Why Elizabeth Warren Is Not The Right Choice

People of color need to pay close attention to the records of every presidential candidate running in 2020, especially White feminist. When a White woman anoints another White woman and she then “advises” me I not only need to trust her but that she’s must best choice in a political candidate, I ro

Why Elizabeth Warren Is Not The Right Choice

Why Elizabeth Warren Is Not The Right Choice For President In 2020

Sen. Warren speaking at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Source: A. Shaker/VOA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When a White feminist anoints another White woman as the perfect political candidate primarily then “advises” me, a Black woman, to not only need trust her choice but that her choice is my best choice, I roll my eyes and look elsewhere for my help. I’ve worked with enough White women in school PTOs, nonprofit sectors, in higher education, and in politics to know one thing. I’m voting on what makes her comfortable. She has no idea what I need or want in a candidate. She didn’t ask. Nor does she care. I learned a valuable lesson long ago.

I. Can’t. Trust. Her. Choices. For. My. Life.

Her privilege, interests, and needs and my non-privilege, interests, and needs are not the same.

Recently, I had a Medium reader (an older White woman) respond to my comment about a Member Feature Story on Elizabeth Warren, her likability, and why she wasn’t the best choice for minorities. I posted a link to Warren’s political record (Bills or legislation she’s sponsored or co-sponsored while in Congress) and shared there are various reasons certain sub-groups of Americans aren’t feeling Elizabeth Warren, in particular minorities, men, and young people.

Without getting into the weeds, I basically indicated Warren has done nothing to earn a vote for minorities, and as far as I was concerned, I was not impressed by her record in Congress. While Senator Warren hasn’t been in Congress very long, her record and interests does not address issues and challenges of People of Color, and that’s a problem for me. This impacts her likability. She’s never going to be my first choice.

I can’t believe the reader had the audacity to tell me Warren was my best option come 2020. She allowed her privilege to the do the talking for her. The woman can’t possibly know what my best choice. She doesn’t know me. The reader arrogantly made a decision based on her views, disregarding any real concern or reservations I may have had. Some White women feel they get to dictate who Women of Color should like as candidates and it irks my nerves. And when we disagree with them, they act like they need to ordain their choice for us to co-sign.

Likability and White people go hand-in-hand.

The fact of the matter is likability is always an issue for White people.They generally like their own kind, and have a hard time trusting candidates of different ethnicities. That’s likability, right? Why is okay and important for them to entertain their likes, but I need to neglect mines.

Likability is why candidates of color like Andrew Gillium and Stacy Abrams are always almost winning. It’s why candidates of color must have cross-over appeal and be ordained by Whiteness to appease Whiteness. White people despite their claims are still the majority in America and they maintain power in nearly every state legislature. Their likability keeps them in power.

Whiteness stays in power despite the changing demographics because they vote for what (who) they like, and they vote for what they know best and that’s Whiteness.

And when their White candidates win public office and begin repaying favors for getting them elected via legislation, their candidates work for them…not me. I’m an afterthought, and I know it.

Senator Elizabeth Warren falls into this category in my opinion. Her Congressional record on Civil Rights is primarily on Gender Equality (LGBTQ advocacy), Equality (based on gender), and Women’s Suffrage (aka White feminism/women’s right to vote). The majority of her resolutions in the Civil Rights category only honor Black History Month, commemorating Juneteenth, Hispanic Heritage History Month, and a few other ethnic celebrations affirming support.

She’s not done more than that.

Senator Warren has been silent on issues concerning women of color, in particular, Black women in high profile issues such as police brutality, racism, and hate crimes prior to the Trump Era. She’s been silent in the era of Trump as well about issues concerning Black women, men, and children.

She hasn’t done any work for people of color outside of Native Americans, which rightly deserve it, but she only cared about their issues because she “heard through the grapevine” she was one. I’m not sure why the White woman felt the need to convey to me, a Black woman, that Elizabeth Warren was my best choice for a presidential candidate. Well, she’s not.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have enough Native American blood to be one. She’s a White woman and she’s governed like one. Warren’s record in Congress highlights her loyalty and patronage to Whiteness and White feminism.

Now she wants to run for office and needs to come through Black women to get the nomination. I’ve seen the evidence, and I’m not impressed. I don’t care how much White women get excited about her, I can’t trust Elizabeth Warren. In nearly every area we’re behind in socially or economically, her support is missing based upon the bills she sponsored or co-sponsored. Senator Warren made no effort to even try to get a Bill through that would demonstrate she was connected to women of color, cared about children of color, or had our best interests at heart.

Not once.

Now here Warren comes wanting to run for President, and she’s hoping we don’t learn about her Congressional record. She hopes we’ll just listen to her and feel compelled by her impassioned plea. Well, it won’t work.

Warren has proven to be just like too many other White female political candidates before her she doesn’t know us, she doesn’t value us, and like everybody else in the political world, they come to us Black women/People of Color) when they need our help.

To the older White woman who told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and that Senator Warren was the best candidate and my best choice, I say I got nothing to lose by looking elsewhere. I have no patience or tolerance for White women telling me to continue to disregard my lack and interests in order to get them their win.

Never again. I’m done with all that. We need evidence. A track record.

I challenge all Black women and Women of Color not to fall for the getting the first woman into office jive and disregarding your own communities. It’s time to hold these candidates feet to the fire. We’ve been voting for “the best” sanctioned candidates and we’ve been walking away empty-handed for decades.

Black women still have no power.

We still have no privilege.

Our communities still lack.

And we keep voting the same way.

If we don’t know by now that your vote carries weight for White candidates and candidates of color blessed by the White establishment, you better learn it quick, fast, and in a hurry in 2019. We need to make better choices with our votes in 2020 like our Black Lives are depending on it because they really do. As far as I’m concerned, Warren is just like Hillary and all the other White Democratic women who have no street cred or skin in the game within the Black communities until they want something.

Women like them care about power just like patriarchy does, and that makes women like them dangerous to People of Color.

I have nothing against Senator Warren personally, but I don’t like her record. That’s why when pundits and White writers write about likability I laugh. It’s just another example of how disconnected Whiteness is from the needs and interests of people of color. If we don’t like a candidate, we are flawed, not the candidate. We have a right to inspect the record of any candidate asking for our votes, and I plan to do so for everyone. I can no longer afford to waste my vote on people who never think of me until they want something.

That’s called being a user, and White candidates have perfected that craft. It’s time to break that cycle. This is business and politics plain and simple. If you want my vote, you must prove why you deserve it. No more getting the milk for free from me.

Marley ©

January 2019