Lost Trust: When Black Cops Harm Black People

When Black cops use excessive force on Black communities, we all lose. This essay is on Black police officers abusing their powers and beating Black citizens. They have no honor, they deserve no respect, and should not be protected.

Lost Trust: When Black Cops Harm Black People

I watched the video this weekend over and over again of a Black police officer in Baltimore throwing haymaker after haymaker at Dashawn McGrier as he was attempting to engage in some type of community policing effort. It hurt so bad because he is the same age as one of my sons. I couldn’t imagine someone who looked like me beating me in such a way because I chose to exercise my rights. (Side note: Since the video has gone viral, the unknown officer has resigned).

Mr. McGrier was being questioned, and apparently, the officer did not approve of McGrier’s civil disobedience so he took the law into his own hands, literally. The officer began angrily punching Mr. McGrier over and over again. He was not resisting arrest, nor was he under arrest. He was simply asking the officer a question, which he had the right to do.

The officer beat this man savagely, as if he was in a street brawl. According to McGrier’s lawyer, he suffered a fractured jaw, fractured ribs, and damage to his eye socket.

What happened to professional policing? Especially in a city plagued by too many incidents of police brutality, racism, and allegations of using excessive force on its citizens according to FBI findings. Public trust in Baltimore’s Black community has been decimated. Now this…by two brothers in blue. It’s a disgrace to all people of color, but especially Blacks in Baltimore still reeling and on edge from the death of Freddie Gray nearly two years later.

Also appalling was the inaction of the Black officer standing by watching the beating, blocking the views of witnesses recording the excessive force.

The accompanying officer just stood by as if it was okay for his partner to just open cans of whoop ass on citizens invoking their rights. Looking at the video, I got the impression that this was just another day in the neighborhood for these two Blacks in blue.

Did these officers take an oath to protect and serve or beat and harm?

It’s time we stop making exceptions for Blacks in blues who go rogue.

I’m sure these two officers did not anticipate the beating of this innocent man (he’s innocent until proven guilty) to go viral but it did, and I’m glad. The video can’t lie.

It’s a stark reminder that every body who looks like us, ain’t really for us. People will do anything for a pay check, just look at these two police. Black police officers demonstrating anything less than professional behavior and integrity should be called out, shamed, fired and should never have a job that calls for the public trusting them again. EVER!

Black folks should be up in arms about this video just like we are when a White cop crosses the line using excessive force and abusing his/her power. These brothers betrayed Black trust in an entirely different, unconscionable way, and it’s time we stop making exceptions for Blacks in blues who go rogue.

These two Black cops deserve no cover. They deserve the same social media public shaming that the White cops receive. Bad government officials and leadership get no love from me.

Nada, nunca, nothing, zero. Where there is no justice, there should never be any peace.

These weak cowards deserve to feel the same fear, karma, and energy they have inflicted upon the Black communities they swore to protect and serve.

I expect better from Black men, especially those in leadership, law enforcement, and government because you know better dammit. How can we respect Blacks in blues when they cut the fuck up like this?

We can’t, it’s literally impossible to.

If their allegiance is to the Blue codes of silence, abuse, inciting fear, and doing harm to a group people who have historically been harmed (physically, emotionally, financially, and socially) by this nation’s unjust systems…we have no fucks to give about them. I believe they shall reap from the earth what they have sown into the earth.

If a Black man in blue could be so happily entrenched in a corrupt police department’s culture, forgetting the fear and lack of trust our community already has for law enforcement and government, it’s a sad, sad day for Black people everywhere. All people for that matter. No job, no career for that matter, should ever cause this to happen. No job should ever aid and abet rogue Black cops in their eating your own people.

If an oath, uniform and a gun could cause Black police officers to forget about this nation’s history of using the justice system to harm and abuse Blacks, they are in my opinion morally bankrupt and suffering from a bad case of fucking Stockholm Syndrome.

Black officers in blue walking around beating down Black citizens are nothing more than gang members. They are operating like a government run mafia, and we should not trust them.

I have a message for those dirty Blacks in blues:

If you can’t police us professionally…

If you have bad interpersonal skills…

If can’t police us without bullying and inciting fear in the very people you’re supposed to protect…

If you can’t practice your chosen career path without doing more harm to us, and…

If you love your Blue more than you love our Black

Get a new fuckin job!

Black folks are oppressed by life and enough hating ass people every single day we breathe. We don’t need people like you hurting our sons, our brothers, our fathers, our children and our communities. The privileged establishment has got that covered.

We don’t need or want you amongst our ranks. We are cancelling you and those in blue like you. You dirty-dirties are going on the same list as Omorossa, Clarence Thomas, Stacey Dash, Bill Cosby, Ben Carson, Dennis Rodman, Kanye, Raven Symone, the Black Pastor that went to the White House the other week talking about Trump had the most urban agenda he’s seen in a lifetime, and any other Black people of their ilk we don’t fuck with.

You’re not patriotic, you’re psychotic, and it’s not safe or wise for us to blanket trust the Blacks in blues anymore. Even the one standing around in silence and helping to cover up the abuses. The same applies to you too.

I’ve seen too many brothers in blues abusing people they are supposed in charge of protecting, and it doesn’t get nearly as much attention. I’m giving second looks and side-eyes from here on out to the Blacks in blues from now on, you’ve earned it.

They have no integrity, therefore, they deserve no honor.

Marley K., 2018