Well White People, Are You Ready To Fight?

You can’t vote your way out of racism. It’s time for us to have “the talk,” but it’s not the one you think.

Well White People, Are You Ready To Fight?

You can’t vote your way out of racism. It’s time for us to have “the talk,” but it’s not the one you think.

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If you’ve been following me the past year, you know I’ve been preparing you for November 3rd, 2020. Sometimes I’ve been a little angry because of how apathetic White people are. At other times, I’ve been a little discouraged by the number of White people unwilling to admit they are racist. My anxiety is unlike it was in 2016. Things feel different. Most times, I’m just astonished about the lack of ignorance and fight in most White people. I’m floored at White, aggrieved anti-maskers in America and Europe who are influencing others around the country to disregard their fellow human beings’ lives by not wearing masks just to enjoy their lives as if we are all living in pre-COVID-19 times. Public health is now political. Everything is political now. It’s not that it wasn’t before, but now we’re forced to reckon with it.

The lack of willingness to sacrifice along with the apathetic COVID-19 response by many White and European governments across the globe has been frightening. Whiteness has displayed disrespectful and downright discourteous attitudes towards laws, science, or our individual and collective safety, with no regard for how much they influence the world. The world is finally seeing America isn’t as civilized or advanced as we professed we were. They are seeing the America Black people have always known.

While the world may look on in horror at the United States, there are plenty of people around the globe imitating our irresponsible behavior.

The United States is nowhere close to being a model of anything good anymore. The rest of the industrialized world is laughing at us, gone on trying to figure things out for ourselves. Maybe all of this was the plan of foreign operatives all along, to subvert every systemic and institutional with our own hidden unrest. If that was the case, it worked. Sometimes I think we’re still living through the “whitelash” from the election of the nation’s first Black President, President Obama. A lot of racist White people in America can’t let bygones be bygones. They aren’t happy an N-word got into their White House and we have to suffer until their spirits get right. More than a few White folks are working to make sure this never happens again, which explains the rise of a racist fraud like Donald Trump and his White Supremacy presidency.

But America has some good White people are standing up hoping to thwart their efforts.

I’m glad to see in 2020 a lot of White people have awakened to the fact White Supremacy in America is not only wrong, it’s sending the wrong signal to the rest of the world. But it may be too late for us. Voting will not be enough to stop the racism Donald Trump and the Evangelical Movement have unleashed. Your brothers, sisters, parents, co-workers, cousins, pastor, mailman, next-door neighbor are all planning on supporting a racist for President. They know the risk to us, but they’ve made it plain that they don’t care.

Their money and their love of hate are the only two motivating factors for these morally bankrupt folks.

It’s time for me to have “the talk” with my White followers who are voting for Democrats and believe they’re going to stop America’s bleeding. We have never solved racism with a vote. Voting makes racism worse, especially when aggrieved White people feel they aren’t getting something they deserve.

Racism is evil, and we can’t liberate ourselves by humanizing this kind of evil.

For far too long, White people have humanized evil and demonized victims of the evil. It’s time to acknowledge this has been a way of thinking and change it immediately. Without doing this, you cannot save America. I repeat, your vote will not put the racist Genie back in the box. It’s all the way out, and you guys are going to have to fight to get it put back into that box. You cannot keep giving racist people another chance to hurt other people. It’s not fair, and it doesn’t work. Not for Black people, anyway.

So we need to have “the talk” White people. It’s the type of talk Black people give to their Black children before they enroll them into school or send before we send them into White spaces. It’s honest. It’s blunt. It’s the truth.

This generation of White allies is going to have to learn how to live with and fight White men and women who wake up daily with a life’s mission to provoke, intimidate, harass, disrespect, obstruct, divide, impede, and kill us in the name of their beloved White Supremacy. Being nice needs to be dropped from your arsenal of anti-racism tools. You’re fighting White zombies and sociopaths in White America’s celebrity cult. Kindness and patience won’t work with physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive racist.

The Talk

When my sons were younger, we would have lots of talks about White people. Not good White people, though. We had talks about the qualities of good people. We mostly talked about bad White people. They’ve always seemed to be plentiful and bred like roaches. If two die, twelve are born. You can’t exterminate roaches by stepping on them one-by-one. By the time you kill ten, bunches have scattered back into the walls, crevices, and cracks they hide in until the lights go off. They don’t die; they multiply. If you don’t kill them, you end up having an infestation. That’s what’s happening here in America.

This country has done nothing meaningful intentionally to get rid of racism. Racism will not end with your vote because White people, including unwitting ones with good intentions, have allowed it to breed and grow like roaches in the summer in a nasty trailer home. Some of you White folks helped by ignoring racism. Some helped by facilitating racism. Many of you helped by defending it. Others of you denied it exists, even when victims told you to your faces. A lot of you still do it. Plenty of you never gave thought about the suffering of non-Whites in America unless it was for your social club or church missions. Others of you pretended things were better because you voted. A segment of you thought America was post-racial when you voted for the first biracial President. If you are one of these people, this means you’re a White person who has perpetuated racism.

You are partly responsible for the racism that has led to the state of our nation. We didn’t make the social hierarchy, we’re just forced to living under it. You all have an obligation to get rid of racism. Have you thought of how you’re going to fight and end racism? What is your plan to stop your fellow White friends, parents, siblings, children, extended family members, co-workers, church members, local community members, employees, boss from being racist and acting racistly? Not talking to them anymore will not be enough unfortunately if you haven’t already noticed. Trump supporters (the new coded name for racist and dummies) have a confederacy of racist White dunces to fellowship with. They don’t need you. They have a new family, and they are like the Munsters.

I’m not trying to steal your shine or anything. I appreciate what you do. I just want you to know you are going to have to be alert to racist microaggression and get in some White folks’ faces about their racist bullshit. You’re going to have to be more aware, and you’re going to have to physically stop White people from being racist. Make being racist shameful again.

You don’t exterminate racism by stomping out the people closest to you and do nothing about all the other cracks and crevices their friends and associates hide in. Racist White people have television programming, podcasts, and social media that can feed their racist, thirsty souls. They have jobs where they can act out their racism. They are already elected officials, judges, police, teachers, the pool man, the best welder in town, the owner of the racist biker bar, and members of the military with salaries paid for by taxpayers.

What are your plans to make sure they don’t harm anyone in the spaces they frequent? What is your plan to address the expected White militias who will rise trying to take their racist country back to the 1930s? In case you didn’t realize it, they are planning on kidnapping and killing White people too, especially White Democrats. Are you just going to stand around? How are good White men planning on redeeming themselves? The bad ones are ruining it for everyone and the good ones are sitting back as if this test doesn’t apply to you Are you going to combat racism and racial segregation in your area schools and in your communities? What are you going to do to fight racism directly, collectively and individually? I’m curious.

Most of you don’t realize you’re going to be dealing with a supernatural type of evil that you’ve never seen or experienced before. It’s going to be scary. We’ve seen White people in action when we vote against them, in particular, White men. We know what’s coming down the pipe. This white hot evil will be meaner, more uncomfortable than usual, and more direct than anything you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s the kind of racism Black people have faced for hundreds of years. It’s the kind our ancestors told to our elders to prepare us for such a time as this.

Being an ally isn’t just a fancy title. You don’t get pats on the head for doing nothing. Allyship is doing work. Work that entails fighting. Getting more White LGBT people elected won’t stop racism for Black people. Some of them have proven to be as racist as Trump supporters. Intersectionality is getting harder to justify. Getting more women elected won’t stop racism if the White women and Women of Color are racist or have implicit biases. You’ll just have a colored assortment of racist women holding office. White people must get away from the notion voting ends racism and come up with a battle plan that includes actionable items, then report back. Got it!

Fighting Whiteness

White people, I have yet to hear a solid plan for fighting Whiteness once the election results are announced. Racist White people have a race war planned and the government is currently a co-conspirator and Instigator-and-Chief. America has now been declared a White man’s country and the White man’s country, so what’s the game plan?

In my opinion, White people don’t know how to fight themselves. Whiteness only wars with people who are not White, and in my observation, Whiteness only allies with European White allies (i.e. the Brits, Italy, France, Germany) who act as saviors on behalf of non-White people (i.e. Africa, the Middle-East). Whiteness never fights itself because Whiteness doesn’t really see itself as a problem.

White people know how to fight Arab terrorists and Somalian pirates, because they are Black and Brown and they see these people as dangerous. White people know how to see and fight Black poverty. They do it with Piggly Wiggly type, DIY, patchwork processes that never quite get the job done because to fight Black poverty you’d have to address historic institutional and systemic racism, and that’s White people fighting themselves, so then nothing really fixes the pervasive Black poverty. White people know how to vote their own interests to protect and insulate their Whiteness. They’ve done it since Pip was a pup. It’s what got us here. Except Whiteness is a problem. White is the problem, and I don’t see any plan created by White people to do anything about it.

There aren’t any National Anti-White People Campaigns popping up. Instead, White women are dressing up like handmaids in Washington, D.C. to protest Amy Comey Barret. White women (and women who pass as White) are dressing up as handmaids across the globe. A White woman wrote the dystopian classic, about White people, for White audiences to address White oppression. Without even realizing it, the handmaid protests have become one of the Whitest, most White ways to advocate for anything. It’s White Supremacist institution of its own.

The Handmaid’s Protests are about one topic. Whiteness, white feminism, to be exact. Hard to see why American White people can’t see this, but okay. It’s an alienating, decentering movement instead of a movement around a common theme. It’s also a momentum shifting movement. We’ve stopped talking about a murder of a Black man (George Floyd) and Black lives matter to talk about White women having the right to kill their unwanted babies (abortion). It’s the wrong battles White people keep fighting.

If White people don’t learn to fight White men and White Supremacy at the same time, they’re never going to stop women like racist Amy Comey Barrett from achieving power, even if you believe she doesn’t deserve it, or Justices like John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Anthony Scalia and so on from making it onto the Supreme Court. White people don’t know how to fight themselves. White people don’t see themselves as a problem. White people think voting for is going to make this madness go away.

Newsflash… it won’t.

So what is your plan to fight national and local racism? How are you going to address your own people? What are the solutions to keep this from happening in our lifetimes again? Are you going to take to the streets? Do you have a plan if your red state fights against blue states in a civil war? Have you considered how minorities will be impacted? What are your plans for them? Are you ready to sign up to fight in a war against your own country, because it’s essentially what you may have to do in order to defeat this evil? Are you insisting you’re going to vote out all old candidates, because they are tremendous problems? Will you White folks center someone else besides yourselves for 25–50 years and teach your children and grandchildren to do so too? Like, what is your strategy? Because voting ain’t it.

Voting is the nice way to fight, but the people you’re fighting against ain’t nice. Some of you are experiencing what we have been experiencing from White people all of our lives. Being nice and hoping evil learns its lesson doesn’t stop evil. That’s not how you stop bullying either.

A Spiritual Take On The Evils of Racism

Though I’m not overly religious anymore, there is much wisdom in religious teachings. My favorite three verses in the Bible about Satan (evil) are these:

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”
I Peter 5:8

You cannot fight evil when you allow it to prowl around, stealing young people for its consumption via the internet and devouring ignorant educated and non-educated Evil indoctrinates its gullible submissive followers well. people via racist cable television, racist podcasts, racist church leaders etc. White people, you have a lot of things you’re going to have to examine and call out as racist. Once you do, you have to actively destroy those things. You must be alert and have a sober mind. If you’re distracted with things like Sci-Fi movies, things that you used to do, or your own personal comfort, well, nothing is changing here. You may as well not vote because voting has never stopped racism. It won’t stop racism in 2020.

“in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his scheme.” 2 Corinthians 2:11.

Evil has already rigged every system in America to oppress us. Sadly, White people have allowed evil to persist for so long that now it’s comfortable rigging systems against them too. Evil Whiteness has already created schemes you White folks aren’t even aware of because evil Whiteness knows you don’t see yourselves as threats, and even when you do, you’re likely to believe they can be redeemed. Racist Whiteness knows good Whiteness believes in giving yourselves second chances. You believe in being nice. In fact, Whiteness insists on using niceness in your peacekeeping arsenal because nice keeps you comfortable, even if you’re the only one comfortable. Evil racists are counting on your nice countermeasures to plan its next scheme. I believe the saying a sucker is born every day was made from this scripture.

White niceness is an act of violence. I need you all to toughen up, wisen up, and step it up. White evil has your number, and this time it’s likely to cost an entire nation everything. Remember, White people have more power than any group in this nation. It’s good versus evil here. What’s the plan? How are you going to fight evil good White people? The most important scripture is this one, and it usually stomps most people.

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,”
2 Thessalonians 2:9

Lawlessness isn’t coming, White people, it is already here. Lawlessness has always been a staple in America. From taking land from natives, to enslaving Black people against their will, to treating people with different skin colors differently in accordance to this nation’s invisible social hierarchy, Whiteness is lawlessness. What are you planning to do about it? Racism is invisible lawlessness that America has tolerated for 400-years and counting. Voting has never ended racism. This nation was racist and lawless on the very day it was chartered. The Three-fifths compromise was lawlessness. Jim Crow was lawlessness made legal by inhumane people. People voted to uphold these racist laws of White Supremacy, and silent White people were beneficiaries of them. Sometimes the lawless make laws.

It’s what we are seeing today with the Trump Administrations brazen acts of cruel and unusual punishment towards minorities and people who stand up for them or to him. People in support of lawlessness vote for legalized lawlessness. Therefore, I say voting won’t solve racism, it won’t end Trumpism, and it won’t make his supporters tone down either. If anything with a loss, it will make racist Trumpsters angrier. Remember, some of these racists have been stewing since Obama was elected. They are looking for revenge.

So how are you going to fight racism against White people, White people? President Bone Spurs told his militias to stand back and stand by. He knew exactly what he was doing when he said it. Will you play dumb and pretend you didn’t hear it because it won’t impact you, or will you answer the call and save the country you proclaim you love? Are you planning on banishing men like Trump? Are you sending them to the Hague to be tried for war crimes against humanity or are ya’ll letting them go free the way you’ve always done When White men commit crimes against Black people? Are we doing floggings and hangings like other countries to deter White Supremacy? Will you be forcing racists to leave America, sending our criminals elsewhere like Germany, Cuba, Somalia and so many other nations America does business with? Are you all going to overhaul public education curriculum to include racism/antiracism education?

What will you do to White people who try to create their own separate systems and schools to continue segregation?

Are you going to minimize all White spaces? Reduce racialized employment discrimination? Are we going to have a way to ensure there is equal pay for equal work? What is your plan? I don’t hear White people saying anything of substance that will reverse the state we’re in. Nothing that doesn’t contain action beyond voting, nothing to hold racists accountable. White people aren’t insisting on justice for us. White people aren’t even insisting upon equal justice under the law for themselves. How is this so? If you haven’t figured out how to right the ship and fight for racism, you better learn how to physically fight, because Black people will not sit around and try to figure out who is a good White person and who is bad if a race war starts. White people shouldn’t let things get to this point, but if history is any indicator, they will.

Soon, Black people will be in self-preservation mode, just like most White people have lived their entire lives, except we’ll be doing it out of necessity and not because we’re greedy. If White folks don’t figure how to do something about the bad White people in your homes, subdivision, we’re child’s school, we’re going to have hell on our hands. If you don’t figure out how to stop racism with your friends and parents, or siblings, trust me, someone will, and it won’t be worked out the non-violent way you see it in your dystopian movies.

This is your fight, White people. You need to lead it if you’re serious about real systemic change. If not, you won’t have any peace because this republic will not stand the way it is. We’re not even tolerating go backwards to pre-Obama. We’ve had enough. We’re tired.

What You’re Doing Is Good But It’s Not Enough

I don’t want to discourage anyone from allyship. I just want to be real with you, and the truth of the matter is that what you’re doing is not enough. It’s not fast enough. It’s not tough enough. It’s not potent enough, and your interventions don’t last long enough. Your solutions aren’t forward thinking enough, and your fights are bold enough or strong enough to put the fear of God in White men so that they won’t have the balls to act this way. This problem is two-centuries old and White people still haven’t figured out how to not be racist, why is that?

White people need an action plan to fight White Supremacy. It starts locally and works up to national levels. If you think racism is going to give you time to figure out what to do next, the racists have already won. Racists already have their next move planned and guess what, the overtly racist federal government is considered a friend of racist now. Better plan your White people meetings and figuring this stuff out or you too will become the oppressed, because your freedoms are on the line too. Don’t think you’re not going to also pay a price for selling out White people.

The Hour Is Nigh

Too many White people believe voting for Biden is going to stop the overt racism, rudeness, violence and aggressiveness of Trump supporters. Voting did not stop racism after the first black president was racist. Voting didn’t stop Jim Crow. The Voting Rights Act didn’t stop racism, in fact, it was made worse. Voting hasn’t stopped racists from dismantling the Civil Rights Act. Voting hasn’t stopped domestic terrorism from killing us. Voting hasn’t stopped racist police getting hired on at police departments around the country. Voting didn’t stop the suffragists from excluding Black women when they were fighting for the right. Voting doesn’t stop Black kids from being bullied in school by racist White teachers and administrators. Voting doesn’t stop racist politicians from getting in office and staying in office.

Voting for the Biden-Harris ticket won’t save us. They can’t save America. Biden and Harris coming to office if they win with their band-aids, scotch tape and Elmer’s glue to try and piece this raggedy nation back together before the final seams come apart and there is nothing left to repair. Racism was the beginning of America’s problems, and racism will be the problem that ceases to make this nation exist.

It’s hard to have hope things will get better when all I see are White folks who believe that the magical cure for all our national ills is voting. The rest of everything else they don’t want to talk about. If that’s how you think, you are part of the problem. You can’t vote your way out of something that has been growing in your homes, living among your families, tolerated in your friend circles, and allowed to blossom day after day in your communities.

So White people tell me something. What are you going to do? What’s your plan? What else do you have up your sleeves to combat racism? I’m tired of hoping. I’ve had all the delayed disappointment one can withstand in a lifetime. The world is watching you, White people.

Standing still and playing dead won’t work for you anymore. Saddling voting with the burden of saving us from racism won’t work anymore either.

Marley K, still in Quarantine 2020

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