Why Do White Men Believe They Are the Only Ones Who Can Save Us?

More Mediocre Whiteness Peddled as Greatness

Why Do White Men Believe They Are the Only Ones Who Can Save Us?
Yet another 2020 Presidential candidate, Tom Steyer (2016). Source: Wikimedia Commons

More Mediocre Whiteness Peddled as Greatness

I had to check out of the 2020 race until some of the 9,500 candidates fall back for the variety of reasons. I am tired of all the noise, the media attention surrounding mediocre candidates, and the media’s desire to bless our next mediocre White Savior (or less than mediocre if you add 45 to the mix).

It’s not bad enough that we have a slew of terrible candidates to select from at this stage of the process, but what’s worse is they just won’t stop joining the campaign, especially the old White men. And what’s up with these savior bros, anyway? You know the kind of bros I’m talking about, the mediocre White male candidate peddling himself off as the best thing since sliced bread who can save us all from the big bad wolf other White men have conjured us to keep us in fear and dependent upon their mediocre leadership.

We all have talents, skills, and abilities, but that doesn’t make us all good leaders. The same applies to White male political candidates. Just because a person is wealthy, attained an Ivy league education, and punched all the right tickets for a career in politics, doesn’t mean they will make good, effective leaders. It also doesn’t mean if these bros are elected, they will make us wealthy (or wealthier), unless perhaps you are already wealthy and your candidate of choice has policies and legislation that makes your business or stock portfolio wealthier (because that’s usually how that shit works).

Which brings me to Tom Steyer. Why is he running? Is it for himself or me?

Tom Steyer announced his 2020 run for President after he said he wouldn’t foremost, but also after the first debates, after all the other terrible and mediocre White saviors have put their worst on display for the world to see (bless their hearts), and after the media and Twitter world has weeded out the wheat from the chaff. Steyer thinks he does something the other candidates haven’t been able to do.

Why on god’s green earth would another rich, politically affiliated White guy feel he is just what we need to get America back to some semblance of sanity? Why couldn’t he look to see the field was already full of mediocrity? Why doesn’t he feel his time had come and gone and his sun had set on that idea? What is it with old (and some young) White men thinking they are the answer to our problems, when in all actuality they’ve been the creator of every problem America has ever had? They act entitled, arrogant, and unable to see the big picture. With each new bro, I lose a little more faith in America

The bigger, most important question I have is what in the hell is wrong with us we continue voting for the same people and getting the same results, repeatedly?

Why are we so simple we can’t see the future for swimming in our wretched past? Why can’t we get beyond the past? Why can’t we see the past hasn’t been good, equal, equitable for all? Why can’t Americans read and comprehend (together) the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights and see our national institutions and systems created by the same men they continue to elect don’t work equally, equitably, or fairly for all the citizens and residents of this nation?

What is wrong with us?

Things Are Terrible Now

Black people and other non-White passing People of Color can feel what’s on the horizon. We Black folks can feel it because the heat has been directed towards us for quite sometime. Mediocre White men think they can say or do anything to us. The inter webs censor us while confuses Whiteness so they can continue their plan to keep mediocre Whiteness the status quo. The recent Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering has given the green light to mediocre, biased, governance in favor of Whiteness, erasing all the hard work and gains achieved during the Civil Rights Era not too long ago.

This eery, backwards feeling feels familiar to Black people because this nation’s history has always had it in for us. White men have wanted us gone since they abolished slavery because they couldn’t use us a free labor anymore. Abraham Lincoln referred to us as “poor creatures,” as if we were subhuman according to Paul D. Escott’s book “What Shall We Do With the Negro?”

If all earthly power were given to me […] my first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, — to their own native land. But a moment’s reflection would convince me that whatever of high hope (as I think there is) there may be in this, in the long run, its sudden execution is impossible. ~ Abraham Lincoln

According to historian Paul Escott, Lincoln favored a system of gradual emancipation that would allow for “controlled” management of free Negroes. Nothing has changed in America. Controlling Negroes has evolved into managing Blacks and the White status quo, but White people seem to not understand how White politics work for Black lives 156 years later.

Most White people want to make America White again, although they’d never say it with their mouths. These dangerous folks just vote their secret desire and pretend they don’t know what happened when the results come out.

It’s Past Time For a Change

Most of us sane people know we need to get rid of nearly all of Congress and Donald Trump to give America a chance to survive in addition to saving poor Black and Brown people from the onslaught of private prisons (currently called detention centers) created to make White guys like Trump and his friends filthy rich. There is a reason for the secretive private prison industry push and the GOP stacking the courts with their mostly inept, racist judges. We need a change.

We need to know if 2020 will be a return to the glory days for Whiteness, that being the return of the old, mediocre White bro (regardless of his age) who will save some of America, while continuing the neglect of the rest of us, or will America make a pivot to a change for the better, excellence instead of the mediocre, and for the future instead of backwards. The reputation’s of mediocre White men precedes them. Let’s revisit our nation’s past to avoid a rehashing of it. The past wasn’t good for everyone. For some people, America has never been good. It’s time for White people to understand this and help make the changes, even if it means you choosing something different. Change is hard, but change can be good. We don’t have a choice.

Getting rid of mediocre White males leaders is imperative.

Mediocre White men being peddled as extraordinary has been the standard for far too long — and it’s time for that to change too. I’m tired of us dressing up pigs and allowing them to pass themselves off as lions. America direly needs a new leadership model. It needs to look different, sound different, and last longer than 8 years. It took longer than 8 years to get us here, it will take more than 8 years to get us out of it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

The rich, White Savior bro Tom Steyer isn’t my best hope. In fact, he’s not hope at all.

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