White People Love Racism More Than They Love Humanity

White people overwhelmingly chose racism, inequality, hate, and white rage in 2020.

White People Love Racism More Than They Love Humanity

White people overwhelmingly chose racism, inequality, hate, and white rage in 2020.

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White People Will Let You Down Every Time

I knew it. I told you so.

Black people, per usual, have saved this shithole country from the grips of fascism and Jim Crow. We voted for overwhelmingly Joe Biden on election night, despite having better, more progressive options, because we knew enough White people wouldn’t do the right thing to save Black and Brown folks from hate, fascism, tyranny, and White domestic terrorism. I’m thankful for Trump’s presidency because White people can no longer deny racism doesn’t exist. Trump’s presidency also revealed racism, white rage, and White domestic terrorism are alive, well and thriving.

The results of the 2020 Election revealed White America is moderately to extremely conservative and incoherently racist in ways that have yet to be examined. Racism, White Supremacy, and righting the ship was on the ballot this election cycle, and a large majority of White people overwhelmingly chose Donald J. Trump and his brash style of racism. Seventy million people voted for that dumb asshole.

We have problems, Houston. Serious problems.

Exit polls have shown the number of White women voting for Tangy boots increased by 3% from 2016 to 2020. White and a few Black Evangelicals hung in for a second term of Satan, too. It’s not that Black people didn’t know how racist a lot of White, Black, and Brown people were, but it’s nice to have my Black experiences finally validated. America is racist as fuck, and White people can’t deny it anymore. I know not all White people, but it’s so many that we can’t continue ignoring it. For those of you pissed all me and other Black women talk about race so much, now you see why. White people are a fucking situation for us all the time!

White nationalism is a pandemic and a national security risk. This country is about to have a problem, because Black people realize that White folks don’t have our backs.

When you White folks have the freedom to choose, you’ll choose White and yourselves every time, no matter what it is. If not you, it’s your friends or your mama and them. Meemaw and pawpaw, and your cousin Bob. It’s your co-worker Susan, your fishing buddy Greg, White Christian denominations and faux-holy religious leaders. It’s nauseating to think about. I’m still stewing about Election Night 2020.

This shit should have been a decisive landslide, but White people…

All, and I mean all the Black people I know are disgusted by this election. Yes, there are many Black folks happy about Senator Kamala Harris being the first Black female Vice-President (VP), the first woman VP, and the first biracial woman of color to hold the position, but we keep coming back to White people, and fucking Cubans in Florida.

The fucking betrayal. How does a country have so many racist and stupid people?

Black folks built this country. We fought so immigrants could come to this shithole and prosper. Black people made it possible for refugees and political dissidents to settle here free from duress. We live for this country, Black folks sign up to go into the military and die for this shithole country, and it never wants to do anything in return for us except be racist and oppressive. America can’t move forward because White people and the People of Color they recruit for their White Supremacy quotas insist on being anti-Black so they can hold us back. White people can lie, cheat, and steal elections from Black people every election cycle, and half of White people are fine with it.

This country needs to collapse because it is beyond rehabilitation. When anything has been allowed to live inside its host this long, it’s not dying without a fight. Sometimes you can’t kill it and it won’t die. That’s us! We can’t kill racism, and racism will not die. America is too corrupt and too entrenched in its White terrorism gang-culture to divest from White Supremacy. Racism rewards participants, regardless of their race.

White People Still Can’t Talk About Racism With Conviction

White pundits and talking heads still cannot say White folks voted for racism. When you can’t get White people to acknowledge there was no reason on earth to vote for Trump except racism, there’s no way in hell you can address the problem. There is nothing a Joe Biden presidency will do to restore or heal us. His presence is nothing more than an ode to Whiteness, a pacifier for immature and scary White people incapable of sharing with others. Biden’s not the White savior and healer White people think he’s going to be, because White people are the problem, and Joe can’t fix White people.

Biden has Black blood on his hands too, and many of us can’t forget the past. Without justice, there can be no reconciliation. He’s promised to make things right. We’ll see

Source: Twitter.com/@Delo_Taylor

The Past Is The Present

White Supremacy needs a group to hold down and exploit, and America’s chosen people are Black people, specifically descendants of American slaves. We’ve had 55 years of progress eroded because White people can’t stand for Black people to have nice things — you know, like rights, peace, freedom, safe communities, fair policing, and laws that work for us. You know, the nice things White people have because White America ensures they always have them.

And while more sane people voted for Joe Biden than any other president in the history of this nation, there is something extremely troubling about his election. We had some many better, younger candidates, relics from our racist past consistently the politician of choices for most White people. Both parties must finally admit America has a thing for old White men leading them. Even if there is a person of color on the major national ticket, it must include a White man to comfort White people who love white power and who believe the only people who can rule over them (good or bad) are White men.

America loves White Supremacy. They love it so much the damned election wasn’t the blow out Black folks expected.We should never be forced to go against our convictions to save a nation and people who will not do the same for us. It’s another right White people indirectly take away from us.

The cruelty of it all has been hard to digest.

Nothing Trump Did Was Bad Enough For Half of White America

White people and a large majority of Latinx, Black, Jewish, and immigrant folk didn’t think Covid was bad enough to get rid of Trump. Having 20 million people unemployed because of his handling of the pandemic wasn’t enough to vote against Trump. Lying about how deadly the pandemic was and not ensuring we had personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect ourselves wasn’t enough for White people to vote against him. Setting up and having a journalist killed wasn’t enough, using American soldiers against peaceful protestors, or even how he handled any of the many wretched natural disaster responses wasn’t enough to fire Trump. Plotting to kill a sitting female governor because she cared about the health of the public of her state wasn’t enough to get rid of Tang.

The “build the wall” lie didn’t cause White people to make seventy-million people Misappropriating federal tax dollars and redirecting money the military didn’t turn off White and Brown patriots. Paying off a porn star so his wife wouldn’t find out to win the presidency wasn’t enough either. Republicans not providing support for households suffering financial losses because of Covid didn’t make White folks vote against Trump. Trump’s lying wasn’t bad enough to convince White folk not to vote for him or the corrupt syndicate GOP. Our national security and standing in the world didn’t matter enough to convince half of our White electorate to vote for liberty and life. Bounties on the heads of soldiers wasn’t enough.

There was nothing “American” about Election 2020. White America’s moral compass is broken and we have irreconcilable differences. White folks’ repudiation of evil and racism should have been greater. More obstructionist Republicans should have been sent packing, but they weren’t. How could this be? Was I looking at the same President and were we all not living in the same time period?

As I thought about the devastating election results rolling in all week, I remembered White people voting to kill Black and Brown people is very American.

Killing Black people is American. Using Black people is American. Disrespecting Black people is American. Ignoring Black people is American. Hating Black people is very American. Stealing from Black people is American. White people being racist and lying about it is American.

I’ve been sitting up nauseated half the night watching election results come in, dumbfounded and disgusted. I used to think maybe 2016 wasn’t a fluke. White people didn’t want a decent White person doing politics as usual. Closeted White folks wanted that Southern fried racism Trump had been serving up since birtherism in 2008. Clinton was the better candidate, but a racist conman bested her. White people lied about not knowing better. It’s the same lying and gaslighting White folks do to us about not knowing they are racist.

It’s hard to celebrate Biden’s victory knowing half of America is racist.

Racist White people knew what they were doing back then, and they know better now. They always know better, they just play dumb, and they expect us to play their stupid little games. If you gotta sneak to do it, you know it’s wrong. The fact White Trump voters felt the need to lie to pollsters about how they were voting highlights they know it’s wrong and shameful.

I have been saying racism was on the ballot since 2015, and White people have proven me right each election cycle. Half of the White people in America voted for their racists interests. Where do we go from here? What are we going to do? Reading books and social media fighting isn’t enough.

It’s official today, four days after the election, Biden has won [thank God] and Trump will soon be gone. I am going to take a moment to celebrate this historic win. I can breathe a little easier knowing Trump will not be in office tormenting us for another 4-years. But Trump, like White Supremacy, won’t go away quietly. In his typical outrageous fashion, Trump is attempting to sue to stop the will of the people on the right side of history because he’s losing, and we all know how much he hates losing. We are at the end of domestic violence relationship, and this is the most dangerous time of the breakup. He will be violent, he will incite violence, and it will get ugly.

Seventy-million people supported this monster, wanting his reign of terror to continue because they loved racism more than they loved humanity. How do we move forward when America insists on moving quickly towards reconciliation without finally having a reckoning on our racism? There can be no justice unless we address xenophobia, populism, neoliberalism, capitalism, racism, protectionism, and nativism. If White people are allowed to continue getting away with these tactics to maintain their social order, nothing will ever change.

Trump’s presidency hurt and killed many people, and those were his intentions. He expressed them when he announced his run for President. The same applies to the seventy-million people who voted for him. Half of America is racist. Half of America enjoys White rage and hurting people. Half of America thinks it’s okay to forsake children in detention centers. Half of America is fine with the other half of us dying from Covid, police killings, or White nationalism. We are a sick nation. It’s not normal This ain’t right.

Once again, White America has shown Black people who they are, and we must believe them. This genie isn’t going back into the bottle. Once the newness of the Biden-Harris win settles in, there is going to be an expectation that something be done about racism. You can’t tell me you care about me yet you allow people to harm me, my children, and my grandchildren because America hates exacting justice on White people. You can’t expect me to trust White America when White America is infamous for letting White people get away with murder. You can’t say you care about Black lives when you’re not ready to address racists police or support protestors. I have yet to hear any sensible plans from White people that don’t specifically concentrate on Black people, and that’s a red flag.

White People Will Never Change

America is as racist as they were when Harriet Tubman was helping slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. White people still posses the same White rage they had during the Boston Tea Party when they were bitching about taxes. White people still are as violent and as evil as they were when they bombed Black Wall Street. America’s White police are same deviant, evil bastards they were slave catchers. They evolved into Bull Connors, Bill Barrs, and Derrick Chauvins. President Trump is as evil today as President Andrew Jackson was back in 1829. The Republican Party in 2020 is as evil, racist, and concerned with money as the Democratic Party was when it was first founded. No matter how much Black people fight to evolve from a society that oppresses them with White rage, White people insist on being about that kind of life.

What is there to be happy about?

Yes, Trump is gone, but there will be another one in the next 50–100-years. He’s already being groomed somewhere right now by White people. And this racism and white rage, it’s here to stay. White people haven’t given Black folks any sign they are ready to move on. I’ll reiterate, seventy-fucking million people voted for Donald Trump to be the president again, despite he’s literally almost killed us on over one occasion for almost four-years. Most of those people were White.

Source: Author’s photo of her television as she sits watching the results come in on MSNBC. 11/07/2020

The rest of Trump’s supporters are Blacks and People of Color who subscribe to colonialism, neoliberalism, racism. White folks created those backwards monsters too. How am I supposed to sleep knowing this nation is inherently racist? How do you White folks continue to demand Blacks be nice and patient with you when you don’t change?

That’s the very nature of domestic violence people! Black people are in a domestic violence situation with America, and no matter who wins an election, White people don’t change. America will still beat us up, take our money, won’t believe our allegations, and won’t stop our abusers, because the abusers control everything. We have nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide.

I have almost no faith in White people. When there is a choice and racism, White rage, segregation, fear, White victimhood and cruelty are in the cards as options for them, they’ll overwhelmingly choose those things. It’s impossible to describe the shock and disappointment.

Black ancestors and elders warned us about White folks, and their warnings continue to ring true. You cannot trust many White people.

This election reveals White people in America haven’t changed one bit in nearly 500-years. It’s been thousands of years if you count how they colonized most of the globe. With all the history White folks have access to, you’d think they’d use it to avoid being the same old raging, ugly, menacing, terrorizing citizenry they’ve always been, but clearly that’s not the case. Nothing changes in America because White people don’t change.

There can be only two reasons they possibly don’t change. White people must be born racist, and it’s in their DNA, or their born into racism, and it’s reinforced from cradle to the grave directly or otherwise.

Whatever the reason, I don’t have the time or energy to figure out why White people can’t control their evil urges. I’ve gotta navigate racism, deal with discrimination and microaggressions, teach my children and those close to me how to navigate it, and watch my back. For Black people, we cannot go back to our old ways of being comfortable in White things and expecting White people to stand with us. They just won’t. Most White people are going to be racist, fascists, obstructionists, aggressors, apathetic, vote suppressors, environmental terrorists, stealers of Black rights, ignorers of racism, scary, and always on the wrong side of justice. Let that soak in.

I had my one day of joy. Trump’s ass loss, and I get great satisfaction from that. I also know if White people had their way and didn’t have so much experience with voter suppression, we could have easily had Trump for another 4-years.

Black and Brown people stood in the rain. We lost days of work we couldn’t afford; we voted early and did the electric slide in line waiting to vote. Black and Brown folks took ballots to nursing homes, took our 100-year-old elders to the polls, and registered millions of new voters to counter the voter suppression during a pandemic. Many of us didn’t vote for Joe, we just voted against Trump. We weren’t voting to save America and White people as much as we were voting to save ourselves. Joe Biden even had to admit he owes his presidency to Black people. If it were left up to White people, we’d be reelecting the Trump crime syndicate for more of the same.

But make no mistake, America hasn’t changed.

White people aren’t doing enough, and they damned sure aren’t changing. They are still seeing shit too slowly, not changing fast enough, and not raising the next generation of global citizens. White people are as racist as they’ve ever been, and most are still in denial about. Most are ready to move on, just like nothing ever happened. There are no major plans to combat racism, and no plans to stop being racist. No one is discussing dismantling racist institutions and systems. White people aren’t calling for reparations to begin the justice process so we can move towards reconciliation.

White people are just happy to be, with no demands for America to do something about White domestic terrorism and nativism. No war on that. In fact, White women in the Democratic Party have already instructed the party to not talk about defunding the police or other things that well make White folks comfortable again. White people are already moving on, ready to ignore our petitions after we’ve saved this shithole nation.

Flip-flopping White liberals, independents, moderates, and progressives are just as bad as the racist GOP. This is casual racism. White party heads in the Democratic Party are already engaging in microaggressions against Black people so they can win power. Too many White people are fine with using Black folks to protect White power. I’m sick and tired of White people. It’s hard to find joy in this hour when White folks continue to show us who they are. Most are racist to their bones and they are too arrogant and contest focused to see it. As long as White people keep White power by any means, they are as pleased as pigs in slop. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing. It’s a White people thing.

America showed the world it loves racism more than it loves humanity, and I’m never forgetting it. If this is the best you got for us White people, your best will never be good enough for me. It’s been almost 500-years.

You are who you show us you are. Some things never change.

Marley K in Grieving in Quarantine 2020

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