White People Make Life Harder For Black People

And it’s so damned unnecessary.

White People Make Life Harder For Black People

And it’s so damned unnecessary.

An older Black gentleman who should be home enjoying his retirement is out protesting in a pandemic because of White people don’t believe Black lives matter. Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Life is hard enough with no additional hindrances, but White people seem to go through extraordinary lengths to make life harder for Black people. Truth be told, White people make life harder for themselves too. White people make life hard for everyone.

Racism Makes Life Hard For Us All

I write about race all time, so I don’t have to share here how miserable racism makes Black and Brown people, but it also makes life hard for all of us. Our life expectancy is less than Whites, we earn less than Whites, we often achieve less than Whites, and we can’t even have civil relationships with White people because White privilege, apathy, and power. When racism snuffs our potential, White people pay the price too. For that racist teacher who thought she was making room for White kids by funneling Black kids to prisons and interior educational opportunities, you pay on the back end when we rely on public assistance programs and public or subsidized housing. You pay for public jails and prisons to house us when we commit crimes because you invested in being evil instead of investing in our potential.

When you deny us good jobs where we can have good health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave, you make our lives harder.

When you cheat us out of our wages or you pay White Karen more than you pay Black Kanehisa for doing the same job, you make us poorer.

When we get old, you pay to care for us, or maybe your kids do, because you denied us the opportunity to care for ourselves.

When White people constantly subject us to racial discrimination and engage in racial discrimination, you create White criminals, hoodlums, gang members, and White nationalists who terrorize your communities. We endure their wraths.

The lack of respect for our race regardless if its intentional or implicit prevents us from having a national unified front. Racism requires inequity, and inequity requires unfairness. It’s difficult creating and maintaining inequality, and it’s damned near impossible living in an inequitable society. While White people may benefit from racism, you also pay on the back end too. Is it really worth it? Apparently it is. Racism makes things cost more for all of us, charges more, punishes for no reason, and requires discomfort. Living with racism is a constant tug of war, and it makes life hard for everyone involved. You must take from others to give to White people, and that’s cheating.

White people can’t even be happy with their inequity because they must look over their shoulders and behind their backs to ensure we’re not coming to take all they’ve secured through racist means. It’s hard work taking stuff from people. Just look at Republican Senators in Congress. Racism makes things unnecessarily difficult. Being racist is hard work, and stupid!

Your Taxes Are Higher Because of You

White folks love to cry about taxes, but you created all the tax rules, White people. Working-class folks pay lots of taxes (I know, because I do too.). You also let rich people get off Scott-free (this part I don’t do) because you’ve created systems that value the rich, providing them with unnecessary charity and welfare. You’ve also created a never-ending system of exploitation you all benefit from. White people tax the poorest of us the most, while they tax the wealthiest the least. It makes no common-sense, but if you’re trying to keep an exploitative country afloat, it’s what you must believe in and peddle to your peasants. We don’t have in our communities because racism drives taxation.

Our Next Generations Are Deprived of Opportunities Because of Whiteness

White people don’t believe in investing in the future of our children, just White children. They cannot realize without investing in our future, we won’t have people to sustain us when we are old. Instead, White people try to hold every position of power or source of income until they die, leaving millions of young people no place to go. Whiteness is greedy. Depriving opportunities from the next generation of people means they have less of an opportunity to have what their parents had access to. White people have run America into the ground, and now the next generation has nothing to look forward to. Not only did they run this shithole country into the ground, they won’t get out of the way so others can fix it. Gotta love spicy White people.

White Freedom Makes Life Harder For Us All

The pandemic and mask mandates have shown sane Americans in order for White people to be free, the rest of us must sacrifice our health and even our lives. White people have this delusional fixation with freedom that’s not only wrong, it’s deadly. In order for one person to have freedom in America, someone else must either lose theirs, or have their liberties infringed upon. Usually White folks win the freedom battle every time (turn on the news, look at your social media feeds). White freedom in America dates back to Black folks being chattel slavery. The definition of chattel slavery is a civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another. Black people are still chattel slaves for White people, because they control our lives, our money/wealth, and our liberty. White rule, baby.

White people’s freedom relies on Black folks’ bondage or oppression. If you can’t understand this, examine the ways White Supremacy has absolute power over Black people, and examine how hard White people must work oppressing others to maintain the illusion of freedom and liberty. We protested about it all summer; I know a lot of you White people may have already forgotten. White freedom means Black and brown oppression. Life is hard trying to exist with people who rely on your oppression for their freedom.

Capitalism Makes Life Hard For Us All

This system sustained White slave owners, and it’s evolved to make us all modern day slaves, except Black people seem to be the only ones who realize this. America is one of the few industrialized nations that still uses a pure capitalism economy. Other civilized Western democracies have economies which comprise a healthy mix of socialism (the belief that wealth and income should be shared more equally among people), and capitalism (meaning people should compete freely without interference from government or any other outside force). This pure capitalism system we have doesn’t work, it has never worked, and it never will work, because of racism, cronyism, nepotism, and zero-sum which requires someone to lose in order for someone else to win. That’s how the American dream is achieved. It’s not achieved by working hard, it’s achieved by taking something from someone else. This type of competition requires exploitation, which was sustainable somewhat at one point, but it’s not any longer. We’re all feeling the pain of White Supremacy’s capitalism.

You can’t get blood from a turnip. But White people live and breathe this flawed economic system, even if it means they are exploited by it too. Whiteness sticks together for some stupid shit, and pure capitalism is one of those stupid things. Capitalism makes life hard for everybody, including White people.

Bootstrapping Myths Make Life Hard For All of Us

In America, White people have been taught it’s bad to help anyone except themselves. Not only do they believe helping others is bad, they believe they are the sole sources of their success. Nothing is further from the truth. In order for every White person to be successful, taking an opportunity away from someone else is a requirement. The work hard lie needs to die, because if 2020 has shown us anything, White people can get anywhere they want to in life with wealth, White privilege, and/or White skin. The hardest work most White people will do in their lives is figuring out the connection they must make and the paths they must take to become successful. For White people, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. They are never self made.

Nobody makes it on their own.

Most of use taxpayer-funded public schools (taxpayer funded), get loans (for our homes unless you had wealth passed down to you); the government subsidized their college education with student loans; G.I. Bills Pell Grants and other state aid besides loans often offered by companies who use corporate investors; they use public health care for their elderly parents; maw-maw and paw-paw may have left them insurance policies to help build wealth or to pay for college; someone used wealth secured via benefits of racism to help you along, which makes their entire flawed bootstrap theories lies. Bootstrap myths, which should be easily dispelled with common sense, prevent White folks from caring about their fellow man. They’ve also been brainwashed to ignore the help they receive. Bootstraps is zero-sum, and both are bad for all of us. We all require help to make it on this earth. Only White people seem to not be able to grasp this, making life hard for us all. Help me now, or help me later, but you will help us White people.

We Can’t Be Safe Because of White People

Black people can’t be safe because we’re always watched and policed by White people.

White folks can’t feel safe (because trust me, ya’ll are the safest motherfuckers on the planet), because they’ve created monsters and myths about Black people which center them. They need monsters to validate their existence.

White folks are always the victim, even when they are obviously the biggest perpetrators of crimes against Black and Brown people. White people prevent us from being safe physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally because of their toxic ways of thinking and their lack of desire/ability to change. Living with White people in America is never feeling safe. They even make themselves unsafe by centering inequity, causing some of us to be desperate to survive.

White people also enable White nationalism.

White nationalism hurts all of us, and they grow it right in their homes and communities, yet they ignore it as if it’s nothing.

White Supremacy and White nationalism are unexamined rites of passage for White people, which makes us all less safe.

It’s hard to live in peace when you can’t be safe physically, emotionally, financially, or mentally. We’re all in trauma bondage because of White Supremacy. White people uphold these systems, making life difficult for us all.

White People Appear To Love Making Life Hard For Others

Whether it’s trying to shop in the store and refusing to move out of aisle; forcing folks from sidewalks like they did during Jim Crow; taking up too much space unnecessarily; calling police on Black people and people of color trying to enjoy their lives; minding good and grown folks’ business they aren’t party to; harassing Black children; tone policing Black women; concern trolling; ignoring racism and racists, even those right under their noses; being disrespectful to us online, or decentering Black lives to talk about White issues, White people clearly find joy in making life difficult for others. While they say they don’t, the proof is in how they interact with us daily. White people make living unnecessarily difficult just because they can. Just because they have the privilege to.

White people created an entire Jim Crow etiquette guide that many of them still engage in today, although most pretend to not know it.

Even outside of the country, White people seem to have no clue how difficult their arrogance, ignorance, and “see the manager” flexing disrupts the lives of non-White people. If you’re Black or Non-White, when working with White people in most situations, you’re on pins and needles until the deeds are done, because most White folks are wild cards. At any moment, they can ruin your life. It’s hard making and keeping White people happy, which is why so many people appreciate spaces without White people in them. They are just so much trouble most times, though most never realize how troublesome they are. Life is easier when White people aren’t around. White people enjoy making life hard for others, and there isn’t a person of color in the world who hasn’t had that experience with White folks.

White Apathy About White Supremacy Makes Life Hard

White people love to get back to normal, ignoring major problems of other groups they’ve caused related to racial constructs and racist social hierarchies. The lack of concern about other people and the lack of interests in solving White Supremacy quickly has not only made life hard for the rest of us, it’s literally destroying the country. Not only is White apathy destroying America, White people are exporting their hate across the globe, and the good White folks are acting like it’s another day in the park. Hate begets hate, and White people have rightfully earned all the hate they receive for the lack of action taken to end White Supremacy. It all starts and ends with White people. White apathy only makes things difficult for the entire world.

Doing Nothing Is No Longer An Option

Doing nothing about White Supremacy and individual White behavior is no longer an option. It’s also not the responsibility of victims of hardships created by White people to help resolve them. We don’t make White children who grow up to become racist, White people do that. We don’t create racist institutions, policies, laws, and systems to oppress others. White folks do that too. We don’t build racist institution and we don’t refuse to tear them down. We’re not out here creating Ponzi schemes to extract wealth from poor people and people of color, recruiting minorities to join in on the fun. White people are doing it all.

White people are problematic, even if you believe you aren’t doing anything wrong to be a problem. Thinking you’re not a problem is a problem, because you believe you’re not engaging in any activities that can make life harder for the rest of us. It’s simply not true.

Every day when White people wake up, they should treat Whiteness like an addiction they need to break. There is nothing good about being White because as long as you’re White, you’re a co-conspirator in a racist system. Understanding how Whiteness harms others is your job. If you’re White and reading this (especially if you’re American), understanding and reducing your racist footprints is what you owe the rest of the non-White world. If you’re not American, you may have a unique set of circumstances, and if you life in a totally White nation, you may have no issues at all. But when you travel the world, you will, and you’ll likely be a problem for someone non-White person because you don’t recognize your White privilege, so learn and then become proactive.

It’s not enough to just not be racists, you must become antiracists, otherwise, you simply returning to be racist every day, failing to do anything about your personal racism.

All White people in our racist system are contributing in some way, shape, or form, to the hardships of others, whether it’s the exploitation of our economy to sustain your stock portfolios, trickle down beliefs that’s been proven not to work, racial discrimination that allows White people to stay ahead, systematic injustices which perpetuate equality, or looking the other way/returning to normal, both the results of White apathy, White people are actively working everyday making it harder for the all of us to co-exist peacefully.

The days will get darker before they get brighter White people, and I’m telling you now, if you don’t get up off of your asses, get in these streets with Black protesters, and stand up to your White favorite politicians demanding they do something substantive and tangible about White Supremacy, racism, anti-Blacks, and other socioeconomic issues impacting us, there will not be any peace in America.

White Supremacists are already letting us know they are ready to torch the place if Trump loses. Believe them.

You should also understand we will not allow White people to intimidate, abuse, scare, or physically harm us either. Many of us are searching for ways to get out of our abusive relationships with White Supremacy. It isn’t easy. Our goals are to survive you, and we know most White people could not care less about what happens to us. We know most White folks’ loyalties lie with Whiteness, but its time is almost up. The world is watching you all, especially the inhumane way America has responded to the pandemic. Ebola America and Covid America are two entirely different countries as far as they are concerned.

Racism did that!

Either you’re for us or against us. I know there are quite a few of my readers who actively engage in anti-racism effort, both personal and community-wide, but it’s just not enough.

Examine the ways you contribute to racism all next year. Because the topic isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’re White and tired of talking about racism, we’re tired of experiencing racism and living in a nation among “happy” racists. If we can’t get any refuge or respite from racism, White folks damned sure don’t get to get back to “normal,” close your eyes and ears, and live life as normal. Those days are over. Even if the racist algorithms attempt to silence us, we’re still going to keep talking about racism. The discomfort is intolerable now, and something must be done.

Racism is the virus. White people are the doctors. Antiracism and reparations are the cure. In 2021, White people will be the number one topic on the minds and in the mouths of Black people and people of color, and we will not be talking about how good you were in Wonder Woman 84, how funny and White you all were in Schitt’s Creek, or how handsome Brad Pitt is.

We are talking about White people and their White optimism, White lying, do nothing politicians making promises of change and laughing all the way to the bank, White apathy, and every day causal racism White people expose us to.

If you’re tired of talking about racism in 2020, you’re going to be exhausted in 2021. Until you guys stop making life hard for us, we’ll be right here on repeat like scratch records on a record player where the needle hasn’t been moved.

White people make life hard for all of us. If we’re uncomfortable, you gotta be uncomfortable too.

Marley K in Quarantine on the last day of 2020. I survived, and I didn’t get Covid.

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