We're Imploding Faster Than I Could've Ever Imagined

By the time Trump makes it to trial, he'll be President again and we are toast after that. There will be hell to pay as anyone knows who has been in relationships with narcissists.

We're Imploding Faster Than I Could've Ever Imagined
Flight-line explosion at 2010 Miramar Airshow.
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Hey Ya'll,

It's been a while. I haven't written anything because I don't have anything optimistic to say. I'm not that person. I hope you follow me because you like the truth. That's all I serve here. We are unraveling by the day, and it look like the rich are getting away with murder.

Things Are Getting Bad Quickly

This week, after all of Biden's "Let's come together" shenanigans, he learned the same lesson Obama learned during his eight years of presidency. The Republicans don't play fair, and they don't play Uno like Democrats. Republicans play chess, and they are masters at the game. This month the government shot down a vote to investigate itself regarding the Insurrection this year. The coup is still happening at both the federals and state level. Trump supporters are preparing to have another insurrection. The wheels of justice are moving slow as fuck. Employers are pretending they can't find help, and federal and state governments are ending unemployment benefits to those in need.

Prospective front line employees have seen during the pandemic how poorly the restaurant and service industries treated their employees and no one is interested in working for folks who don't care for them. Also, who wants to risk their lives fighting in someone else's business with unruly fake patriots for minimum wage? America is broke, and the li of capitalism is becoming harder to maintain. Capitalism is nothing more than legalized slavery. There is no beauty in it. In order for someone to be rich, someone must be poor. Things are really bad in America.

But wait, there's more. There is always more.

Trump Looks To Evade Justice (Again)

A grand jury was formed to hear evidence against the Trump's and I have zero faith the justice will work. If Richard Nixon didn't go to jail and wasn't prosecuted for all the shit he did, I most certainly don't expect Trump or his kids to be prosecuted either. America loves its racist and criminal White men, especially those holding public office. Every law on the books was created to protect them. They have been doing their jobs that's for sure.

Justice won't be served. You'd come out better believing in the Easter bunny before Trump being prosecuted.

America has a terrible reputation for not prosecuting public officials for they crimes they actually committed. For some reason, it's easier to get public officials on tax evasion than crimes they commit while serving the public. By the time Trump makes it to trial, he'll be President again and we are toast after that. There will be hell to pay as anyone knows who has been in relationships with narcissists.

We better be preparing for a collapse after the GOP take over the majorities in the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024.

Trump is planning on running in 2024. A justice's snail pace combined with the lack of strategizing of the Democratic Party, there is nothing stopping Trump from running and winning again. People have already underestimated this man and his followers/supporters not once, but twice. They've also underestimated racism. It would be a huge mistake to do these folks three times. Trump and the Republicans have a plan, and everyone except Democrats apparently know what it is. I'm preparing for the worst. There is no best case scenario. A shift to a totalitarian government will happen, exactly when is the question.

We live amongst White, racist, ignorant zombies, and we need to be prepared for whatever their puppet masters have in mind.

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