White Power Is On The Ballot In 2020

Don’t let White people fool you into thinking otherwise. A brief discussion about election 2020 and how Whiteness is fighting to maintain its power.

White Power Is On The Ballot In 2020
Racism. The elephant in the room. Photo: Backbone Campaign/Flickr

White Power Is On the Ballot

Let’s not kid ourselves. White power is on the ballot in 2020. Those on both sides of the aisle in Congress are putting their political aspirations before the Constitution. It’s clear now their Congressional seats come before the country, and none of them have any problem verbally stating it. I cringe every time a pundit shares with us one of our representatives is deciding how to vote based on saving their seat. What’s strange about it is that we all are co-signing the obvious. Voters tolerate elected officials telling them to their faces they won’t do anything to the current occupant of the White House for the sake of saving their seats. Many of these scammers have held their seats twenty years or more. Most them are White people trying to hold on to White power.

Congress is overwhelmingly White, with Non-Hispanic whites making up 78% of voting members in the new Congress. The percentage of White representation in is greater than the percentage of Whites in the U.S. (61%). Only 12% of House members are Black, which is like the demographic makeup of Black Americans nationally. While Native Americans just recently reached 1% in the House of Representatives, only 22% of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are racial or ethnic minorities. From the top down, America’s national power structures are White.

Those Voting For Trump

The men and women voting for Trump and the GOP in 2020 can no longer say they are voting for because he (fill in the blank with nonsense here). Trump has done nothing for America. All he’s done over the last few years is lie to the American people, used the government as his personal piggy bank, made the entire nation look like a fool, enrich rich men, impoverish working-class and poor men, and harass Blacks and People of Color directly and indirectly.

Trump did a lot of symbolic tokenism stuff like freeing Black criminals from prison on behalf of high priestess of Black exploitation and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, and pardoning lots of racist white-collar criminals who broke the law like Joe Arpaio. This President has circumvented, raided, and exploited every law and rule he could, with not a backbone in sight to stand up to him on either side of the aisle.

White people can’t continue selling us wolf tickets telling us they think Trump’s doing a good job, because he’s not. White people also can’t continue to tell the sane population of America they wish he’d be quiet, but they like everything else he’s doing, because we know what that’s code for. Just tell us what you really feel.

What these White Trump worshipers really mean allying with Trump is that they love his disobedience. They love how he flaunts and circumvents the law, because they mostly believe laws are for Blacks and others, not them. Trump’s supporters are living vicariously through him. Supporters fear Brown, and hate Black, and they don’t want to share with them. They believe in zero-sum thinking, and would rather kill non-Whites and White folks who believe in equality than to share with us. They love White power. They have it, or super close proximity to it (i.e. White women) for 400 years and counting. This group of voters is threatening another civil war to maintain White power, or they at they are threatening enough violence to keep Black and Brown people from rebelling.

These voters know it will be hell to pay if we Blacks ever rebel (again) collectively.

White power for White people is on the ballot in 2020 for these voters. It’s angry, and it’s scared. It’s weak, and it’s ignorant. It lies, cheats, and it steals. White power will do anything and everything it can to remain in power. They’ll share a little with non-White allies if they help tow the line. No matter what they say with their mouths, I want them to know they aren’t fooling anyone.

We’ve been watching you, and I want to let you know we see right through ya. We see you stacking more unqualified, racist federal judges to benches hoping to roll back our basic civil rights. It will not work, but if that’s the hill you guys want to die on, so be it.

Those Liberal White Dem Voters

For liberal Democrats, White power is on the ballot too, it just looks and sounds differently. For most liberals, they forget Blacks and people of color are on the ballot because the White newsroom are in the tank for Whiteness. Specifically, Kamala Harris has been erased from the 2020 Presidential campaign. While I don’t particularly care for her, I’ve noticed nearly all the Black and Brown 2020 Presidential candidates struggled to get airtime. Whites value the White men in power, and they are comfortable with their proximity to it. This election cycle Whiteness is the only currency White liberals value, even if they know a Black or Brown candidate is the better option.

They only trust themselves.

Liberal White voters have White anxiety (aka White Extinction Anxiety). These voters always have White anxiety. Nothing makes them comfortable except themselves. They hate to be called racist. They make many excuses for why otherness is inadequate to lead them. Lots of liberal White voters don’t feel Black and Brown candidates are rarely qualified enough to be President. Old, White candidates make them feel safe, even if they have one foot in the grave. All the various Democratic anti-Black racial groups under the liberal umbrella silently coalesce White Supremacy too. More power for Liberal Whiteness means power for this segment of too.

Let’s not forget about the White liberal pink pussy hat wearers. These White women are desperate to snatch the power of White men. They want to police Black women and women of color, telling us how to vote. With no regard for our concerns or distrust, White women are telling us Elizabeth Warren is the best choice for us because she’s the best choice for them. A White woman in power to them means there is still proximity to White power, and that’s good enough for them.

It doesn’t matter if Blacks believe Warren’s lack of civil rights record disqualifies her, her claiming to be a minority, or her theft of Kamala’s plans, liberal White Dem voters expect Black Dem voters to overlook, excuse, dismiss, and forgive their candidate’s shortcomings so their person can win. Like most White voters, they have a blind allegiance to Whiteness, and they’ll work diligently to convince us to disregard our desire for power to ensure they maintain power.

Non-White voters are witnessing a fight between Trump’s overtly racist White power and covertly racist liberal White power. The only winners in the fight for this kind of power are White people. The rest of us are tokens and trophies.

Black Voters

Black voters are sick and tired of both White liberals and conservative White Supremacist voters, because neither party is good for us. Neither party will share its power, and neither party is interested in combating their racism. Both parties are in denial about their racism problems, and neither party is interested in addressing the concerns of Black voters. Political parties and candidates tell Black voters what our issues are every four years as if we are illiterate and uninformed, rarely does the party ask us what we want or need from them.

The party’s two favorite designated topics for Blacks are criminal justice reform and Black unemployment rates. White liberals and Conservatives dig up some old stuff, dust it off, find some updated stats, and use it as their Black agenda.

The top White candidates in the 2020 race don’t have a clue about us, because the only time they come around is to pander for votes. They love talking to us, but they rarely listen. White front runners are tone deaf, and unbothered by our disgust. They know we don’t have anywhere else to go.

Let’s be clear. Election 2020 is about White power, White anxiety, White demographic changes, and White anger about minorities and immigrants taking “their jobs.”

If you think Election 2020 is only about Donald Trump, you have been sleepwalking. White Power is on the ballot, and by the look of things, there is very little we can do about it.

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