Why Are White Men The Preferred Pacifiers of White People?

It doesn’t matter how mediocre, inept, corrupt, dumb, evil, or racist he is, it seems a White man is the only man who can pacify White…

Why Are White Men The Preferred Pacifiers of White People?
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The White Man Pacifier

A pacifier is also known as a soother for infants and some toddlers. It’s an artificial nipple designed for babies to suck on for comfort. White men are White people’s pacifiers. The majority of White men are given permanent pacifier status, even though they’ve physically and financially violent, unreliable, and harmful to our physical well-being. White folks seem to only be comforted when a White man is leading them, exemplified by the thumbing of their noses at a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2016.

White people need their White-person pacifiers because they are the only person most of them have been programmed to trust. Because of White people needing a White man pacifier to comfort their egos and insecurities, many of us are getting the White man we never deserved.

We’re now forced to suck on their perceived pacifier, even though he’ll never bring us any comfort. Even after Black folks warned White folks about choosing and tolerating this racist pacifier for financial gain, they still choose their off brand pacifier it, anyway. The need for White people to have a White male leader, even a shitty one, defies all logic.

Every time I see or hear a mediocre or dumb White guy leading a state, commanding a ship, or in a high-level cabinet position, I wonder to myself how in the fuck did he get into that position in the first place? Am I missing something? How is it that White people can gloss over such mediocrity of White men, passing them off unto us as if they are some kind of Messiahs? Too many White folks are only comforted by Whiteness, not intellect, not leadership skills, not interpersonal skills, not human decency, and not humility.

They only see White. White is their default. White people covers for Whiteness.

In a matter of three short years, our entire country and way of life has been permanently disrupted by a rich, dumb, racist, White guy that a bunch of White people insisted we make our new Messiah. In electing him, his willfully and woefully ignorant voters claimed they were making America great again. People of color knew that shit was code for they wanted to make America White again, but okay.

I’m never forgetting that shit. Ever.

White people needed their White man pacifier to comfort them. White people are so ashamed of the fact they won’t even admit. They’ll claim they chose their pacifier because he would make the economy better. You know all the fancy White folks buzzwords used to rally the White troops. Their 401Ks were so important to them and their families, they said. They liked how he talked. Now just look at our raggedy, broke-back asses as a nation, We’re crippled to the brink of total collapse. The whole damned country is falling apart, and no amount of money can save these folks. We got one wheel left on this fuckin broken-down bus before it dies, turning into a big fireball like in the movies.

White people love their White man pacifiers, even if they cause them serious problems due to prolonged use.

White men have always been the preferred pacifiers for White people, and the rest of us have them shoved down our throats despite them negatively impacting our personal/professional/community growth and development. White have been not to be all that good for Blacks and people of color. Truth be told, they’ve never been able to save us from bad White people. They’ve never apologized to us for enslaving our ancestors. They’ve never atoned for their sins, they’ve rarely quelled our worried spirits, nor nourished our weary bodies.

Black folks have just kind of endured White pacifiers, one after the other. I don’t even know how we did it, but we’ve somehow survived.

But this White man pacifier, Satan’s baby daddy, may be the pacifier that ends all pacifiers. Probably not.

After experiencing a Donald J. Trump presidency and the plague that he exacerbated with his ineptitude, White people, you all have lost all credibility with me. It’s not just that White people elected him, but they could not even rid us of him. Why should anyone listen to what you guys have to say at this point? Your credit is bad.

White people have taught a master-class on White Supremacy over the past 13-years. The most valuable lessons I’ve gained over the last three years has been that White people will stick together no matter what, and they don’t know how to fight. They won’t even fight to save themselves. They’ll stick together in doing nothing. They’ll stick together in cyber gathering and twittering do nothing. They’ll stick together, not having a clue. They’ll stick together, not giving a fuck. They’ll stick together wrong as hell. They’ll surely stick together to be evil, and they’re showing us they will go down on this sinking mother-fucking ship called America like Leonardo DiCaprio did on the Titanic movie.

Even when White folks are at risk of dying, they can’t seem to muster up enough courage and fortitude to save themselves. They look around for a White-man pacifier to save them from self destruction. How in the fuck are they going to save me, if they can’t save themselves? They rely heavily on their trusty White man pacifiers to save them. Rarely does the White man pacifier save anyone ever, at least not without sacrificing non-Whites.

They litter their fairytales with White pacifiers who save them, reinforcing the idea they must have a White man to comfort them.

The White man pacifier syndrome explains why a Black person with a better personality, more education, more professional experience, better ideas, a better professional platform, and a better overall professional track record can be dismissed for an old White mediocre, racist, clueless White guy time and time again.

White people need their White man pacifiers.

It explains why they’ll snub a highly qualified Black for a less experienced White woman. White people trust White people, the people they choose to be around the most. White women also have White woman pacifiers. Some White women are so selfish if it will be a woman for anything leadership, for many women it’s gotta be a White one. White women will slap a woman of color beneath them so fast it will make their head spin. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and the hypocrisy doesn’t escape us. You say vote like a Black woman until Black women decide, then you revert to your old White woman ways. You go back to what makes you feel comfortable, most times it’s a philosophy you never left.

White women act as White women’s pacifiers too. White women give White women comfort.

It’s the reason an Asian candidate presidential candidate can suggest a universal income for Americans and White folks will call him a socialist. Meanwhile, a White man can suggest the same idea, call it a fancy name like a stimulus package, say it’s meant to help primarily rich White business folks, and White people will accept it and call it American, no questions asked. They call it democracy in action. As long as it’s a White man saving us, all is well in the world.

White men are the White people’s pacifiers.

It’s the reason a Jewish White guy could have a plan for universal healthcare for all of us after racist White men and women stripped the Black guy’s healthcare plan covering some of us, rendering it useless. White folks are perfectly okay with the foolery. White folks will find fault in anything that isn’t White. If it’s not an idea presented by a White man, then it’s a bad one. White man pacifiers are always fucking shit up.

White people will settle for nothing less than their White man pacifiers.

Instead of White people admitting they are racist, they’ll come up with any old excuse to deny the fact. They’ll never admit they’ve been trained by White men to only trust White men.

Black folks know White people adore their White man pacifiers, and that’s why we have “doe-doe-the doe-doe-head” leading us through a freaking plague. White people, ya’ll put entirely too much trust in White people, and it’s past time you put away your childish ways. It’s time to put your binkies in the trash. Pacifiers are not meant to comfort you for your entire lives. Pacifiers are for babies.

Babied Whites Need Their White Man Pacifiers

I’m waiting for White folks to be weened off their preferred brand of pacifier, White men. Pacifiers are for babies, not for grown ass folks. Get your shit together, White people!

Pacifiers are used to sooth babies to sleep, and White folks, you’ve been asleep for far too long, White people. Wake up, White men are killing us all. You guys are dying too. Try something new, like minorities.

Pacifiers help babies stay asleep when they are disturbed. White men are used to keep White folks walking around here either oblivious to the fact our lives are changed forever by them collectively. We’re being disturbed by lots of White men, and your response is to buy guns to protect you from Black people, buy all the toilet paper up from your neighbors, and Clorox your way out of the mess. Being disturbed even with your White man pacifier in place is apparently par for the course.

White people love their White pacifiers.

Pacifiers are used to calm frightened babies, and White men have been used as pacifiers to calm the fears of fragile White folks, conditioned to fear Blacks and otherness. Your biases and superiority complexes got us here. Changing your pacifiers will set us captives free — or cause us all to die here in this sunken place. But hey, what do I know, right?

White people love their White pacifiers.

Pacifiers are used to keep babies quiet, and White people select White men to speak on behalf of people they have no clue about all the time, constantly silencing a large majority of us and taking away our ability to speak for ourselves. White men keep Black people and other minorities quiet, and White bystanders are perfectly fine with it. It’s time for new pacifiers. If White men pacifiers were a real brand of pacifier regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they would have been pulled off-the market hundreds of years ago. Why anyone is still buying the White man pacifier is beyond me.

Because White people love their White pacifiers.

Every time White people give unwarranted preferences to White candidates, especially when other candidates of color are in races, you’re saying something without saying it. By not being able to place a Black candidate or candidate of color on the top of a political or social ticket, White people are letting us know they are choosing their White comfort with no regard for our safety or need to see and hear a representation of ourselves. It’s another form of assimilation. Most White people don’t even recognize what they are doing. They discriminate without actively analyzing all options on the table. They do it because they like their White pacifiers.

White must be first, and White must be right. Period. The untrustworthy old pacifier to maintain White comfort.

Can You Really Justify Your Pacifiers?

My question to you White people is when are you all going to grow up and ween yourselves away from your pacifiers? The last thing anyone in America should seek these days is comfort from is a White man if you read history books and are living through the Covid-19 plague now. White men leading us are hit or miss and we keep giving White folks keep giving them chances to get it right as if they are a First Response pregnancy test, the most reliable pregnancy test on the market.

White men pacifiers are very unreliable.

While the First Response brand of best pregnancy test can be wrong, it has a 99% accurate reading rate. A pregnancy test is more accurate and reliable than White men when it comes to delivering on promises. I’m safer trusting a First Response pregnancy test for my pacifier in times of trouble than White men.

I’m sure my “Not all White people” keyboard warriors are ready to get to the comments and stand up for the “good” White people. Well, don’t put your capes on yet. If there were so many good White men and good White people collectively, why can’t they keep the bad ones in check, right? The good White men would have already devised a master plan by now to deal with bad White men so that good ones could do the right thing for humanity and mother earth.

Good White men choose instead what’s easy and what’s comfortable to them, choosing to head for their default, a White man pacifier or abstain in other ways so they can say they did nothing to harm others — negating the fact abstaining is a decision too.

White people will choose any White man to be their pacifier.

White people will even dust off one of these unworthy White shyster, polish him up like he’s new money and give him a second chance because they believe so much in the White man’s plight.

We’ve had 44 White men to lead this country, so I speak from historical and personal experience. White people and White pacifiers are a thing. White people, you need to know you’re not the only ones who can solve problems. You’re not the best at everything. You’re not the smartest or the wisest. Other people can offer the world solutions and wear capes, but they can’t if you guys don’t move out of the way.

I would love to try a new pacifier, please. I’m good on White men pacifiers for the rest of my days. I can’t understand why White people aren’t tired of them. I already see White people doing their usual White people shit, the “If my person doesn’t win, I’m going to…” brigade. Look, nobody has time for this bullshit in 2020. Someone is already floating Governor Andrew Cuomo as a replacement for Joe Biden. Another White man suggested it. White men will even undercut another White man in order to replace him with yet another White man… to pacify White men.

Bite. Me.

We had a Black woman running for President; she wasn’t good enough. You had an Asian man running, and he wasn’t good enough. You had a Black man or three running; none were good enough. You had my candidate of choice, a Hispanic man, and he wasn’t good enough to pacify White people. We had a few good White female candidates running, and they weren’t good enough either. Nothing was good enough for White people, America’s largest voting block since 1789.

We are down to an old White man pacifier and an old Jewish White man pacifier, and the Jewish man passing as White probably won’t make it because a lot White people are racist as fuck, but won’t admit.

We could have had something different, but White folks consistently choose their White man pacifiers over going for the new thing because they’ve been trained in God We Trust — and White men. I am sick and tired of White men leading me either in a circle or backwards. I don’t see it getting any better for people of color either.

If we don’t get together and get rid of this current administration, we likely won’t be the same country in five years. In all honesty, after this year we’re probably won’t be the same country we were last year. I can recall White folks telling the world Obama didn’t have enough experience to be President. Trump had less than Obama, yet they trusted him, no questions asked. The White pacifier is silent racism at work.

I say the Office of the President needs an Affirmative Action Plan.

After living through this nightmare, there should be a moratorium or quota on the numbers of White men allowed to lead us going forward here in America. We can’t go another four-hundred years this way. We can barely make it out of 2020.

It’s time for another kind of man to lead, and to be frank with you, I’ll take a Black, Hispanic, or Asian man right now. At least a Black man has been tested already. White men in America and across the globe have caused enough trauma to humanity and the earth. My mind, body, and soul is tired of living it, reading about the history of it, and seeing played out day after day.

I Wish We Could Destroy White Pacifier Myth

Let’s call out the White man pacifier. Most White men are no saviors. Many are toxic, bad for our health, and they should be removed from the store shelves as comfort options immediately. At least move them to the bottom self so that other options can be rotated fairly and tested. White men have had the pacifier market cornered long enough. It’s time for White people to trust otherness.

I’m tired of the world viewing White men as White knights and treating them as White people pacifiers. White men have been oversold and they’ve taken a toll on the world. White men pacifiers are bad for our health.

Marley K.

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