Why I Hate The Racist Religious Right

Evangelicals, Protestants, and Puritans have spent 400-years hating Black people. I simply don’t have any more love to extend to them.

Why I Hate The Racist Religious Right

Evangelicals, Protestants, and Puritans have spent centuries hating Black people. I simply don’t have any more love to extend to them.

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The Religious Right Has Foot Soldiers Hiding Everywhere

Just like the soldier in the foot in the photo above, the racist Religious Right has foot soldiers hiding everywhere. They are in the military serving as soldiers, officers, and generals in charge of protecting us. These Religious zealots are local, state, and federal politicians in both political parties. They are church leaders, teachers, prison guards, businessmen and women like the owners of Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby. These folks own gun shops and are in police forces doubling as part-time militiamen and women. They are mayors, and PTA Presidents, your children’s friend’s parents, and your nice holy roller co-worker.

I hate these folks because they always manage to wiggler their racist asses into some position of power our authority, harming Black people. I don’t know why these people believe they should have dominion over everything and everyone, because they are awful stewards of everything they’ve touched. Ain’t a bit of God in them. Evangelicals have so much power because they have worked hard entrench their crooked, half-baked, low-lifed asses throughout our society in all sorts of trusted positions of authority, just like the Klan did. If this shoe doesn’t fit, don’t put it on (some of ya’ll won’t get that). Just like the Klan opposed Reconstruction, the racist Religious Right oppose any progress for Black and Brown people. Too many White folks overlook and underestimate the Religious Right. Too many Black folks trust these Christian White folks.

They remind me of the old O’Jays song, “Back Stabbers.”

“They smiling in yo face, all the time they wanna take your place, they back stabbers.”

The Evangelical movement for too long has worked behind the scenes to move us out of our places in society back to second-class citizens if not 3/5ths of a man. Ignorance is no excuse for those of us who have been harmed by their flawed religious views about Black inferiority. Whew they make me sick!

The Religious Right Incites Hate

Hate begets hate. Everything they do has to do with hate. I hate them because they hate me, and they have hated Black people for a very long time, they just change their names and religious designations to hide the fact.` I don’t know who their God is. It must be Satan because there is no way you can care about people and humanity and be so evil. I stopped attending church and I intentionally abstain from religious practices because of the Religious Right. Being nice gets you know where with these people, and they damn sure don’t care about Black people. They are nothing more than a fancy Klan group that live and breath to make others miserable and they force their will and beliefs upon them.

The Religious Right Lies Like Rugs

I know they lie because I’ve sat in their congregations and listened to them. I was once in a supposed “non-denomination” church that was really an Evangelical right wing shithole led by old conservative White people who hated Blacks, they just wanted us there to give the community the perception they’d evolve. Dogs and babies know when they aren’t wanted, so do Black people.

I’ve worked in church offices and overheard them conjuring up lies to attain more power. While some studies suggest Evangelicals may be hard wired to believe Trump’s lies. Christian fundamentalists are taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age, which also makes these folks more susceptible to to lies. This makes them dangerous. Believing lies or lying like a rug makes them a dangerous person to me. It’s done pretending like these folks are sane or safe.

People who will gaslight and lie to us will kill us. Black people know this all too well from gobbling up the Master’s religion from slavery, yet many still use it, not realizing their participation in American Protestantism and voting with the Religious Right is voting against their own civil rights. It’s time to hate the lies more than you love Jesus. Free yourself.

The Religious Right Is Power Hungry

The Religious Right are all about power. They always have been, and they always will be until non-racist, non-power seeking White people right that ship. It’s one of the back doors White people used to evilly mobilize to protect White Supremacy, just like Black people have used the church for centuries to mobilize against White Supremacy for good. Never let us forget the Ku Klux Klan is the nation’s oldest, most protected White Supremacist hate group that espouses Protestantism and Christianity as their primary religions in America. Right Wing populism and the Evangelical Right are kissing cousins. It’s easy to connect the dots. The intentions of the Religious Right are clear, it’s all about power, White power.

After the Civil Rights Act was passed, White people decided to use their favorite bully pulpit (religion) and their favorite books (the Bible) to keep us all segregated and divided. They’ve done a lot of stealing power from Black people by using the old bait and switch abortion debate. The Religious Right has played on the emotions of kind-hearted, humane Black people desiring to preserve life while adhering to their strict interpreted religious tenets. The part many Black people don’t get is that the propaganda they have believed about abortion has been hand-crafted in the form of vote plea by the Religious Right cult to steal their power and kill them at the same time in other ways Listen to the weak ass excuses provided by reformed, saved by grace Evangelical Robert Schenck, the American Evangelical preacher who has ministered to elected officials and how has spoken openly on many occasions about the consequences of the inflammatory rhetoric used by Evangelicals.

BBC World Service — HARDtalk, Rob Schenck: Can Trump still count on the religious right?
Will the evangelical Christian right still give Donald Trump their support in November’s US presidential election? We…www.bbc.co.uk

The racist Religious Right are going to be friends to the end with Trump like Chucky. They have no plans to call of their domestic terrorizing country cousins. As long as Evangelicals can maintain White power and control federal, state, and local governments under the auspices of being godly, they are going to ride this wagon to the wheels fall off, country be damned. And yeah, while a lot of the raging, racist rats may have suddenly jumped the sinking racist ship and repented for their sins against humanity, it will never bring back the 200,000 plus people who have died because they selected a serial killer to lead them. They get to do like White people always do… look back at the carnage, say they didn’t know, plead their ignorance, express their remorse, and live another day to enjoy a decent life after harming millions of us.

The Religious Right will lie, cheat, steal, and kill despite being pro-life in order to achieve White power. Fuck’em!

The Religious Right Is Racist

The Religious Right is the new, modernized Klan. I know many still associated with the Evangelical Movement won’t have the heart to admit it, but most of those people don’t think of it as a racist group. It’s a collage of racist White groups who have a history of hating Blacks, but evolved to include hating Jews, Asians, Arabs, Africans, Catholics, and anything or anyone not Neo-Confederate, Protestant, Christian, Fascist, Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, European, British, and/or White. The evolution of the Religious Right for those of us who understand America’s history of anti-Blackness is easy to see. Protestantism can be traced back to English dissenters who called themselves Puritans, which was the religion of Pilgrims. The Religious Right has aligned their politics with the racist Republican Party, home of every damned racist politician since the Civil Rights Era when the Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party to practice and perfect Southern Strategy politics.

During Nazism in Germany, it’s noted that 67% of Germans were Protestant. There is definitely a correlation between Protestantism and White Supremacy. Sadly, many non-Whites are associated with this religious group, which has always acted as a White Supremacist cult. I’m not sure if they are aware of it or if they just overlook the flaws and imperfections of motherfuckers who want to kill them. Whatever their reasons for staying married to evil, it ain’t my cross to bear. Americas have exported out the hatred from religious White Supremacists all over the globe. Likewise, the Nazi imported their racism into America. Hell, White leaders even gave a bunch of Nazis refuge in our country while turning away thousands of Jews who were the victims of Germany’s White Nationalism. I swear this country ain’t shit!

The racist Religious Right makes me think of the Pledge of Allegiance, with a twist by me of course:

One racist nation, under a racist God, divisible, with liberty and justice only for White people.

Liberty and justice apparently are only for religious White people and those who can pass as White who co-sign anti-Blackness.

For the Religious Right and many White people, racism is a mere imperfection, and God can work through imperfect vessels. They see the behavior of their predatory leaders’ minor imperfections, because they are not the direct beneficiaries of their hate. They don’t think about how these people use their words to make people physically, financially, and/or emotionally. They peddle their racism as righteousness, which often leads to non-White people being harmed. No harm, no foul is the motto for most White people, including those who believe they aren’t racist but hide behind religion, apathy, or willful ignorance. Jesus took they wheel and they are sitting in the passenger side eating their McDonalds. I hate racists, even the ones who engage in it in the name of their Gods. It’s hard to forget how many people die, are ill, or have their lives derailed because racist religious people decide to play God.

The Religious Right Is A Terrorist Group Who Breeds Terrorists, and Who Votes For Terrorists

Evangelicals have voted for Donald Trump. They voted for Ronald Reagan. They voted for Bush. Hell, the Religious Right voted for all the racist presidents America has had, and we’ve had a hell of a lot of them. They made a deal with that devil to gain control over the government while giving Trump their fraudulent religious covering. These folks have a warped Evolutionary psychology that makes them believe it’s their job to procreate the earth with little mini racists, and ignorant folks who are easily misled, like having more racist Religious Right in the world will be good for us all. Go figure.

And let’s not talk about the terrorism. These motherfuckers blow up abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors. They care about life, except when they don’t. These folks often have no regrets about the murders and harassment they execute in the name of their God. Like it’s impossible to separate the racism and indifference exhibited by Donald Trump supporters, it’s hard so-called good Christians to justify remaining a part of the racist Religious Right or attending a Religious Right church. The religion breeds racists. Neo-Confederates, Nazi sympathizers, Proud Boys, Klansmen, and other Right-Wing Extremists all call the Religious Right home. It’s like someone hanging out with a bunch of racist trying to convince us that they aren’t a rapist.

Bird of a feather flock together, and as we’ve learned over the last 3 years, there are a lot of White people who don’t know they are racist. A lot of racist people are affiliated with a lot racist organizations and groups that exist for the sole purpose of being separate and unequal. I am tired of being stuck in a country where half of it is racist. I hate this place. I hate the ignorance, and I hate the fact that we are forced to continue living through it because White people get to dictate what is racist and what isn’t. They get to remain in power and keep us from accessing power. They get to live another day as we die in vain, all in the name of their God.

These folks are evil, and I’m sick and tired of having to turn the other cheek because that’s what their book says we should do.

The Religious Right as a body has never practiced what they preached, and they aren’t about to start. I know some will say many have left the sect and deserve a pat on the back, but I’m sorry I can’t give you one. You don’t get a cookie for being a part of a group that lived contrary to the religion they were supposed to be practicing. Your religion kills people and it grooms and gives cover to killers. Your religion blows up building, business built by good people providing a legal service to customers who need it. Your religion teaches hate. Your religion teaches and preaches racism. Your religion loves power and the tax collector, a man Jesus despised.

The Religious Right is the epitome of the goat the Bible describes who are separated from the sheep, Matthew 25:37–39.

(37) “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? (38) When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? (39) When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?”

The Evangelical movement is so far from this it’s a shame. Matthew 25:47 says:

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Evangelicals, ain’t no way you can be working towards an eternal life with the mess coming from your religious body. It’s difficult to think about how evil these people are. It’s difficult to understand how people see violence and stay associated with this church for so long. It’s unimaginable all the folks White people have hurt and tricked in the name of power. I don’t have any love for them, and I don’t have to. It’s hard to reconcile these people would justify the killing of George Floyd or the beating of Rodney King because these men were Black, believing these men’s lives didn’t matter.

How do you keep asking Black folks to love ya’ll when you’ve used your religions to harm us since slavery? I don’t have any love in my heart when I look at our past and see the parallels to the future. There wasn’t any love for us in that religion, and it’s hard to muster up any love for them. In fact, all that religion, like most White religions bred was hate. Hate begets hate.

The Religious Right is reaping the harvest of what they’ve sown. If you can still love after 400-years of torturing, murdering, enslaving, raping, laboring, and abusing Black bodies, well… power to ya.

You’re a better man than I am. We’ve loved these people for far too long and we have gotten no love in return, at least not enough to make us feel safe. The Religious Right are terrorists, and since the federal government won’t label them as such, I will. I’ve never thought waking up on any day killing anyone, being cruel to a person, or joining a group that intentionally segregates for the purposes of segregating themselves from non-Black people, except for the NAACP for a season, and we all know the reason they were chartered. They were fighting for the rights of Black people while making room for other colored folks who would come along to this racist nation and would need to fight for their rights too. Religion and racism go hand in hand in America.

As you worship, consider your association. What are you affiliated with? Who is your God? What God are you serving? Do you really know him?

The Religious Right is a protected hate group. Their hate begets hate, and that’s all I got for them at the moment. Do better in another life. They’ve ruined this one.

If you’re White, mad, and insulted by this piece and can’t digest truth for your feelings, take it up with White Jesus. Your priorities are misplaced, and you are not living your life right. A dog gets tired of being beaten and chased. I don’t know why you Black people aren’t tired because we are.

Your God hasn’t saved me for your evil, and he damned sure doesn’t know you. Maybe you should pick a new God, one that can control you and one that you obey because that Holy Trinity sure ain’t the right one for you baby. Your devil trumps your Jesus, and that ain’t right.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020