Why I’m Blaming This Horrible Year on White People

You’re in control, you have all the power, so the buck stops with you.

Why I’m Blaming This Horrible Year on White People

You’re in control, you have all the power, so the buck stops with you.

White Trump supporters, Republican voters, in Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

This year is the worst fucking year ever. It’s a wash, and I blame White people for it. I blame White people for the last three years. This year didn’t have to begin or end this way, but because White folks put their hopes in a no good, criminally insane White man who was busted, disgusted, and should’ve never been trusted when they installed him, here we are. This is the year White people caused. And for White people who can’t understand two things can be true at the same time, let me make this clear for you.

Just because you did none of the things I discuss doesn’t mean White people didn’t do them. Absolve and exclude yourself if you feel the need to, but you best believe White people are responsible for everything noted in this essay.

If you’re mad, take it up with White people, and please know you’re probably racist!

We’re Ill Equipped to Homeschool Our Kids Because of White People

White Trump supporters, Republican voters, in Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

There are so many parents who cannot assist their children with work from home because White folks came up with a new system to learn when the old one wasn’t broke. Ya’ll created fucking Common Core, specifically, Common Core Math. We can’t even help our kids do their homework in quarantine because some brilliant person decided the old way wasn’t good enough. Now none of us know how to help kids stuck at home with us. Grandma knows nothing about Common Core math, and Auntie doesn’t either. If kids don’t have older siblings who have experience with this new stuff, the kids are out of luck. Because you guys insist on keeping the playing field unequal, you’ll keep creating new shit we can’t possibly keep up with. World-class education, my ass. Thanks White people. Ya’ll really know how to fuck up a good thing!

White folks broke something that didn’t need fixing, and now poor kids and their parents are struggling everywhere because someone thought we needed a new way to learn instead of focusing on the useful things we need to know like Civics and how this shitty government doesn’t work.

If you put White people in hell, they’d break it!

Because of historic inequality, which is driven by racism and White Supremacy, all students in America don’t have access to the same resources across districts in the same state. A rural school district’s students may not have access to internet, so homeschooling may not be an option. Poor Black and Brown districts may not have the resources (i.e. books and other classroom materials) to conduct homeschooling like a wealthier upper middle-class communities. Rural factory workers don’t have the luxury of working from home. It forces children with parents working in factories to send their kids to school, mixing up with kids who have parents that are racist, anti-mask wearing Trumpsters, putting educators and students at risk.

School officials are deciding school openings based on policy and school funding legislation instead of healthcare/science. Opening schools before controlling the community spread lacks common sense. Parents have been forced parents to make dangerous decisions about sending their kids to school because they can’t afford to stay home. For most, there isn’t any other option. White people made education for folks without privilege almost impossible, further highlighting the inequity in these here un-United States of America.

Red States = White Supremacy Upheld by White People

I live in Florida. It’s a Red state, run by all sorts of ignorant, not-so-subtle racists and neoliberal White people, racist and neoliberal people who wish they were White and are influenced by White racist, neoliberal White folks, and people who want to be White so they do the bidding of White people to maintain proximity to Whiteness. The White family that preys together stays together and Red states are experts in upholding racism, it’s the reason nothing improves in them, and that’s the way the White folks in those states like it.

Our racist White governor here in Florida has White people running around everywhere not wearing masks and not social distancing. Their freedoms come at the expense of Black and Brown people. Not only are White folks spreading the virus, they have other non-White dumbasses following suit. Monkey see, monkey do. They’ve been breaking the rules since Rona rode in here advocating keeping the borders open so that folks can import the cooties in here from where ever, leaving us vulnerable, sick and unprotected. White folks have bitched so much, politicians can’t even do their jobs to protect those of us who want to be saved. They worry more about being reelected (power) instead of doing their jobs. Governors in Red states have done a terrible job managing jobs. Red State governors are the equivalent of serial killers in the callousness they’ve displayed for our lives they swore to protect and serve, and every one of them are White. Some Red State governors are White women, most of them are White men, but they all are evil as fuck. Why take a government job to care for and lead people, then kill them?

White people are literally killing us to maintain White power. While it all starts and ends with Trump, White governors and the White Republican Party are also guilty of killing thousands, and perhaps millions of us because they lied in concert about Covid. White politicians put party over the people. It didn’t have to be this way, but because so many White people love White more than they love life, we’re here. I don’t know how most White people sleep at night, the ones who do all the bullshit, nor the ones who vote for politicians who support all the shittery in the name of Whiteness.

My White, Shitty Governor of My Shithole State

My governor is Ron DeSatan, a fairly young, evil, White Harvard Grad who acts like he got his fuckin degree from the Walmart Arts and Crafts section in Waterloo, Somewhere U.S.A. He has left Floridians in the valley of the shadow of death here to die, literally. Rona has ravaged the state, and he is playing politics with our lives like so many White governors. Every governor and politician in this nation has put our economy over public health. How hard is it to understand if we’re all sick and/or dead, the nation’s slaves can’t work or make the economy money? Duh

Folks can’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas thanks to White people’s inability to consider the lives of others or respect how infectious disease processes work. The President Little Hands and Governor DeSatan have incited encouraged such irresponsible behavior. If you don’t contain the virus, it spreads throughout the community. Common sense isn’t common, I guess.

Please stop coming here spreading the virus.

White People Won’t Even Save White People

A white female Trump supporter in Washington D.C. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Republicans on both sides of the aisle, the party of White people, have decided that bailing out businesses, giving tax breaks to the rich, and selecting judges is more important than coming up a plan to keep people from starving to death and being homeless. Working-class people have no help, and it’s all because racist, White power-hungry people and their delusional dream team see no value in saving lives. There is no solution to prevent millions of people from being homeless. When this is all said and done, we will have a new class of poor or homeless people. Children are starving. Parents can’t work so they don’t have income to care for their households, pay tuition payments for their kids in college. Many businesses aren’t able to open so

Food banks are stretched thin because the usual folks who donate to charity now need charity. White folks got rid of our mental health systems and infrastructures, and now we’re inundated with mentally ill people all over America putting many of us at risk for violence. We’re a society on the brink of social and financial collapse, and White Evangelical Jesus isn’t coming to save us from this mess because White people did this to themselves. God and Jesus are minding their own business and sitting this one out!

Not only will White politicians not save poor and middle-class Black and Brown folks, they are leaving White folks out to dry too. White folks have become a casualty of White folks and they’ll still bet on White before betting on “the Blacks.”

The Republican Party is the party of immorality and inhumanity, and the party of White people and White Supremacy. At its core, what we’re seeing today is the same attitudes White slaveowners held regarding their slaves. The cruelty was the point, and White people in America have perfected cruelty. It would be nice to see them do a new thing, like be decent, but clearly that’s too fuckin hard!

White Folks Incite White Fear and White Rage

White Trump supporter dressed cryptically, with a “play stupid games win stupid prizes” message on his hat. Ironic. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

This year is all about White rage and White fear. White folks love quoting the word of God, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X, but they sure as hell hate living in a way that nullifies the need for that word. White folks manipulate and cherry pick Dr. King’s and Brother Malcolm’s words to absolve themselves in the same way they’ll hold in high regard the words and actions of racists like Winston Churchill, Abe Lincoln, or Ronald Reagan.

Sometimes you can tell how racist White folks are racist by what they do, most times you can tell how racist White folks are by who they worship and associate with, who they quote, and what they say. Their love for people who love war is quite telling, especially wars fought against Black and Brown people. White people love rage.

From White police stomping on Rashard Brooks suspects after they shoot and kill them to White politicians using old racist tropes and codes to stoke fear in White folk who need their supply of Black boogeymen to stay alive, White folks have increasingly used their rage and fear to intimidate both White, Black, and Brown voters. When White people are afraid or angry, it means Black people are in danger. White people have created civil unrest unnecessarily, and now all of us must pay. These last few years have been the worst of our lives, and a lot of White folks voted for more of the same.

White rage and White fear are essential workers in this pandemic.

In America, COVID Is Here To Stay Because of White People

Trump supporters without protective masks during a pandemic that Trump extends through combating medical science experts. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Hardly anyone is adhering to sane infectious disease guidelines linked to Covid because of White people. From the dumbest, most-ignorant President lying and not giving us the best information to help us beat it, to the poorest White souls running around here defending the tin man who doesn’t have a brain, White people are ensuring they spread Covid, especially since it’s been discovered they have less than a chance of dying from it than Black or Brown people. White folks are even on social media bragging about not following social media guidance and rejecting fines or breaking rules. As long as we allow them to get away with killing others, they’ll continue from the highest offices in the land down to po dunk valley.

White people breaking the law, not following the infectious disease guidance of health care professionals and White politicians are giving out misinformation on the virus and how we should care for ourselves so they can benefit financially have been devastating to America. It’s the most blatant display of their corrupt moral compasses from a country that prides itself on telling the world how superior it is. Our country looks like the dumbest world power on the planet. White folks’ need for their White freedom has caused irreparable harm to the nation, and to the world. The stupidity of White people is killing us.

You know what else is killing us White lies, White rage, and White fear has done? It caused other vulnerable groups to follow suit. Other groups are not following infectious disease guidance either. That has proven to be deadly, but it hasn’t changed the mindset of minorities. Stupid has a way of trickling down, making other people be stupid too.

White Folks Are Dragging Out This Election, Prolonging This Nightmare Year

Two Trump supporters, white people, chanting “Four More Years,” despite the fact that Trump lost the Presidential Election of 2020. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

We voted and thankfully, enough of us legally voted Tang out of office. We moved on those ballots like a bitch, and we got his racist White ass out of office despite him being married to the Republican party. Now, White folks who don’t want to accept the loss are protesting the election, and Tang is fighting to have millions of Black votes thrown out. Racist Republican state legislatures are now trying to help subvert the will of the Black people because we don’t want their lying, cheating, stealing, criming asses. In fact, when we got to choose, we never collectively choose them. Please don’t use the few brainwashed and token Black folks to validate your racist White points. This year has revealed anti-Black Blacks at an alarming rate, but trust me, they are nothing new.

We, the people with common sense and human decency, have spoken, and racist White people don’t want the election results to stand, prolonging our misery.

This year feels very much like we’re repeating the Compromise of 1877 when the Republicans refused to accept defeat, and accused Democratic supporters of intimidating and bribing African-American voters to prevent them from voting in three Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina (also known as the Dirty South by Black people). The Compromise of 1877 was an informal agreement between southern Democrats (which is now the Republican Party) and allies of the Republican President Rutherford Hayes pre the parties switching to settle the result of the 1876 presidential election and marked the end of the Reconstruction era.

Everything in American politics is about race and keeping Black folks disenfranchised. While both parties engage in these tactics in different ways, racist Republican White folks opposing Black folks’ voting has been something America has fought about since we’ve had the right. Where there is a Black vote, there is a White fight. This year continues the tradition.

The Compromise of 1876 ended the Reconstruction era. Southern Democrats (who would now be considered Southern Republicans) did not keep their promise to protect civil and political rights of Blacks folks (surprise, not), and the end of federal interference in southern affairs led to widespread disenfranchisement of Blacks voters. The federal government left Black folks to fend for themselves. This widespread disenfranchisement has reached all over America, especially in areas with large Black populations.

Therefore, we don’t trust White people. This is also the reason we don’t trust or expect the government to save or protect us. Black folks gotta keep going through the same bullshit because White folks insist on repeating history repeatedly. White folks have been born and raised to fight against Black folks voting, and they don’t even realize it. To be a Republican, evangelical, or even a conservative today is to be against Black people, period.

Black people are being tortured with the same disenfranchisement we’ve experienced since 1876, and folks think this okay. White folks don’t expect us to be angry. They ask us to be nice, and they ask us to be optimistic about this shit, when they don’t have a clue about how long this has been going on. If there is a problem in America, you best believe it’s rooted in anti-Blackness and inequality. So we need and deserve reparations for the pain and suffering we’ve endured, and for the pain we continue to endure because of White people and White Supremacy.

We know Trump prolonging this election is not his idea because you best believe he’s too stupid to know how to do this shit. Prolonging this election is the idea of lifelong politicians and White Supremacists who have studied and perfected how to keep Black people confused, disenfranchised and miserable. This is why we’re always protesting, fighting, and advocating for Black folks. It’s also why we die earlier, we have more health issues, and why Covid is taking us out.

I blame White people for not knowing what they’ve done to Black people. There is no excuse. This is your fucking history too.

I blame White people for the harm they continually subject Black folks to, for ya’ll know exactly what ya’ll do.

I blame White people for the constant inequality and inequity suffered by Black folks. In order for you all to stay up, you must hold us Black folks down. White people fuck with no other ethnic group the way they fuck with Black people, not even Native Americans. And Lord knows you’ve screwed them royally.

I blame White people for this horrible year 2020. I’ve never in my life been ready for a year to leave than I am this one.

But what does it matter? White people don’t change. Just look at the fact from 1876 to 2020, White folks are engaging in the same shenanigans, fighting over Black people. Just think about how many years, decades, and centuries White people collectively have ruined and/or destroyed the lives of Black folks. We constantly must fight with them for our basic rights and needs for our collective survival. We’re constantly looking over our shoulders and laser focused on finding the traps and learning the schemes White people put in place to make life harder for us.

This year is a wash, and it’s because of White people.

White folks have proven they live to make life harder for Black people, and many other White folks live to do nothing about it. Sadly, you reap what you sow, White folks. Many White people are suffering because too many White people don’t even give a shit about their own people. It’s pretty interesting to watch.

White people do better. After 144 years, it’s about time to change, but if you don’t, please don’t tell us how to feel about you. America isn’t great, nor has it ever been great for Black people. This year reinforces what we already know.

White people, you’ve earned any and everything bad anyone says about your collective group. You’re in control, you have all the power, so the buck stops with you.

So don’t be mad at me or the truth, change or be quiet and keep being racist.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020