White People Never Cared About Voter Suppression

Until it was their votes at risk of being suppressed. My, how things change when White people are affected.

White People Never Cared About Voter Suppression

Until it was their votes at risk of being suppressed. My, how things change when White people are affected.

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Most White People Never Really Cared About Voting Rights

It’s 2020 and many White people will literally have to learn how to vote like disenfranchised and suppressed Black voters in order to get Trump out of office. And to be totally honest, I’m here for it. Nothing drives home the importance of your rights like have those rights snatched from you right in your face. Perhaps now White people will see the need and value in equality for all people, not just White ones, because a society cannot have a democracy without it.

Who would have ever thought White Americans would be worried about their voting rights in a democracy set up by them, just for them? The theft of our rights happening today results from not caring until it affects you, White people! It’s not a good look for White Americans either. Too many White people, especially liberal and progressive voters, never really cared about whether Black votes were suppressed or disenfranchised. Now you get to see and experience firsthand what that looks and feels like. Marinate in this for a moment.

Black folks have been getting the short end of the stick for voting rights since we became citizens. White folks even gave immigrants from Asian ancestry the right to vote before allowing Black descendants of slaves (who were here prior to Asian migration, I might add) the right to vote. White people have been screwing us for a long time. Now White folks are getting the dirt they’ve dished and they can’t take it. And while I’m concerned, I can’t help but feel a tad bit of glee about White folks getting the shaft because I know for White people, the only time they care about anything is when they can feel the connection — meaning they must be directly impacted (negatively) in order to see the importance of any issues.

White people are finally seeing America isn’t really a democracy, and we’ve never had free and fair elections. American Democracy was just finely tuned propaganda crafted by White people to make the rest of the world believe America gives its citizens the right to freely select their own representatives. America doesn’t and never has, just check out the voting rights timelines in this essay and it reveals we in fact have never been a democracy.

In 2020, White people are learning more and more each day that they too live in a shithole, corrupt, authoritarian country. You can spray perfume on this pig, but it’s still stinking! We’ve always had voter suppression in America — always. White folks are usually the beneficiaries of Black and Brown voter disenfranchisement and suppression. White folks ignoring the violation of our civil rights have aided in the wealth and education gaps you see today. It’s time to connect the dots because when you know better, you should be doing better.

White people have been cheating to win as long as this is a country.

From poll taxes to stupid-ass jelly bean tests, to reading tests, White folks have always taken away our right to vote. Snatching machines from the post office ain’t shit to most Black folks, but the culmination of police brutality, job losses, COVID, homeschooling, and Trump’s stupid ass daily, we are just tired. Tired, but not deterred. White people don’t make personal connections unless it directly affects them, and that’s a shame.

For example, my social media threads are overwhelmed with white fear and white worry about White folks not having the right to vote since Trump has decided to delay the mail and remove mail sorting machines which would sort mail-in ballots for those of us voting by mail or should the national election be held by mail because of the pandemic. Suddenly, something needs to happen because White voters’ votes may be suppressed. White folks are laughably demanding something be done — in advance because — White people have rights and shit, ya know.

When the victims of voter suppression for decades were Black folks — we got White silence.

White folks, the darlings of our faux-American democracy (especially White wealthy and upper-middle-class folks living in the suburbs and gated communities) have rarely had to consider obstacles and barriers to casting their votes. The shoe is on the other foot. White folks better learn to wear those shoes well. Welcome to 2020 White people, where this entire year, our dumb President, and his flunky, crooked cronies have no fucks to give about White you or Black me — let alone our ability and right to vote. If you have to die to save him, then so be it as far as he’s concerned.

Sit and simmer in this moment. We didn’t have to be here, and we didn’t get here overnight. This is a generation of apathy and neglect coming full-circle in 2020.

This year is the Last Stand of the White Man, and the White bros are planning on going out with a bang. White men and lots of White women are leaning into stealing power before they lose that ole-timey, General Lee type of White power grip they’ve had for good, and White men are working double-time to cheat all of us out our right to vote.

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

I’m just a habitual victim of voter disenfranchisement. I live in Broward County, Florida, home of the largest population of Democrats in Florida, so I already know the fuckery is afoot. So much so, I’m a professional system circumventer and anti-voter obstruction analyst for good (I made these names up myself so White wordsmiths do at me). It comes from my poor days living back home in Carolina. They changed our polling places all time when I was younger and it never matched the polling place noted on my voter registration card. We also never got a new one updating the new polling location. It was always some bullshit where Black folks lived with voting.

If there is a way to vote, my Black ass will figure it out and get the word out to other Black folks so I can prepare us all. That’s what we do. That’s what those of us blessed to understand our corrupt systems have always done. That’s what my ancestors taught me.

Trump is trying to kill us by any means necessary to keep his old, brokeback mountain, touchy-feely ass out of jail, and since “us” includes you too now White people, suddenly you need to reckon with the fact that we must save ourselves and figure out how we are getting his ass out of our White House. We all know the only way to do this is to vote the unfit booger out of office. Trump knows this too and he’s attempted to ensure he can kill as many poor people, people of color, and Black folks off as he can while attempting to obstruct enough Democratic voters to siphon votes away from Joe Biden.

White folks are the ultimate sacrificial lambs in 2020. I hope they realize this. You are no longer the prized pigs at the fair White people, the Republican Party views anti-Trump, anti-White Supremacy Whites in the same way they view Blacks. You no longer have any value to them anti- Trump White people. Consider yourselves forewarned.

The lesson for White people is that this blatant disregard for our rights happens when your care and concern about humanity has skin tones, racism, and racist biases tied to it. Now that you’ve allowed these violations of civil rights to reach your houses, White people, you must figure out how to get out the vote just like Black folks have since America granted us citizenship to this old shithole country.

For those of you unfamiliar with all the shit Black folks have had to deal with trying to vote, read here, and here for starters. Black folks have always had to learn about the impediments to voting. What Trump and his cronies are doing in 2020 isn’t anything new to Black people.

America has always allowed White men to screw us out of our right to vote.

The rest you can Google or get from your public library for free if you are really vested in educating yourself on the many ways America has, directly and indirectly, prevented Black folks from voting. These are the kinds of things we all have in store for us.

While White voters have taken part in a democracy in America, many Black voters had to fight authoritarianism in the Republic. Well, the days of being able to freely exercise your rights to vote are over. White folks are getting ready to see and feel what it’s like to have your rights robbed right before your eyes and no one gives a shit. You will also see your favorite White politicians not do anything about it. Trump knows White folks will do nothing except demand someone else do something about their inconveniences. He’s banking on White people not stopping him.

Trump knows most people are like him, busy looking for the manager or a fixer when they should be looking in the mirror, eating their Wheaties, ready to fight, and strategizing for November.

I know none of this feels good. Now you know how Black folks feel.

The exception here is some of us Black folks care enough to make sure you don’t have to experience what we suffer through. We also know that your vote weighs more than ours in the big scheme of things. It’s in our best interests to make sure you vote because if you’re safe, then perhaps we can be safe… if you put your good White people thinking caps on.

Since you’re new to the struggle White people, here is your crash course to voting (and thinking) like suppressed and disenfranchised Black voters for 2020. The plans may have to change due to Trump’s fuckery, but know the goal of the bully remains the same — and that’s staying in power. Therefore, you must persist, you must not wait, and you cannot expect a White calvary to come and save you. Those days are over. Trump burned that antebellum movie script in 2016.

We need you and you need us. That’s how you should always be thinking. It’s time to strategize for November 2020.

Learn About Voter Disenfranchisement and Suppression

Most White people don’t understand what voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression are or what they look like. In 2020, White voters anti-Trump folks will learn what voter suppression is. Black people already know, but a few Black folks may be new to the voting rights shuffle. Learn now so you know what it looks like at the local level in your state as we get closer to November. The fuckery isn’t just coming from D.C., it’s already in your home state’s being complicit as hell from your state’s GOP. The cheating will happen at home where you cast your vote. Local elections matter and we vote in our states and counties, not in Washington, D.C. Focus on your respective state’s voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Find The Black Voting Underground Railroad

In every region of the country, there is a formal network of Black people who teach Black people how to navigate the obstacles White folks have used to impede our right to vote. Most have done this work for decades. Find that place or those places NOW. Start early so you’ll know where to go and what to do now, and if things change and strategies change, you’ll be on top of things. Formally introduce yourselves, don’t just show up unannounced all willy-nilly because you will probably scare the heck out of those poor Black folks. They may think you’re ops (opposition), so make sure you’re proving you are a good White person and not acting as if you’re a spy. Most of these organizations and services only see White folks when they want to cause trouble.

Go talk to the head of the Black voter outreach division in your local areas and ask what you need to know now and what you need to do to ensure your vote counts come November. If there is a way to vote, those people will find it. As you partake of service meant to help us, I hope you remember how important voting rights are, and recall the time you need Black folks to teach you how to vote like you’re on the Underground Railroad. Donate, volunteer, help us. Don’t take without giving back.

Also, remember this is a shithole country, and until White people make America a more fair and accessible nation for all people (which should include insisting upon prosecution with a conviction for those who violate our rights in exchange for our votes), things will only get worse.

Plan To Vote Early

In the throes of a pandemic, I’m not recommending anyone go to the polls to vote unless it’s absolutely necessary. If your state has early a voting option, use it, White people. Black folks have historically used the early voting option because we don’t have time for all that election day bullshit White folks do to steal our votes. I vote early unless I know I’m living in an all-White community where there is no concern about voter suppression. This year White people, you will be our special guests on the voter suppression bullshit bus regardless of your neighborhood because the suppression will happen at the post offices instead of local polling places.

If Trump thinks you will not vote for him, he’s working right now to fuck up almost every option for you to vote safely and freely. Plan how you will vote, TODAY! Stop waiting for the manager like Karens and Chads because the manager ain’t coming! Congress has no power, which is why you must they’ve said repeatedly, they are waiting on the American people to vote Trump out of office. Don’t even get me started on the Democratic Party’s lack of power and inability to save us. If you will vote by mail, fill out your application by this weekend so that Supervisor of Elections has time to process your requests.

It’s the same shit racist, power-hungry politicians do to lots of Black folks every election cycle. Voting early ensures your vote counts. Even if you have to bubble wrap yourself to vote early in October, go online or to your local home improvement stores to buy everything you need to protect yourself from being infected with COVID-19 to exercise your right to get that damned monkey out of the White House.

Buy gloves, masks, figure out if you’ll need to pack a lunch and snacks if you have to physically go to the polls. Do you take meds, will you need to have some in case you must stay in the line longer than expected? Buy a wagon to haul all of your shit in the line. Need Rocky theme music while you’re tugging? Will you need a lawn chair in case there are long lines? Will you need a babysitter for the day? Will you need a portable battery charger to charge your phone, papers, or magazines to occupy your time? Talking spreads Rona so you’ll need to plan for a nontraditional day at the polls (keep your mouth closed — COVID-19 is airborne ya know) if you’re going in person. Do your risk management analyses now. Our lives are depending on it!

If ya’ll White people mess this up again and let Trump back into that White House, I swear to God!

Learn How To Vote In Your Area

If you’re getting a mail-in ballot, some states don’t allow you to drop them off. Know in advance so you won’t lose your right to vote. You may need to pay for express mail to mail your mail-in ballot to make sure it arrives on time. Pay the extra money. Four years of Trump, angry White men, and stupid people are enough already! Put a few pennies aside to spend extra to make sure your ballot arrives on time. Also, make sure your state allows this method of returning your mail-in ballot. Don’t rely on one source either. Write down responses, names, dates, and times of any information gathered to compare. If there is any doubt after comparisons, you don’t have a definitive answer yet. Keep checking!

Since Trump is fucking around with the United States Post Office, using First Class Mail won’t be reliable this year. We already know in August the mail service will be unreliable by November. Please make your strategies now.

If you try to mail your ballot at the last minute because you received it at the last minute, it may not get to the Supervisor of Elections on time. Plan for that shit as well because it’s about to be some bull swanky for sure. If it can happen, it will in 2020. Know if you’re early voting in-person and when and where you can vote in person in case your ballot never arrives. Knowing now and checking later helps you prepare a plan to cast that vote. Also, drive-by polling places. Those polling places could suddenly move and you may not know. Try to find out how many voting machines will be at your polling locations. It will determine how long you’ll be there.

Plan, plan, plan. Plan to be outside in a pandemic. Plan to be outside with people who may or may not obey state and local laws with face masks. Be prepared for misinformation, and lots of it. That’s what we have to contend with.

Study your state’s laws. Sign up for a voter alert notification wherever you can so that you can stay up-to-date with all the latest shenanigans from your state’s GOP officials. We Black folks already know White man shenanigans used to keep their White power and rob us of our votes. White people are about to find out. Get ready and stay ready.

Contact Your Local NAACP

The NAACP and other Get Out The Vote (GOTV) organizations used to galvanize and inform Black voters are perfect to help White folks new to the disenfranchisement/suppression shuffle prepare for the robbery happening in plain sight. Some chapters may be more active than others, so call or email so that you can begin learning about what’s happening in your county/region. The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in America, helping Blacks and people of color to vote. It does not exclude white people from partaking of their services. The organization fights for those who have been excluded from participating in our democracy. You’re officially excluded so you’re free to join now White people (lol). The NAACP are experts at helping Black people fight for their civil rights and getting Black folks to the polls.

I’m sure they won’t mind helping a few White folks in their area. Don’t forget to donate (now) and/or volunteer when things get better. Just don’t use our resources and toss us aside like a dirty rag when you’ve got what you need from us. Don’t be your ancestors!

Watch The News & Twitter Feeds

Slowly but surely, there are some talented journalists on top of this robbery about to happen in plain sight. I’m finding my info on government corruption (like the post office sorting machines being removed) and other similar leads on an average of 3–4 days earlier from my Twitter feed than from the traditional mainstream media (MSM). MSM is now in the business of misleading and being late to the party with news we can use. The news appears to be coming out pretty quickly on Twitter and it’s taking mainstream media 2–3 days to catch up if they catch up at all. Follow independent journalists and news organizations to get all the tea on the bullshit from the “Last Stand of the White Man Klan.” Check out Al Jazeera, BBC, and other international news outlets. They show us how ridiculous we look to people around the globe. If that doesn’t help you put things into perspective, nothing will.

Follow Black GOTV activists in your local area. They will keep you informed on tricks and shenanigans happening locally and statewide, which will affect your national ballot. With voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement, you can never know enough. It’s a lot like being a spy.

Create A Vote or Die Tribe

I’m sure there are plenty of people sick of that orange sack of cow patties in the White House and all of his evil, White Supremacists sidekicks. The only way we will save ourselves is if we beat them at every trick they create. Instead of having fear, White people must take on a cannot fail attitude. As long as White people are still the majority, they can’t afford to get tired or discouraged. Create your tribe and keep one another uplifted until November. Share information, create a circle of like-minded White people willing and able to motivate each other, and craft your voting strategies understanding that if you'll don’t vote, we all gonna die. Period.

Support these groups that help fight voter suppression. www.spreadthevote.org, www.fourdirectionsvotes.com and www.wegotthevote.org. The vote you save may be your own!

In Closing

At the end of the day White people, you make up the majority of voters in America. No matter what the media tells you about Black voters, we have very little power to sway the vote. So while yes, our votes count and I believe our votes matter, I know in the big scheme of things White voters and White votes choose our elected officials.

I need White people to learn how to care about what happens to all of us all the time, and not just when they get tangled up in their underwear or lose some right/privilege that’s near and dear to their hearts. Because when you do, what you see happening in 2020 is the result.

White people never cared about voter suppression until it was their votes being suppressed. If we survive this, I hope this chapter in American history drives home the importance of equality. You cannot have a democracy without equality. America has never been a democracy, and it won’t ever become one until White people make it one. This year will be the ultimate test for our generation on whether White folks are serious about equality.

I’m watching your every move and I’m holding you all accountable.

Marley K. in Quarantine 2020