Who Is Running the Nation? It’s Sure Not This One!

If Trump and Pence are campaigning and Paul Ryan has abdicated his duties, who is running America? Who has America covered as Trump and Pence campaign for the GOP? It feels a lot like September 2004 when Bush was vacationing like a rock star before 9/11.

Who Is Running the Nation? It’s Sure Not This One!

Is anyone concerned about who is working in Washington, D.C.? The last time I recall a sitting U.S. President took such a long hiatus from office (a month long vacation) appearing to be asleep at the wheel, we got 9/11.

So, exactly who is running the country if all of the leaders are campaigning and cheer leading to remain in power? Let’s take inventory for a minute (And don’t come with your “Whataboutitis leaving messages on this post about Obama because he is NOT the President, he’s unemployed responsible for no one except his wife and kids).

He’s campaigning (not working). This person is our number one in command:


He’s campaigning (not working either). Vice President Mike Pence is our number two in command:


He’s done quit, but still gets paid (laying down on the job and has abdicated his duty). Paul Ryan is our number three in command:


And that cat that swallowed the canary, the man with the behind-the-scenes, King fascist master planner Senator Mitch McConnell sits in silence as well. (definitely working, biding his time). He unfortunately is our number four in command should something happen to the other three hard-working gentlemen:

If all these good politicians are out trick-or-treating, who’s really running America? Did you even realize there is no at the helm? Likely not, we’re all lulled asleep with political propaganda. We are distracted, and that’s just how they want to keep us.

It feels like early September 2004 before 9/11, but it also feels like we’re heading back to 30’s and 40's. This could very well be the calm before the storm for America. Are you ready for the drama that comes with this bullshit?

I know I’m not.

History continues to repeat itself because we here in America refuse to pay attention, learning from painful life lessons and experiences. America has a lot of enemies, civilized ones too. They are the kind just waiting to catch us asleep and unprotected to yet again take away our sense of peace and freedoms. It’s feeling like one of those times, and I’m quite nervous.

For people who have never been enslaved or if you’re not descendants of slaves, you may feel a little more comfortable in this environment because generations before you never had anything to fear. Your freedom has never been on the line. You my friends are this nation’s greatest danger to our democracy. Your comfort and complacency will lead to lots of discomfort for others.

But for those of us with histories directly connected to being on the receiving end slavery, fascism, communism, or genocide…you know where I’m coming from and you know this feeling I’m describing. You see the train wreck on the horizon. There is nothing we can do to stop it.

Fascism is the politics of emotion, and the emotions that evokes in us fear and disgust. The leaders of this nation in both parties are practicing the politics of fear and disgust, and it’s working. The GOP unfortunately has perfected it though. It feels like we are at the beginning of the final phase to usher in authoritarianism from what I’ve read.

Something is wrong with us. Our current government is looking and sounding exactly like the Nazis these days. The Nazis constantly railed against corruption but exemplified it. America looks like and sounds like Nazis in 2018.

It’s very disturbing that something is wrong here and no one is noticing. There is no one leading us, and most people in America seem to be absolutely fine with it, choosing to focus on Tuesdays elections instead of worrying about our ship without a captain!

America is in some deep shit, and there isn’t enough toilet paper in America to wipe it away. Tuesday isn’t going to put the ugly genie back into the bottle.

Please. Wake. Up.

For goodness sake, take your fish oil pills people! Play memory mind games. Watch less news and listen to less talk radio (it’s this nation’s propaganda machine people). Go to the library and ask for help finding books about civilizations that have fallen. Take the time to comprehend the reasons why.

Study the world’s most ruthless leaders. Don’t fear them, understand them. Retain what you’ve read. Remember why great civilizations fall. Compare today’s events to past global events. Use your healthy brains for the love of freedom!

Lastly, use your own minds to stop the coming of this dysfunctional authoritarian government. If you don’t put a check on this government, it’s going to put a check on you, and now the way you expected your government to either.

It’s a bed a few of us will have made, but many of us will have to lay in…that’s if some of us even survive. Oh how sinister mankind can be.

What will some of you do when you discover there is no savior coming to rescue you (at least not in your lifetime), and you didn’t have the common-sense or fortitude to save yourselves? Look at Syria, Russia, Greece, Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, Guatemala, Congo, Brazil, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine…all of the history lessons here we fail to remember. There is nothing new under the sun. In just a matter of time, it will be our turn if we continue to sleep at the wheel.

Look at the people and the suffering in those places noted, and yet America acts as if it could never happen here. Are we really that foolish?

I can’t stand to look, but I also can’t look away. It’s one of the most awful feelings in the world. I’m watching someone I love dearly depart from thee.

Her name is America.

We all should heed the warning of the poem on the side of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which says,

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not Jewish. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.”

At a certain point people, it’s too late. Your silence is consent. Vote like you’re revoking permissions, with authority. I hope it’s not already too late.

But it sure feels that way!

Marley K., 2018