White Children Practiced White Supremacy This Weekend in D.C.

A Northern Kentucky Catholic school has issued a public apology to a Native American Tribal Elder (and a Vietname Veteran) because a group…

A Northern Kentucky Catholic school has issued a public apology to a Native American Tribal Elder (and a Vietname Veteran) because a group of their poorly chaperoned young male students mocked him during a peaceful protest in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.

Video of White Catholic school kids in Kentucky taunting a tribal elder in D.C. this past weekend.

The teens, who were heated White mocked the tribal leader as he attempted to intervene between arguments between this group and the Black Israelites marching for different reasons. According to the tribal elder, the young Catholic school kids were picking on the Black Israelite group and tensions had escalated to a level where intervention was needed. I’m quite surprised the tussle wasn’t worse than it was. The Black Israelites are quite militant.

Those little privileged White boys weren’t really ready for the Black Israelites grown man ass whooping they could have received, let me tell you. It’s crazy though, because the Catholic School kids were attending the pro-life march. The tribal elder was in town for the Indigenous People’s March.

The little young White boys walking around starting shit, being disrespectful, and exercising all the rights and privilege Make America Great Again (MAGA) affords them. This story matters, because it’s a reflection of a larger problem that’s ignored by the mainstream media. White children are practicing White nationalism and these kids are attending private religious school.

It’s jaw-dropping, and it’s heartbreaking.

The violence and harassment inflicted upon grown People of Color. Why do White kids feel they don’t have to respect our elders? Where is the compassion, consideration, and respect for Indigenous people?

It’s their privilege to do so.

The Ironies

The Catholic school kids were attending a pro-life march to protest abortion and the sanctity of life in the womb, yet they disregard the life sacred Indigenous life standing before them.

The disrespectful young man smirking the tribal elder was praying for was wearing a MAGA hat. He is surely a descendant of ancestors who stole America from some tribal leader’s ancestors.

The ignorant, disrespectful little brats wearing the MAGA gear are proclaiming they want to make America great again in front of the descendant who likely wishes America could go back to being great at a time when violent, non-peaceful Whites weren’t in it.

The Catholic religion practiced by the young men and the religious school setting are supposed to teach them to be peaceful, Christ-like beings. Instead… they have disgraced their religion, their school, and likely represent a true reflection of their homes, their parents, and their community.

Oh, the irony.

This Is America

The jeering, the laughing, the smirking, the anger, the mocking by the White kids is unforgettable, and sadly not surprising. People of Color experience episodes like this every day. What’s shocking is that the adult chaperones did not stop these young men from disrespecting the elder, as the entire purpose for coming to D.C was to protest peacefully for something they believed in.

This rowdy, rambunctious group were anything but peaceful.

These children didn’t come from wolves. They came from women. White women. They came from families with resources that could afford them attending a private Catholic school which apparently condones racism and reinforces White Supremacy. This interaction takes me back to the Kavanaugh hearings and how he described his days in his fancy private school of privilege being taught how his Whiteness was righteous which

These young men are the next generation of White Supremacy and Privilege in America. It’s groomed and trained. Its behavior is condoned, and it is unashamed of it. Racism and intolerance in all forms should go against Catholic social teachings. Apparently, that doesn’t apply in the racist dirty South. It’s a stain on religion, a stain on Whiteness, and a stain on America.

Religion and racism in America go hand-in-hand, stemming from colonialism.

Either the Catholic school these kids attend isn’t teaching, or the parents of these kids are racists growing the next batch of Kentucky next generation of racists. The spirit of these children reflects a deep-seated White Supremacy that has been brewing since the Regan-era. MAGA has made it alright to be racist and disrespectful outside of White homes.

We should be outraged, we should be ashamed, and we should stand together in teaching our children to respect our elders. The real elders and peaceful leaders of this nation.

Not the orange bags of hot air who incite hate, division, and disrespect for our fellow man. People are tired of the excuses, silence, and tolerance of White Supremacy in the White community.

If White people can’t understand how dangerous and repugnant little White boys like these are, I don’t know what to say for the future of America. Little boys like this grow up to become grown men like this. Except they’ll wear suits and get jobs as cops, politicians, corporate lawyers, lobbyists, or as President. They will soon grow up to make decisions to ensure their White Supremacy, power, and privilege remain intact, taunting People of Color every chance they get along the way. We can’t be silent about this any longer.

This behavior, White Supremacy, is as bad as the opioid crisis. It’s worse. It’s a national emergency. Where is our intervention? It’s bad enough we have to experience this from White adults, but their White kids too? Give me a break!

Proverbs 22:6 in the King James Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Does that mean some White/Anglo-Saxon people have been training their kids to be racists which is why it’s so heavily ingrained in the culture? Is this the kind of education people pay for today? Clearly, the kids in this video aren’t being taught well at school or at home. But maybe the White parents and school leaders are teaching the lessons that are valuable important, to them, not for the world ’s benefit.

For People of Color who think sending their kids to school with White children in White spaces is going to give them the upper-hand or a leg up in life, they should think again. What Children of Color are really getting is a first-hand look at a privilege they’ll never have, and they could even be abused in the education process. Kids like these lose no sleep about mistreating your little brown kids. So why do we subject our children to the traumas? Are we really better? What is our measure for “better?” Who measures better?

What in the heck is better anyway?

We perhaps we all need to take a closer look at schools and education than we have previously. Without a doubt we are missing something. White children like these are an under-studied problem we need to address. The kids like the ones in this video are causing trauma by practicing their White Supremacy and privilege every day, and Whiteness doesn’t have a problem with it. The video demonstrates no one is exempt from White Supremacy, and White Supremacy starts at birth.

There is no way these kids are this racist and this ignorant by accident!

This is not a case of kids just being kids, boys playing around, a joke, or a mistake. This is a case of the usual suspects and the same old excuses for the same old racism that just won’t die, except they look like babies, but act like monsters.

Marley K, 2019