to be unmasked like secret agents in spy movies and be disarmed of their weapons. White people need to be taught how to handle racist, terrorist friends, family members, teachers, and other acquaintances. There are levels to White Supremacy, and White people need to learn them all.

The people currently who receive the most domestic terrorism training in America are White people in law enforcement. White people are the ones who need it the least in my opinion. They have no business leading or taking part in such initiatives because they are incapable of looking at themselves objectively. They are apart of the group who has terrorized the most in this country.

People of color and Black people are the ones who need the training on how to handle White domestic terrorism. White people need to sit down and learn how to stop terrorizing Blacks and people of color.

White domestic terrorism comes in many forms, and if you’re not a victim, you don’t know what it looks like, and you don’t know if you’ve aided in facilitating it. White folks need White terrorism interventions.

We Need A National White Policing Intervention

All White people need to learn they are not the world’s police. White people need to learn non-White people have a right to exist without being policed by people with White skin. White people need to learn they don’t have the right to mind business that doesn’t impact them. White people need to understand they are not only ones physically, mentally, or emotionally equipped to police, and policing needs to be decreased drastically in this country. White people need to learn how to police without implicit biases. They need to learn how to police fairly among all groups, based on size, and not the racist metrics previously used.

We need a White Supremacy free policing intervention.

If there is one thing White people have perfected, it’s policing Black and Brown bodies. Policing people of color is a part of the nation’s DNA and there needs to be a cure for it. White people not even affiliated with policing believe they may police our bodies. It’s sickening. Today’s policing originates from Slave patrols and the KKK. White men ran around gathering runaway slaves for money. American policing is rooted in White Supremacy, economics and politics, not crime. Escaping slavery was the actual crime in America, not owning slaves. White Supremacy is inescapable.

White Supremacy in policing remains rampant and ever-present. White America has no interest in reforming our systems. Like slavery, Black and Brown men in jails and prisons helps to keep White men working and White for-profit prison investors wealthy. The plantation is different, yet the same. White Supremacy is also why White men are over-represented in law enforcement jobs. White men believe it is their job to control our bodies.

White Supremacy is the reason White men can have militias that take over federal lands and remain free and alive, while Black men are killed jogging, driving, walking, playing in parks, or leaving their Bachelor party with friends.

It’s the reason the KKK, America’s oldest White gang, can still terrorize Black communities, burn crosses, and march on city squares to protest the White man’s rights from the mid-1800s into 2020. Because of the federal governments support and lack of intervening by police, racist knockoffs have the blessing of Uncle Sam and road map on how to be racist in public and in secret. The FBI warned police years ago they had extremists among them, but neither the FBI or local law enforcement have done much to curb White Supremacy within its ranks.

White people in power failing to hold White people in power accountable for their racist actions is theme here. It sends the signal it’s perfectly okay for White Supremacists to employed in positions to harm people of color and Blacks. We don’t get the privilege of being in groups by race free from harassment.

America has worked hard to keep Black and Brown folks from forming brotherhoods and gangs, ensuring we never get the idea that it’s okay to protect ourselves or rebel violently against White people, or our racist federal government — the way do.

In 2017, after a new White Supremacist came into office, the federal government quickly labeled the Black Lives Matter group a Black Identity Extremest Group.

This type of labeling Black people stems from slavery. The label, given to our Black groups by White police is meant to be a malicious euphemism — the kind used to scare already scary White people. It also gives White law enforcement agencies the power and authority to fuck with us. There is no winning with White Supremacy which is why we need a White Supremacy free policing intervention.

White people have created policing interventions for issues they’ve deemed “Black problems,” but I’d like to see White people develop policing interventions, labels, and community policing strategies that would solve problems tied to White people and White policing.

The federal government has never have done anything on a national scale to address White Supremacy in policing/law enforcement in the history of this nation. There are no national policies, practices, or laws addressing White Supremacy.

America needs a Black/African-American and Native-American centered White Supremacy policing intervention that not only teaches White people the truth about how policing came to be, they should also learn how wrong their policing strategies have been all these centuries. American policing needs to be completely reformed and White Supremacy free.

We’ve been here the longest, endured terrorism the longest, suffered the most, and we have the most to lose if White Supremacy is finally addressed.

It’s time for White people to do officially do something about themselves. Can we please have a multi-faceted White Supremacy intervention?

A nation is asking.

It’s a matter of life and death.

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