Why Threats of Fascism Don’t Scare Me

White Supremacy is fascism. Fascism is White Supremacy. America taught Hitler everything he needed to know.

Why Threats of Fascism Don’t Scare Me
Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler stand together on an reviewing stand during Mussolini’s official visit in Munich. Source: Wikimedia Commons/ USHMM Photograph #89908 Author Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije

I see lots of White people on social media lately telling Black voters and voters of color we better vote blue no matter what (VBNW) to avoid Donald Trump leading us into fascism. These history challenged folks have the audacity to threaten us with more of the same type of authoritarian political leadership we’ve always endured. I try to laugh it off, but I often just shake my head at their attempts to scare us into submission, as if using the word fascism is will make us assimilate politically. For many of us, it won’t.

Let me share a little not-so-secret with you, White people. Donald Trump can’t do anything to us America hasn’t already done to us. Trump can’t bring in something that’s already lived here. He’s just making overt White Supremacy fashionable again.

Your threats of fascism don’t scare most of us living in the “real” America because America’s racism created Hitler’s fascism. Those of us with Black and Brown skins have lived under national and local fascism, especially those of us raised in the deep South. People being detained in detention camps are there because of fascism, and it’s not the first time people have been caged, separated from their families, beaten, raped, starved, or killed.

America did the same thing to slaves and American Indians. It's absolutely unbelievable how ignorant and clueless some White folks are. Save those threats and try reading some history books.

My Own Personal Story

In the early 1990s, in a rural town in South Carolina, I took at a restaurant as a short-order cook. I was 19 years old and I was new to the area (via my marriage). I didn’t grow up in the community, so I wasn’t aware of the segregation that still existed there since the Confederacy. To give you some idea how racist this place was, it was called the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy.

In any event, I was hired to cook at this well-known establishment. I wasn’t allowed to come outside of the kitchen area, and I could never bus or wait tables because I was Black. White patrons came to the restaurant specifically because Blacks were not allowed to serve White patrons. I was floored. Needless to stay I didn’t stay long. I hated that place.

The only women who were allowed to serve the White patrons were White women. This wasn’t the only restaurant on the town’s square that had Black codes. It was some old antebellum bullshit I had only seen on television and in school books. I couldn’t believe this was happening in America in the early 90s.

The actress Julia Roberts came to the town to film a popular movie and experienced our town’s racism first hand. She tried to speak out about it nationally, but spilling Southern tea about our dirty little secrets wasn’t going to be tolerated, and she was forced to recant most of her statements on her racialized experiences.

I never forgot the power of Whiteness and how it’s designed to oppress and suppress, and the government and White citizens alike were in on the oppression.

That entire town was ruled by fascists. The mayor was a well-known klansman. He owned the town’s drug store. Our local government at the time was current or descendants of klansmen or prominent segregationists. This was in the 1990s y’all!

Years later, Dylan Roof would enter into a historic Black church in Charleston, South Carolina killing nine Black church-goers just because they were Black. He picked that particular church because of its historical significance and because it was tied to the freedom of slaves. He was racist, and he believed that Whites and Blacks shouldn’t mix. He believed Blacks were inferior even though nearly every Black person he killed had more educational attainment than he did. He didn’t just conjure his segregationist and White Nationalist views up out of nowhere. America had given him the notion, the power, and the authority to act racistly as a White male in this nation.

Dylan Roof got the idea to kill Black people from his racist state and federal governments. It’s in our national DNA.

Seriously, What Is Fascism?

Fascism is defined as dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society. In plain language, fascism puts race above the individual. America already does that.

It’s the reason there are two justice systems. It’s the reason there were Black Codes, then Slave Codes, and more recently in our history there was old Jim Crow. It’s the reason we had separate and unequal. It’s the reason Blacks had to drink from the Blacks only water fountains and had to go to the back of restaurants and diners to be served food. It’s the reason we had the Green Book to help us along our travels throughout the nation, keeping us safe from White terrorists as Blacks vacationed and did business.

We couldn’t have certain jobs, we couldn’t go to schools with Whites. What about all the government medical experiments done on Blacks, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans to ensure Whites lived well? We died so Whites could use birth control safely, survive radiation treatments, and be cured of sexually transmitted diseases?

Did you forget about the cross burnings, lynchings, and angry White mobs shouting at little Black children integrating White schools? What about those sundown towns, all the segregated Black and all White communities, or how our nation’s first ghettos were created? Did y’all forget about redlining, the promise and the repossession of our 40-acres and our mule, the free slave labor, poll taxes, and voter suppression tactics that always have plagued the Black and Brown communities?

What about that New Deal for Whites that was a raw deal for Blacks and Browns? How about sharecropping, how the government helped White farmers while allowing Black ones to fail, and environmental terrorism of poor White and Black communities at the hands of the government? Our segregated branches of the military? Hell VFWs are still segregated today?

You can’t threaten us with fascism because we’ve already lived it. Depending on where some of us live and what we do for a living, some of us still live it.

Our politics have always been authoritarian for Blacks and Browns in this nation because we’ve never chosen the leaders we wanted. We’ve always chosen the leaders White people wanted. There is nothing new under the sun, and in 2020, we’ll be making the same shitty choices we’ve always had to make. We’re forced to go along to get along because when we don’t, there is hell to pay. Whenever we’ve attempted to oppose White oppression, we’re always met with deadly force, then suppression.

Every. Single. Time.

America has always been a fascist nation because America's power and people have always put White above all else. America's national interests have always been White. This moment we’re living in is about White men ensuring they maintain White power before the Latinx community becomes the largest voting block in America. The majority is supposed to rule, but Whites can let Browns have the ball. They are busy moving the goalposts as we speak.

White people are afraid of losing power, and they aren’t hiding their White greed, dissatisfaction, fears or their selfishness anymore. It’s all out in the open for the entire world to see. The world truly understands this moment better than the White people who are living it, and that’s a shame.

It seems the people who are living this moment don’t understand what fascism is. They are also the very people who belong to the ruling class in America, and that’s you, White people.

To be clear, y’all don’t have to worry about fascism coming. It’s already here. It’s been here since 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was here when our Constitution was created on September 17, 1787, reaffirming there was a Master race, and it was the White race.

Remember that piece of shitty paper that made Black men and women 3/5ths of a human being? The one that called us chattel? The one that made sure Whites had rights and Blacks did not? That was fascism folks.

White Supremacy is fascism. Fascism is White Supremacy. America taught Germans fascism. Hitler even praised America for exterminating Blacks, modeling his plan to exterminate the Jews after Jim Crow.

The Nuremberg race laws used to declare that Jews were inferior to White/Anglo/European Germans were modeled after America’s Jim Crow laws which declared Blacks were inferior to Whites. Fascism is White Supremacy. White Supremacy is fascism. There is no difference.

Giving racism a new name because we get a new authoritarian leader doesn’t take away the purpose and intentions. It won’t change what it is.

Fascism will be the same White Supremacy White people refuse to deal with.

If you're just getting scared of fascism in America, you are apart of a privileged group who has not been impacted directly or indirectly by the dictatorial power and forcible suppression of opposition to structural and systemic racism. Black people and Native Americans have always lived under the dictatorship of White Supremacy. Our lives won’t change in 2020 no matter who wins the Presidency.

If you’re really worried about fascism in 2020, you need to do something about White people, White people. Voting won’t fix our nation’s race issues. Only White people can fix our nation’s race issues. It starts by talking about race and remembering our racist state and national histories

In the meantime, please stop saying vote blue no matter what or else we’re going to become a fascist nation to Black and Brown people. It’s stupid and we just laugh at the ignorant thought of you believe we’re going to be in a better position if we vote the way you want us to. Voting is your security blanket White people. It’s never been a security blanket for most poor and working-class Blacks and people of color.

We’ve been fascist for 233-years and counting White America. When are you all going to stop allowing racists and racism to rule over some of us as you benefit from our great misfortune?

Black and Brown folks didn’t make this problem, so it’s not our job to fix it. It’s on you White people. Every day you delay is a day another day we are endangered.

Do something besides voting because it’s not helping anyone except White people. Voting hasn’t stopped kids from being raped or starved in detention centers. Voting hasn’t put an end to our two criminal justice systems, and it hasn’t ended anti-Blackness. Voting hasn’t stopped racial profiling or pay wage gaps between Blacks and Whites. It won’t in 2020.

We need you to understand how institutional and structural racism helps you and harm us and change the way you operate. Screaming at the victims doesn’t relinquish you from your roles in upholding and benefitting from White Supremacy (aka fascism).

The clock is ticking. We’re watching you, we’re listening to you, and we’re waiting for you to do something.

We. Are. Tired.

Just tired.

White people, America is already a fascist nation. Your collective group, the group with all the power, are the people against democracy, socialism, anarchism, environmentalism, and individual freedom, and pro intolerance, racism, White Supremacy, aggression, intimidation, poverty, inequality, injustice, suppression, and oppression.

This is what fascism is.

This is what we are, and it’s the reason I’m not afraid of it. You can’t threaten me with a bad time. I’ve already seen those. I have a road map of what my life is going to be like already under more White Supremacy. It’s called a history book. I’m ready.

So don’t threaten me with a bad time. I’m used to it.

Marley K.