White People Should Never Have The Privilege Of Leading

You’re busted, disgusted, and you should never be trusted based on your long, wretched history leading in America. (Pt. 1)

White People Should Never Have The Privilege Of Leading
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There are several reasons White people shouldn’t have the privilege or honor of leading Blacks and people of color. I just noted a few, but I could go on for days about the long history of Whites governing unfairly and managing unjustly stemming back to George Washington. When we Black folks say we’re voting for the lesser of the two evils, here’s why we say this. If you are White and your feelings get hurt easily, please leave now.

Now let’s proceed.

The Reasons

They Cheat: When it comes to cheating, White people are world-renowned, world-class cheaters. They not only cheat, but they also cheat in our faces (i.e. politics) and then try to convince us they worked hard to win. The icing on the cake with these cheaters is when they tell us they deserve it. White folks love to wag their fingers at us, telling us we need to work harder when working hard had nothing to do with their success. White people are the poster children of unearned privilege and deliverance from hard work thanks to cheating and White skin. Cheating is the way White people have survived in the world. Most White folks aren’t ashamed enough to stop doing it either.

White people are blessed today because they (and their ancestors) denied, took, stole, barred, killed, or prevented other people from acquiring, surviving, thriving, achieving, and moving up — so cut your bullshit out. We should consider your collective legacies a crime against Black and Brown humanity. If you wonder why we don’t want you to save us, review the collective history of White people.

White men love to tell us how they’ve worked hard and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps generation after generation without recalling how the government has helped them out far more than they’ve helped any other ethnic group in America (i.e. the G.I. Bill). Many White families enjoyed government programs minorities weren’t entitled to, and let’s not forget this nation’s biggest White folks entitlement program, slavery. White people have reaped unspoken benefits from being descendants of slave owners. A history of cheating should disqualify White people.

Mitch McConnell and his slave-owning, faux bootstrapping family should be the poster children of why they shouldn’t lead, yet year-after-year he has the honor and pleasure of leading us. That’s the epitome of cheating and rubbing our Black faces in it. White folks cheated to get on top and they must cheat to stay on top and in control. Add a side of good old racist amnesia and that about sums this puppy up.

If Whites don’t understand how they’ve cheated minorities yet won’t or can’t make it right, how can they lead?

They War Too Much: White people need an enemy at all times or they’d have nothing to be afraid of but themselves. It’s the reason we’re amid ANOTHER race war. Folks of color must be off minding their own business and here come White folks. If White folks aren’t warring trying to get folks of color to assimilate, they war with them to take control of their natural resources. They basically need to steal to survive.

Warring with Black and Brown folks is in White folks’ DNA, yet they have the fuckin nerve to talk about their anxiety because shit is changing. I can’t even debrief that insanity. People are sick of fucking White folks starting shit globally, and we’re tired of a capitalistic approach to business and humanity. War is war, and you White people have exhausted the world with your ways of maintaining your power and control. You don’t deserve to lead us, or yourselves. You believe in zero-sum and fighting and neither of those ends means any of us any good.

They Lie: White people recreate and manufacture history, perpetuate misinformation among themselves about history, create smoke and mirrors to hide how they’ve cheated and stole, and so forth. They just lie. How can anyone trust them when they’ve lied so much, for so fucking long, about so many things? White people will lie and then sow discord when the truth is about to be revealed. They’ll seal public records so their lies won’t come out in our lifetimes. They lie in our faces and will ask us to ignore the facts. It’s the ultimate gaslighting. How can we trust White people when they have such a long history of lying about everything and anything to avoid responsibility? You can’t and you shouldn’t. When they’ve shown us who they are, we’re stupid for believing anything otherwise.

They Can’t Accept The Truth: White people are incapable of accepting the truth, accepting advice or accepting recommendations from non-White people, especially us Blacks. This denialism should immediately disqualify White people from leading us or themselves. To me it shows an implicit bias, and if you can’t accept the truth from non-White people because you’re biased, how in the hell are you going to lead those folks fairly? You won’t.

No matter how many words we use, studies we provide, or how much history we spout, White people refuse to grab hold of the truth about themselves. We can’t even tell them how much they’ve hurt us without them turning the tables and making it about them, which leads me to my next one, selfishness.

They Are Selfish: It’s always me, me, me, and me with White people. My feelings, me first. I thought. I’m right. You misinterpreted. My beliefs. My way. I thought. Not all of us. My money. It’s all me and mines with White people. Their inability to see a world that doesn’t center them is absolutely a deal breaker for leadership privileges. Even when White people attempt to be selfless, somehow it ends up being about them and their valor. People of color are tired of playing nice with White people. We know you will not change, and we know good Whites are afraid of bad Whites.

If you will not change White people, then step aside and allow us to lead ourselves and stop nominating your own folks over and over who leads the way you’re accustomed to. If White people like how White people lead, you can bet ya grandma it’s bad for non-White people. Great leaders aren’t selfish and they sure as hell shouldn’t be biased or racist. Just pass the torch please and thank you, White people. It’s time for a new thing.

They Have Little Regard For Human Life: White people have shown us consistently the only lives they care about are White ones. Hell, they can’t even stop White people from shooting up their kids, so how can they save a country? White people view everyone else as either someone in need of saving (inferior), an enemy that needs to be destroyed (war), competitors (zero-sum), or invaluable (see Covid-19 responses).

White people continually allow bad things to happen to non-White people, and they never fix what they break before making things worse. Covid-19 has exposed White people’s historic disregard and disenfranchisement of Blacks and people of color in America. Every inequity and injustice has been laid bare. They’re unable to see that nothing will change as long as they are in charge of making things better because they are incapable of doing so (see a Black or Brown history book). The long history of hating of Whites hating Blacks and Browns in America shows how little regard they have for our lives. With such a track record, please ask yourselves, would you trust White people with your life?

They Lack Culture: White people lack real culture and meaningful exposure to different cultures, which one of the main reasons I’m opposed to them leading anyone anywhere these days. White culture (yes, “White” has a culture) is the only culture that matters to White people, and White people are the only people that matter to White people collectively. The rest of us non-White folks are some cultural enrichment trip or fetish where White folks can go explore, get brownie points for being cultured in things other than Whiteness, fuck up the places they visit by “helping make things better” the White way, then they retreat to their White spaces — thankful they don’t have to live like the rest of us Black or Browns.

Getting cultured isn’t just going to Black protests, passing legislation with the words Black in it, or coming to our churches when you need our votes. None of that counts. Being down with Black and Brown is a lifestyle, not a political strategy or missionary assignment. You get no blessings from me because you got one old photo of you protesting 60 years ago. Sorry, not sorry! Understanding various cultures helps you understand how your White footprint has harmed those cultures. Without culture, you can’t possibly understand what non-White people need White people.

They Refuse To Acknowledge The Benefits of Racism: White people refuse to examine and/or acknowledge how they benefit from institutional, structural, and social racism. Because they don’t know how they benefit and don’t understand how our institutions and structures are designed to favor White folks, it’s impossible for White people to design any response that would dramatically decrease or eliminate racism. I’m tired of the revolving door of racist White saviors who don’t know they are racist. Allow victims of racism to lead.

They Hog Seats At The Table: We (Native Indians and Black Americans) were the minority groups here the longest, treated the worst, and the last to get seats at the table. White folks have an infinity for immigrants because most will do what’s necessary to live that dream they keep telling us about. Immigrants quickly assimilate, unknowingly becoming gatekeepers for White Supremacy, believing their achievements and assimilation will get them permanent passes into the club.

They always learn.

Most immigrants don’t know they are useful tools to White people. Blacks and American Indians understand this, which is why we refuse (as much as possible) to play White reindeer games with White people. Sadly, we know White people better than they know themselves. In return, we’re punished for knowing them by being the last folks to get a seat at the White Master’s table.

A lot of Black people and people of color think not having a seat at a White table is a bad thing, and many immigrants think they are superior or special because they have that seat. What those tokens, placeholders, and gatekeepers at the table don’t understand that it’s just a matter of time before Whites flip the script on them too — like blaming Chinese Americans for the Wuhan Flu or labeling Arab Americans as terrorists for praying in their native tongue on an airplane. Because Whites believe it’s their right to punish us for resisting their inhumane demands or because we refuse to assimilate to their culture, they shouldn’t be allowed to lead us.

They Won’t Listen and Can’t Hear: We explain to them in great detail and at great length how much they are hurting us, and they tell us how much they aren’t. Because they can be so inhumane, cruel, and because of their indifference to Black and Brown pain, we can’t trust them with our lives. Strong relationships start and thrive with good communication, and we’ve never had strong relationships with White people because of their listening and hearing problems. They don’t care, not enough to change anyway. Until White people learn to be in relationships with otherness, they shouldn’t lead us. It’s just not safe.

They Are Vengeful: When White people don’t get their way; they take revenge (i.e. Bernie Supporters voting for Trump in 2016 and threatening to do so in 2020). Vengeful Whites of all stripes give no fucks about the impact of their actions and choices. They only care about one thing, and that’s themselves (see selfishness). I even had one Bernie supporter tell me they will start watching Fox and the rest of us are on our own because we Blacks were wrong for choosing Biden over Sanders. He basically told me he had done his part because we “Blacks” didn’t support the other White guy — as if one was truly better for the other.



I was extremely disappointed because I’d reluctantly given this White person the benefit of the doubt. He proved me right, and it hurt. When those of us who know White people don’t choose the White people, White folks us want us to, they retaliate in such a vindictive and predictable fashion it defies logic. White words don’t matter as much as White actions do.

White people have shown us how evil and callous they can be about Black and Brown lives over the centuries, especially in times of local, state, and national crises. When White folks don’t get their way, they do something bad either directly or indirectly, so they shouldn’t be responsible for any lives except White ones so that whatever bad-bad happens, it just impacts White people. Maybe if they get a taste of their own medicine, they’d see how it feels to be treated poorly by Whites. We don’t need anymore vengeful White people leading us, nor do we need that kind of allyship. It sets relations back every time it happens.

But wait, there’s more. There’s always more.

White People Should Never Have The Privilege Of Leading (Part II)
They cannot lead others if they cannot manage themselves.

Marley K. 2020