Whiteness Wants To Change The Rules When Roughed Up By Cops

The Roger Stone arrest is a perfect example of how White Supremacy changes the rules they get to create to shield and protect Whiteness…

Whiteness Wants To Change The Rules When Roughed Up By Cops

The Roger Stone arrest is a perfect example of how White Supremacy changes the rules they get to create to shield and protect Whiteness. Suddenly, Trump wants to change the arrest rules related to how the FBI arrests suspects. He believes Stone should have been treated “differently” or “better” than other suspects or alleged criminals (code for not like regular people, poor people, Black people, people of color) who come in contact with a criminal justice system.

Roger Stone, an admitted liar, got what he’s been asking for trouble for decades, so he should have been expecting a visit from the cops one day. If he wasn’t shame on him. In any event, after he was released in Fort Lauderdale, on the courthouse steps he noted the FBI treated him very well.

There were no “accidents.” There was no blood spilled. The only thing that was bruised during the process was Roger Stone’s huge ego. He even made it a point to say the FBI were courteous to him during the arrest (Start at 1:58 of the video). The next day, he was singing a new song.

Cry me a river why don’t ya bro flakes? If Roger Stone feels like he was violated because the police just came into his home and fucked his shit up for no reason…now he knows how the fuck Black people feel every time it happens to us.

I’m glad he got the “Black experience” although I’m sure he didn’t because he’s alive, congratulations! Now maybe he and his supporters will have empathy for people of color who feel the same way. Can’t wait to see if the White advocacy and criminal justice reform requests will be reciprocated to communities of color and Black Lives Matter when they seek an intervention. I’m not holding my breath though.

I. Don’t. Care. About. Roger. Stone’s. Arrest.

Roger Stone is alive, free to go back to his big mansion on the water here in Florida or his home in New York. Stone got to pay his bail to get out of jail with the bail money he had secured via his Gofundme account (because he knew he was going to jail — wink, wink). Stone was able ensure the government wouldn’t be able to hold him due to his inability to secure bail. Roger Stone knows the system not meant to keep a “good” White man down all too well.

He knows how the system works. And so he should. He’s apart of the species that helped to design such an unjust system.

Roger Stone was trusted, free to fly on his own with his bodyguard to Washington, D.C. to attend his hearing. He left his hearing and went over to Alex Jones’s studio to speak to his supporters via Info Wars in order to more garner moral and financial support. Roger Stone is blessed. He’s alive. He’s free. And gets to live a full life every day until the slimy dude gets his day in court.

People of color and poor people don’t get the same luxuries afforded to Roger Stone’s because he is a primary beneficiary of White Privilege and White Supremacy. Roger is entitled in ways many Americans are not.

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I have received quite a few comments (which were irrelevant, posted to my essays on different topics I might add) about how the FBI was “too excessive” when seeking to apprehend suspect Roger Stone. I’m amazed at the men and women who will come to the defense of a Roger Stone when he would never come to their aid. He’d never create a Gofundme page to aid in their defense. Roger Stone could care less about whether or not the police treated his supporters well. What has he ever done for the average Joe Schmoe’s legal defense?

I never heard Roger Stone or Trump comment on any of the cases noted above pertaining to police brutality. I didn’t even mention the other cases where Black men coming in contact had their lives snuffed out because scary cops decided to play judge, jury, police, and prosecutor. I think it’s absolutely absurd, it’s hypocritical, and it’s deflecting.

It’s also typical and expected. Whiteness can’t see the cruise ship in their eye for trying to point out the speck of dust in the eyes of people of color. They can tell people of color how terrible they are, yet they can’t ever see or identify their faults. It’s so old, and the Bro Flakes need to stop.

Yet again, bro flakes show the world how laws and rules are not for them — the laws and rules are for “other” people.

Funny how the force was too excessive when the suspect is wealthy, White, and the holder of many secrets and tricks of President Trump. Suddenly, Trump supporters care about “the force” used to apprehend a suspect who threatens folks and their poor animals.

I recall not long ago, the current occupant of the White House encouraged all of the police within the sound of his voice (including the ones he employs) to “Rough up suspects,” and to “Not be too nice to suspects.”

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It seems cheeto satan has had a change of heart on police brutality these days. As usual and as many of us already know, there are two sets of rules when it comes to the criminal injustice system.

People of Color and the poor should take notice. It’s great to actually see what we complain so loudly about take place right before our eyes. Our truths are being proven to the world right before our eyes. There really are double-standards in policing.

If you’re poor, those “special rules” that apply to suspects like Roger Stone and people of his ilk aren’t for you.

What rules are for you poor person and Black person, you ask? Roughing up is for you. Pushing your head in the police car and bumping your head is in your future. Death, accidental or intentional, is for you. Suspect looks any and everywhere are for you — you always look like a suspect due to your skin color. Jail, welp, that’s for you too my friend. As long as you’re rich, White, well connected, a man, and you have friends in high places — you have a different set of rules. Hands off, don’t touch, bail, fair treatment, and your life are your privileges.

Instead of Trump and his followers being disappointed in how the FBI treated his friend and “close-companion” Roger Stone perhaps they should reach out to others who have experienced “similar treatment” and work on criminal justice reform.

Work on reforms like no more police profiling of Black communities and Black people, no more shooting unarmed Black and Native Americans, and busting into the homes of suspects and killing young children. Let’s see how serious White-White collar criminals and Trump supporters really are.

I’ll wait for it.

In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of responses defending the indefensible. Hold on to your britches ya’ll.

Marley K, January 2019