Why I Don’t Expect The Senate To Administer Impartial Justice

America Is Incapable of Delivering Impartial Justice

Why I Don’t Expect The Senate To Administer Impartial Justice
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America Is Incapable of Delivering Impartial Justice

I expect the third President of the United States to be impeached, Donald John Trump, to walk away Scott free after his impeachment trial. The rich and powerful people responsible for administering justice have too much to lose financially and socially by having this President removed from office. But there are other reasons I expect the most ignorant man in power I’ve ever seen to escape justice based on the history of America administering justice.

I expect the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) to be acquitted because I have no expectation the Senate will wound White Supremacy by administering impartial justice. By proxy, that’s what the Senate would do and White men in power will not do this. The Browning of America is front and center in the minds of White men, and this is the last chance they must reinforce White Supremacy before the next Census reveals White people are no longer the largest racial group in the nation.

The impeachment trial is about White power. Period. Saving White power is a must for those who love it, and Trump represents a White power structure of the old days many White Democrats and Republicans have become reliant upon for their daily bread though many will never admit it.

The fact most of America isn’t even willing or ready to admit White power and White Supremacy is on trial after almost 12 years of Whitelash tells us everything we need to know about how this trial will go down. Trump will walk and if that happens, he will be re-elected in 2020. Even if Trump is removed, there is still a strong possibility he’ll be re-elected thanks to the partiality of White voters.

There is no reason to expect impartial justice by the Senate because America is an unjust, biased nation. The American court system has never been impartial. If it was, the Innocence Project wouldn’t be so successful. Partiality is American.

Justice looks different when wealthy, corrupt White men and women in power are administering it.

In fact, there is rarely any justice or serious punishment for wealthy criminals like Trump by our courts. The affluent people in charge of administering impartial justice in the Senate believe White men need an entire earth-sized load of evidence before they can convict a rich White man.

Republicans Have Already Said Trump Is Not Guilty

The Senate’s majority is Republican and have been locked in step with their crime boss leader. There is no reason to believe they will finally see Trump’s criming for what it is and disapprove of his White power trip because they benefit directly from all that he does. These Senators also hold many of the same beliefs. Senators have already said Trump has done nothing wrong and are planning to vote to acquit the President. I’m enjoying seeing how justice really works in America. They are saying the quiet stuff they usually say in private aloud, and I appreciate it. It’s just another reason to not trust America.

The Hypocrisy of Trump Wanting Impartial Justice

These same people responsible for administering impartial justice during the impeachment trial spend most of their lives profiting from providing partial and perverted justice. These are the same men who believe poor people and Black people are guilty as charged with flimsy or no evidence. Trump even illustrated those beliefs back in 1989 himself about the Central Park Five when he paid $85,000 to take out a newspaper ad to share his partial about five Black teenagers wrongly accused of raping a White female New York City jogger.

Oh, how we forget.

These young teenagers went to prison for years with zero evidence supported by police partiality and misconduct. The Central Park Five were later exonerated after another criminal already in prison confessed to raping the jogger. The Central Park Five have since become the Exonerated Five but not because of impartial justice. Impartial justice isn’t something America administers well.

The irony and gravity of Trump wanting a fair and impartial impeachment trial doesn’t escape me. It’s typical of how Whiteness works in America. It’s why I cannot trust our government to be impartial or fair with administering justice to itself.

An Impartial Jury Is Impossible

If you understand how our criminal justice system works, you’ll understand the reasons for my very low expectations. Impartiality in our courts is impossible because of America’s inherent racism and White Supremacy. Until 1986, jurors could be excluded from juries solely based on their race which explains why so few Black people have served on a jury. This means juries are more White, by design.

It means from the onset of the wheels of justice beginning to turn; we allow prosecutors and judges to be partial. The U.S. Supreme Court only barred prosecutors from blatantly biased jury selection practices in its 1986 Batson ruling. And while the courts ruled the practice was biased, it doesn’t mean prosecutors and judges have stopped doing it. We have some old bad habits to die. Partiality and injustice have gone hand-in-hand.

Another reason for my lower expectations is the fact Black people make up the majority of persons wrongly convicted in our criminal justice system today for a reason and it’s not because of impartiality. It’s the same reason White-collar criminals remain free as Jay Birds. Partiality in our court systems is why most wealthy, well-connected White men like Trump get to walk away free. White people excuse the bad behavior of people like them.

It’s why White women get probation for the same sex crimes White men commit. White people think partially, they govern partially; they vote partially; they fight for rights partially, and they see criminality in White people differently.


Juries in America are made up of voters, but the process for jury selection is far from impartial because of the imbalance of power throughout our local and state systems. Despite studies showing diverse juries make better decisions and fewer mistakes, most juries in the nation have remained overwhelming White for centuries, just like the United States Senate’s jury for Trump’s impeachment trial. White men have had a stranglehold on all of our justice systems, heavily impacting justice outcomes and tilting the scales in their favor. All over America, regardless of the demographic makeup of a county, city, or district, juries have remained White.

While the impeachment isn’t a criminal trial, Mitch McConnell has already acknowledged he will work with the President’s legal tea to make sure the short-term issue of Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal doesn’t jeopardize the GOP’s long-term goals and objectives of stopping minorities from attaining power via the political process. He didn’t say it, but what all know what his coded language meant. Powerful White men in the government will work with rich, powerful White men accused of crimes to make sure their legacies and wealth remain intact. That’s what White Supremacy does. That’s how White Supremacy works.

White juries are gatekeepers to White power. The Senate will be jury functioning for the same purpose.

Most American Prosecutors Are Partial

Like elected prosecutors nationally, our elected officials in the Senate are overwhelmingly White (96% to be exact). White men in power aren’t pressed to harm one of their own, even if they see with their own two eyes our White Supremacist President and his cult following threatening the lives of others and our national norms. Prosecutors engineer juries to ensure they are all White which are outrageous perversions of justice. Whiteness doesn’t need its credibility assessed in our court systems because the credibility of White witnesses and White defendant has already been solidified by White Supremacy. White Supremacy needs no defense in their eyes.

Whiteness is rightness and righteousness, which is why Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Graham, Senator Rubio and others in the Senate gleefully explain to the rest of the world Trump is innocent. Whiteness engineers the justice it feels it deserves any time it wants to.

Our Courts Are Designed To Work This Way

White Supremacy deliberately designed justice systems in America to work the way they work. The only reason so many White people care about Trump being removed from office is because they want justice. They’ve never cared about our justice system’s partiality before when they didn’t have as much to lose. Because the system was designed to protect men like Trump, I feel confident he will be acquitted and subsequently reelected. Black people all over America are bracing themselves for all that comes with more Trump and White power.

Until America learns how to get to the root of its systems, correctly diagnosing the problems, we will never be the nation we say we are on paper.

In order for us to govern fairly and administer justice impartially, we must elect officials with integrity who believe in fairness, justice, and impartiality. We ourselves must rethink what justice, fairness, and impartiality is, and we must hold ourselves accountable when we don’t provide every citizen the same fairness, justice, and impartiality where the law is concerned. No one should be above the law, otherwise, why have any.

Until I see it justice administered impartially, I can’t believe in it, and these are the reasons I believe the Senate, representing America will acquit Trump.

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