Where Are The Good Radical White People?

The enemy is already in position unchecked, unchallenged, unbothered, and unencumbered. The battle has started, and good White people…

Where Are The Good Radical White People?

The enemy is already in position unchecked, unchallenged, unbothered, and unencumbered. The battle has started, and good White people haven’t shown up yet.

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We all see the bad, angry, lying, narcissistic, and insane White people and politicians. The media gives them plenty of airtime to show the world what God-awful people they are. The bad radical Y’All Qaeda, Hillbilly Insurrectionists, Q-Poos and fools, White gang-bangers, Mighty Mediocre Militia Men, Krazy Karenites, MAGA Monkeys, and Proud Man-Boys seem to be roaming the country freely, unchecked by the other White people. The good radical White folks. Where y’all at?

I’m talking about the good White people who love to tell us how good they are. We rarely see them being good or doing good.

I’m ready to see good radical Whiteness go to war with bad radical Whiteness.
The only way America is going to get this unchecked, radicalized White Supremacy back under control is if good White people and bad White people go to war with each other. Good White people, if you think you’re going to policy or wait your way out of this White war waged by bad radical White people, you’ve got another thing coming. You’ve already lost. This is White folks’ business, and White folks need to handle it.

Bad White people take your silence as a sign of compliance and/or fear.
This radical Whiteness is among White people. Good versus evil. Right versus wrong. Law-abiding versus lawlessness. Racist versus anti-racism. Where do you stand good White people? Now is your time to shine.

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White people, you cannot stay in your home your way out of this bad radical White violence wave we’re riding. Other White people are the only thing that scares White people. Bad radical White people will only respect and stop their behavior when good radical Whiteness stands up to them. Open your history books, examine how Whiteness doesn’t concede without physical clashes, violence, and death. Understand this point in history. It’s not going to get any better.

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Good White people, you’re not going to read your White out of racism. You can’t keep claiming to be learning how to fight racism. Sometimes, you just gotta fight. Wing it!

If White people loved “their” country the way they proclaim they do, they’d be fighting to save it. Anyone who has been around the block long enough to know politicians aren’t going to save us. We the people save ourselves. Politicians just take credit for it.

Good White people have business to take care of. The bad White people are about their business and doing a mighty fine job I might add.

The same way bad White people are radicalized with nonsense, obsessed with racism, hate, White nationalism, ignorance, lies, and violence, good White people need to become radicalized addressing the complete opposite.

You need to be radical on those school boards and at those school board meetings, county council meetings, and other public forums about public business.

Good White people should never be missing an opportunity to hold White public officials accountable, including police, fire, and rescue. Every time there is a time to speak, radical Whiteness should be present going viral over the internet, showing other good White people how it’s done.

The same way evil is contagious and able to radicalize, goodness is contagious and able to radicalize too. When people see success with good or bad acts, individuals watching can see fruit from those acts.

When good White people are home being “safe” you’re not protecting anyone. You’re allowing the virus of evil to move, spreading throughout our communities and into our politics. By the time bad radical Whiteness reaches the federal government, it has been allowed to grow and fester. It’s poisoned a lot of things along the way. Bad White people never take a break from being racists. I don’t know why good White people believe they can.

Bad radical Whiteness doesn’t hide. It’s bold. It lets everyone know its intentions.

A huge problem I see with good white people is that they don’t counter radical bad White folks with any radical tactics to deter, stop, or even slow radical evil Whiteness. Your lack of aggressiveness is a green light. Radical good White people are missing in action. When the going gets tough, you don’t get to go.

Radical racists gather together in large with their evil plans because they understand there is power in numbers. They know they are weaker alone. They know it’s more intimidating to be seen in a big group

Good White people, those considering themselves allies, are quiet. They are home. They are safe. They are waiting. They are seeking any and every excuse not to do something. It’s not going to get better if you, White people, don’t do something personally.

Fighting White Supremacy is a radicalizing act. It’s a personal act to help a collective cause. The days of tip-toeing and learning about racism must end. There is no more time to waste.

You’re either ready or not.

You’re either in, or you’re out.

This fight requires radical warriors, and I just don’t see good Whiteness radicalizing to fight the evilness of Whiteness. This is your fight. Ya’ll gotta take up arms and fight these fuckers.

If you don’t fight these radical racist people in the streets, they will be in your schools killing your children and grandchildren.

They’ll be gunning you down in grocery stores.

They’ll be bullying you on your jobs and in the streets.

They’ll keep coming to places of worship and workplaces wreaking havoc.

They’ll continue harassing all of us online hiding behind fake and cartoon photo profiles.

They’ll keep radicalizing your family members.

They’ll succeed in killing political figures and social justice.

They’ll keep right on being racists.

They’ll further infiltrate government positions making living life even for White people intolerable.

The days of fighting radical racists from your sofa are over. If you’re good a White person you’re will need to be radical in fighting racism. Good White people need to be seen as radical and heard as radical, doing good, radical things.

When racists are in the streets, good White people should be in the streets too with numbers equivalent to our outnumbering the bad radicals. If Bad radicals got permits to march, good radicals should have permits to march too.

If racist radicals are showing up to harass people doing good in public spaces, good White people should be there protecting them and fighting back.

When leaders are being threatened by radical racists, good, radical White people should be demanding they’re protected. Demanding it. If policing isn’t working, you should be in your Mayor’s offices, recalling the sheriff, or doing whatever you can to organize to ensure those people are removed from power. Bad radical White folks should never be in a space unchecked, unchallenged, and alone. Good White folks need to let them know they cannot have your spaces.

Let them know they cannot have your country. You’re taking all the spaces back from the darkness.

When you’re in public spaces and you see radical racists bullying people of color and Black people, good, radical White people need to be working in tandem to call the police, protect victims, record the crime(s), and standing up to radical White bullies.

White people gotta learn to match the energy of racists or racists will continue winning. A lot of these White people aren’t going to change, and good White people are going to need to stop looking for the goodness in them your little childhood fairytales you all have been taught to believe in.

This is real-life, and all people aren’t good. Some folks are rotten to the core. Stop waiting to see the goodness in bad White folks, especially when it’s at the expense of Black people and People of Color.

Good White people must match the energy of the bad people with their good energy. You can’t do that hiding, learning, waiting, pretending, denying, or fearing. The only thing that cancels out radical White Supremacy is good radical White antiracism, and I’m not seeing it.

We need radical, not docile. We need radical, not meek.

We need radical, not conservative.

If good White people are afraid of bad White, all hope is lost for this country. Bad people win when good people stay silent. Evil takes over when radical takes a break. Hate wins when love isn’t strong enough.

Racists don’t have fears. Antiracists need to be fearless. Where are the good radical White antiracists? Please take your battle stations.

The enemy is already in position unchecked, unchallenged, unbothered, and unencumbered. The battle has started, and good White people haven’t shown up yet.

Where are you? America is in danger, and she’s waiting to be saved.

Marley K. 2021

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