We’re Never Going Back To The Way It Used To Be

America will never be the same after all we’ve been through.

We’re Never Going Back To The Way It Used To Be

America will never be the same after all we’ve been through.

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After four years of a lying, racist president, White nationalism, the federal government intentionally trying to kill using Covid, Trump trying to steal the election, an insurrection, voter disenfranchisement, covering for corrupt cops, quarantining for an entire year, a failing economy, kids not going to school, and not being able to see or touch our loved ones, a lot of us are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It will take us a long time to forget the horrors of the last four years thanks to Donald J. Trump and his band of thieves in the Republican Party. For most of us, there will be some part of this horrific season in our lives we’re never forgetting.

We also won’t be forgetting the numerous ways America let us down. She had one job and she failed at it, miserably.

I have lived half my life and experienced a lot of horrible things, but I have never experienced so many things in one short span of time over the past few years. I’ve also never seen America so divided.

The deep-seated racism in this country has been put on front street for all to see, and America doesn’t know what to do with itself. It was woefully ill-equipped to deal with all the various ways race intersected, bringing us to the brink of full collapse.

America has never dealt with racism in a way that protects victims while deterring prospective racists. After all the centuries, another generation of minorities must learn the hard way that America only cares about its White populations. We’re at a crossroads now.

We can’t pretend nothing happened to us.

We can’t unify because we were never together.

We can’t forget because our past is always our present.

We’re living in a failed state on the way to total collapse, and in case you haven’t noticed, our government is incapable of saving us. We’re being held by the same racist people who have held the rest of the nation hostage since the Civil War. For African Americans, we’re used to this America. We know what’s coming next. It starts with Trump’s acquittal by scary, weak, jelly-backed White men who talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

Another Trump Will Soon Follow

Once Trump was acquitted, racists were given the green light to do whatever they want to anyone or anything they way. They are just plotting and planning for the right moment to strike. America will officially be a lawless nation. Presidents can do anything and everything and without repercussions. You can guarantee the next coup will be successful because there is nothing to stop the next rogue White dude from being more violent, killing more people, covering for more rogue cops, stealing more votes, breaking up more immigrant families, and helping the rich. It could be Trump, or the next chump trying to be Donald Trump, like Janky Senator Josh Hawley. In any event, we are headed towards endless seasons of White foolishness and fuckery because America can’t control her racist children.

Lawlessness Is Coming To A Town Near You

If the Constitution fails us (did) and if Congress fails us (they have), we no longer have any safeguards to protect us from rogue politicians. People will get hurt as folks start doing anything and everything they want to in a lawless society. The police are not our friends, I don’t care what you think about them. They can’t be trusted, not that they were all that trustworthy prior to the insurrection. The insurrection sealed the deal for Black people. Police, military, fire, and rescue and likely going to be pro-Trump, anti-America. They’ll help who they want to, and they’ll kill those of us they want to. None of us will know what’s true and what’s not.

Cyberterrorism Is The Threat You Won’t See Coming

Cyberterrorism is going to be a serious issue for all of us. From banking, tampering with voting systems, digital blackface, to terrorists mixing up with our water supply, you better believe Trump and his allies have shared our vulnerabilities with our enemies. America is the weakest its been in modern history in my opinion, and we did it to our own asses. Our enemies world-wide know our greatest weakness is our race relations. White people dislike anyone not White. They’ve used it successfully to sway voters and create even bigger divides. After Trump sold our nation’s soul to the devil, and we’re all going to be dealing with the consequences from now on.

What a sad state of affairs. America loves itself some racism. If you haven’t been planning on how to live without technology, utilities, the interwebs, access to cash, etc., you better. Cyberterrorism is a threat to us all. Our enemies globally have been laying the foundation for over a decade. Remember how we lived before technology, and teach your family how to live without it too.

The Racism Will Only Get Worse

Racism is already bad in America, and it’s going to get worse. Lines will be drawn soon. It’s already starting. The trust among the social groups has already been broken. America let us down. White people let us down. White people let America down. Racist White leaders let America down, and Apathetic liberals let us down too. Black people have solutions, but no one wants them. White people don’t trust we can show them how to stop them from harming us. As Rebecca Stevens A. noted, it’s been almost a year since George Floyd’s death and nothing has been done about it. Nothing has changed in policing. This week jury selection begins for Floyd’s murder.

The rollercoaster begins. It’s just George Floyd’s murder on trial, America is on trial too. If there is no justice for George Floyd, America is done.

No one has done anything about the White Supremacy raging within our leadership and first response. We have a Mr. Blue Collar Trump-Lite President in Biden that was committed out of the gate to supporting police in light of the police’s abuse of power. When you don’t do anything about cancer, it spreads until it kills you. That’s how I know America is going to get worse if not completely die. Racism is just that important to this country. White people in power put anyone and everyone before Black people. There are only so many ways to say you don’t care. Black people are getting the message loud and clear.

We Have Nowhere To Go But Down

We could fix this country drastically, radically, duke it out with the bad cracker, honkies, Y'all Qaedas, Three percenters, Proud Boys, and all the other fake wanna-be tough boys fairly quickly, then move on to the healing and restoration, but nope. White people will use all kinds of excuses to not do shit about racism. Everyone can do something, but everyone gotta be on the same page. Because of the rebellious, controlling, and selfish nature of Whiteness, America can’t get on one page to save itself. Most White people can’t even figure out how to change themselves quick enough to stop destruction and can’t figure out which systems to tear down first. White people have already forgotten about Black Lives Matter marches from 2020. From one year to the next, White people forget. They also fail act. America has nowhere to go but down, and watching it happen is going to absolutely be a shitshow.

Between Trump coming back, Biden’s geriatric presidency, the Republicans being racist Republicans, Congress getting paid to do nothing, militias and right-wing extremists having the freedom to terrorize politicians and citizens alike, being left stranded by the state and federal government during a national disaster, or the lack of justice for crimes committed by politicians, America is headed to the bottom fast.

Buckle-up butter cups.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. America cannot keep large sub-populations of its Black and Brown population safe. The Constitution isn’t going to save us. It doesn’t appear as though the laws of the nation will help us either. The Democratic Party can’t save us either. America is up the creek without a paddle. It’s every man for him or herself.

We will never go back to the way things used to be, and that’s fine with me.

Marley K. 2021

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